Power Rankings: Adam Morrison and the 10 Most Made Fun of NBA Players

Lance SmithCorrespondent IJuly 4, 2011

Power Rankings: Adam Morrison and the 10 Most Made Fun of NBA Players

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    This list is pretty simple. It is, based on my research and speculation, a power ranking of NBA's most made-fun-of current NBA players.

    Not just guys who are considered horrible, but guys who people get personal with. In fact, the talent on this list ranks from the best to the worst.

    I know that I couldn't get everybody from everywhere, but I tried. Feel free to offer suggestions. They might end up on the honorable mentions.

Honorable Mentions

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    I have several different categories of busts in this section. To name just a few honorable mentions:

    Kwame Brown (bust)

    Gilbert Arenas (psychosis) 

    Brook Lopez (wimpyness in rebounding)

    Danilo Gallinari (wrong side of the highlight reel)

    Andris Biedrins (bust, free throw routine)

    Jeremy Lin (for being "silly" or "thuggish")

    Ron Artest (psychosis) 

    Rudy Gay (unfortunately, people comment on his name)

    Yao Ming (injuries and height together)

    Timofey Mozgof (same as Gallinari: same time, same place)

    Sasha Vujacic (hard to say, but proclaiming himself "The Machine" didn't help)

    Chris Bosh (wimpyness in post, "looking like a dinosaur", flopping, whining)

10. Andrea Bargnani

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    Andrea Bargnani just barely makes the cut, for being a bust. Unlike most others, Bargnani is not a bust because of his lack of talent.

    He's a bust because there are guards out there that can rebound, block, and defend the post far better than he can.

    If he ever actually tried and toughened up, he could be an All-Star candidate in this day and age.

9. Hasheem Thabeet

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    Hasheem Thabeet is our latest overpaid draft bust. Although he makes more than many starters at his position, Thabeet is the highest draft pick to ever be in the D-League.

    Many find it amazing how bad he is for a 7'3" shot blocking specialist. In fact, I've seen him get called for more goaltends than blocks. Of course, I haven't seen him play too much.

    I guess it's because he's in the D-League.

8. Luke Walton

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    Luke Walton is a starter on the All-My-dad-was-an-NBA-star-so-here-I-am Team. Right now, he's making $6 million a year to do what? Play five minutes a game and wear hair gel?

    That said, he only made the team because his father was NBA great Bill Walton. But he's still not earning his money.

7. Glen "Big Baby" Davis

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    Glen Davis is the fattest player in the NBA, and he once cried after being reprimanded for bad play by Kevin Garnett. Bring those qualities back to high school football, and since then, he's been called "Big Baby" Davis.

    Now, that said, he's a good NBA player, and he's actually more athletic than half the guys he plays against, but there's a reason that all that productivity must come from under 20 minutes a game. That's all he's got.

    He's made fun of because of his nickname and everything about it, and the teasing never ends. That's why he's on this list, even though many respect him as a good player.

6. Darko Milicic

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    The biggest bust in NBA...history? He just had his first season as a decent NBA center after being horrible in seven NBA seasons.

    This was the same guy who got picked before Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and Carmelo Anthony, to name a few multiple All-Stars. Yes, he still gets crap about it.

5. Kobe Bryant

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    How many players in this league are accustomed to hearing "(Name here) sucks!" while he leads them to playoff glory? Uh, one.

    Kobe Bryant has a lot of minor flaws, and just a lot of haters which is why he's teased. The main problem, however, is his off-the-court issues, which have given him a reputation of, well...being a bad person.

4. LeBron James

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    Well, this is a new development. Since "The Decision," LeBron has been sports's biggest "villain." And boy does he deserve it. Just like there was a bandwagon of Heat fans, there was a bandwagon of LeBron haters who claim to have always hated him.

    On the Internet, he is commonly called "LeBrick" (for "always" bricking jumpers) or "LeChoke," for choking in the playoffs, to name a few. And since he just choked again, in the Finals, he is currently the NBA's laughingstock. 

3. Adam Morrison

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    Adam Morrison is a bust. After spending last year's playoffs looking funny in a suit, Jimmy Kimmel made sure that the world knew who the Lakers' real MVP was, with a slideshow of Morrison cheering his team on from the bench in the Finals.

    Adam Morrison is just one of those guys that looks funny and plays horribly, but always manages to stay in the hearts of NBA fans.

2. Brian Cardinal

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    Don't hate on The Custodian! I don't really get what the big joke is about The Janitor. Maybe it's that he just doesn't look like an NBA player. But if you think about it, Brian Cardinal has somehow made a living just on hard work. 

    He's really not a bad NBA player. He works hard on rebounds, he dives for every loose ball (hence the nicknames), and he's a good free-throw and three-point shooter, especially as a post player. Also, he's shorter than most of his opponents. Take note, Matt Howard.

    Regardless, he's still joked about a lot. He's still not a very good player, although he did play a big role in the Finals clincher, when right when things were slipping out of hand, he and Ian Mahinmi (of all people) came in and stabilized the team.

    He's not very athletic or anything, but he does work hard. Regardless, I'm still laughing about a good knock on him from SportsCenter, when one announcer said, "Who'll take the last shot for the Mavericks in the Finals? Brian Cardinal! No, Dirk Nowitzki!"

1. Brian Scalabrine

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    Well, we all knew this was coming. What else needs to be said? He's a redhead, he's tall, he's awkward, and no, I'm not describing Dirk Nowitzki. 

    Scal takes home the prize. I'm not sure exactly why he's still in the NBA, but I will tell you this: forget Derrick Rose. When Brian Scalabrine played this year, Bulls fans got their money's worth.

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