Instant Video Replay to Be Used for First Time in Boxing Officiating

Leo ReyesAnalyst IJuly 1, 2011

Keith Kaiser of NSAC
Keith Kaiser of NSACEthan Miller/Getty Images

The Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) has reportedly approved the use of instant video replay technology as an effective tool in the determination of lapses in boxing officiating.

The instant replay technology has been used by major sports organizations in determining lapses committed by referees and game officials.

Some of the major sports organizations using the technology include the NBA, National Football League and the National Hockey League.

Instant video replay is video footage of a game or event being televised which is later replayed for game officials.  This is so they can see clearly, on video, what exactly transpired in a particular scene or call by a referee involving a game rules violation by a player or game participant.

NSAC Executive Director Keith Kaiser clarified the instant replay will not include knockdown calls by referees. It will only be used if there is a foul committed or fight stoppage.

"The NAC is now adopting instant replay because technology is now available. There have been growing lists of controversies that follow the mixed martial arts decisions, where illegal blows were not detected by the referee," Joseph Lariosa of US News Las Vegas wrote.

"Kizer had previously cited the unnecessary loss in 2008 in Las Vegas of UFC welterweight Anthony Johnson to Kevin Burns when Johnson was poked in the eye but was not detected by the referee," Lariosa added.

It may be recalled that in recent fights there were protests from boxers and trainers about lapses committed by referees.

The most recent one is the knockdown call by referee Bayless on Manny Pacquiao in his most recent fight against Shane Mosley.

It is worth noting though that referee's knockdown calls are not to be decided based on instant video replays as provided in the new rules in which case the referee's judgement still prevails.

But fouls or low blows will definitely be checked with the use of the instant replay technology. 

According to the Las Vegas News report, the new NSAC ruling on instant video replay will be applied on the upcoming Manny Pacquiao vs. Juan Manuel Marquez showdown on November 12.


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