Mexico NT Scandal (Again): 8 Players Banned for Partying with Prostitutes

Andres Ehrli@@ehrliCorrespondent IIIJune 28, 2011

Mexico NT Scandal (Again): 8 Players Banned for Partying with Prostitutes

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    Another scandal has exploded in the Mexico national team.

    Shortly removed from the clenbuterol doping scandal in the Gold Cup, Mexican players are at it again.

    This time in Ecuador, days after an alleged robbery in a hotel, a video emerged of players seen with up to four prostitutes. Those eight U22 players that were four days away from playing the Copa América are now banned for six months and given a 50 thousand peso fee for their actions.

    Eight new players will be called up to play the tournament.

    Curious to know the names of the suspended and their respective replacements?

    Let's get to it.

8. Israel Jiménez: Tigres UANL

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    Position: right back

    Replaced by: Oswaldo Alanis (Estudiantes Tecos)

    The Tigres right back has already expressed his situation on Twitter. You can find him at @israjimenez23.

    Basically, he says he's suspended because he wants to protect his friends' partying.

    Yeah, me too.

    Football-wise, as a replacement Alanis is competent and the same talent level as Jimenez, so no trouble there.

7. Néstor Vidrio: Atlas

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    Position: center back

    Replaced by: Kristian Álvarez (Chivas)

    Néstor Vidrio seems like the quiet, no-nonsense type, but I guess that was just on the surface. Getting hookers in your hotel while on national team duties isn't exactly quiet behaviour on his part.

    Kristian Álvarez (the man on the photo) is a capable replacement, and like with the last slide, the level of play won't drop dramatically here either.

6. Jorge Hernández: Atlante

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    Position: defensive midfielder

    Replaced by: Diego De Buen (Pumas UNAM)

    A promising midfielder that has made a terrible mistake. Jorge Hernández has already played for four clubs (Atlas, Morelia, Veracruz, and Atlante), and it's a shame he can't get his stuff together.

    Diego De Buen (image) is another promising defending midfielder and is a capable replacement for Hernández—might even be an upgrade.

5. Néstor Calderón: Toluca

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    Position: winger

    Replaced by: Ulíses Dávila (Chivas)

    Néstor Calderón's nickname is "El avión" or "the jet" in English. He's not fast, so I'm guessing that might be because he is a member (or at least a potential one) of the Mile High Club, given his recent antics.

    Ulíses Dávila is a very capable replacement for Calderón and had a fantastic U20 Toulon tournament earlier this year. So all things considered Mexico might even get better here.

    The team won't get that lucky as we continue with this list.

4. David Cabrera: Pumas UNAM

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    Position: midfielder

    Replaced by: Antonio Gallardo (Chivas)

    One of the most promising players from the Mexican champion Pumas, David Cabrera has blown it big time (no pun intended). This could have been the tournament to win his spot on Mexico's first team for the years to come.

    Antonio Gallardo is nowhere near Cabrera's actual level or potential, and, plainly put, the team will suffer without him.

3. Javier Cortés: Pumas UNAM

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    Position: Right Winger

    Replaced by: Carlos Emilio Orrantia (Pumas UNAM)

    Javier Cortés went from being the hottest thing in Mexico, scoring a magnificent goal in the final and being called a crack, to getting himself red-carded on his first national team game and then booted completely a few weeks later for improper conduct.

    Quite a shame, but given the praises he received it seems he's lost his head.

    Carlos Emilio Orrantia is a promising winger in his own right, but Cortés was "the next big thing" for Mexico. A dip, but not one as big as one might expect.

2. Marco Fabián: Chivas

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    Position: attacking midfielder

    Replaced by: Alan Pulido (Tigres UANL)

    A shame.

    Football-wise, he's a player with all the talent in the world, but it seems Marco Fabián doensn't have the head to go with it. He had it all to turn heads his directions in a few days. Instead, he did it with actions not worthy of his talent.

    Alan who? Pulido's a good kid and could be good, but he's nowhere near Marco Fabián.

1. Jonathan Dos Santos: FC Barcelona B

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    Position: midfielder

    Replaced by: Edgar Pacheco (Tigres UANL)

    Jonathan, you idiot. There's no other way to put it.

    Just when his brother Giovani seems to put his head out of the partying world, here comes Jona to fill his shoes.

    Will we have to wait four years for the younger Dos Santos to grow up like we did with Gio?

    It certainly seems that way.

    I won't even talk about Edgar Pacheco. He's OK, but Jonathan Dos Santos is in a whole other world talent-wise—not only to him, but to most players in Mexico.

    Mexico will suffer from his loss the most.


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