Duke Basketball: The 10 Best Cameron Crazies Chants at Cameron Indoor Stadium

Josh Schoch@JoshSchochAnalyst IIIJune 28, 2011

Duke Basketball: The 10 Best Cameron Crazies Chants at Cameron Indoor Stadium

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    The Cameron Crazies are the fabled student section at Cameron Indoor Stadium, home of the Duke Blue Devils. The Crazies are the best fans in college basketball, and they've shown us why for years.

    The Crazies stand courtside in a 1,200-seat student section, and they are in-your-face type fans. Despite being a smaller section, the Crazies are more enthusiastic than any other student section, and they make Duke games some of the best to watch.

    The fun begins in Krzyzewskiville, a makeshift city outside of Cameron Indoor Stadium. About 1,200 students will camp in tents right outside of the stadium for up to a week. Even in December and January, the Crazies are camping out for games.

    They then make their way into the stadium when warmups begin, and they really come alive when they are unfrozen.

    During the game, the Crazies are just that: crazy. Coming up with creative, original chants may seem like a lot of work to other fanbases, but it's mandatory for the Crazies. From looking up transcripts to criminal records, the Crazies come prepared.

    Some of the most famous chants today were originated by the Crazies. While their actions speak louder than their words at times, the Crazies have still given us some incredible chants and sayings.

10. “Let's Go, Duke”

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    Let's start this with a classic.

    Sure, it's not very original, but the Crazies chant "Let's Go, Duke" all the time. When Duke has the ball there is about a 90 percent chance that this chant will start up.

    The Crazies love to will their team to victory, and they do so with this chant.

9. "You Let the Whole Team Down"

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    While watching this video, listen for the chant in the background.

    The Cameron Crazies love to let the opposing team's players know that they messed up, and this is one way of doing so.

    When it comes down to crucial moments in the game (or just because they feel like doing this), the Crazies will chant this if an opponent misses a shot, turns the ball over, etc.

8. “Not Your Father”

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    The Crazies chant this to Glen Rice Jr. whenever they get the chance, and they will get at least one more this season.

    A Georgia Tech guard, Glen Rice Jr. is son of the legendary Glen Rice. Glen Rice Jr. will be the star player left for Georgia Tech this season, so if he messes up, the Crazies will be more than happy to chant this.

7. “Hi (name)”

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    This chant is one of a few that set the Crazies apart from the rest of the student sections in college basketball.

    During introductions of players, most schools yell "sucks," after a player is introduced.

    Mike Krzyzewski despises any type of profanity, so he asked the students to stop this. It worked.

    Now when an opposing player is introduced, the Crazies yell "Hi (name)." For example, when the previously mentioned Glen Rice Jr. is introduced, the Crazies yell "Hi, Glen Rice Jr." And then they will probably chant "not your father" for other reasons.

6. “See Ya!”

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    When an opposing player fouls out of a game, the Cameron Crazies will shake their hands like they do when they "put a curse on an opposing player," but will then yell: “See ya!” when they sit down.

    This has actually inspired some opposing players to stand for the rest of the game so that they don't have it said to them, but the Crazies have more will power, and they will continue their motion for as long as necessary.

5. "Stand up, Stokes!"

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    Ricky Stokes must have had a tough time in Cameron Indoor Stadium.

    The 5'10" guard from Virginia would have "Stand up, Stokes!" chanted at him whenever he went to take a free throw.

    The Crazies have made fun of a lot of opposing players for their height, but this was the best one.

4. "One More Kid"

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    Grant Hill was one of the all-time greats, and the Crazies couldn't have him leave.

    On Hill's Senior Night, his parents Calvin and Janet Hill were in the crowd. When the Crazies found them, they started chanting "One More Kid." Unfortunately, there was no second Grant Hill.

3. "In-Hale, Ex-Hale”

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    This one was original.

    One game after North Carolina's Steve Hale punctured a lung, the Crazies chanted "In-Hale, Ex-Hale." Apparently even Hale was smiling when they chanted it.

2. “Not Our Rivals”

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    Duke and Maryland have been "rivals" for quite some time, but the Crazies won't admit it.

    Whenever Maryland comes to Cameron Indoor Stadium, the Crazies will chant "Not Our Rivals." If Maryland loses the game, then you won't hear the end of this chant.

1. “Air Ball”

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    This nation-wide chant apparently originated with the Crazies.

    When an opponent air-balls, it is common to hear the student section chant "Air ball, air ball" until play resumes. This tradition was started by the Crazies in 1975.

    Because of its national popularity, this chant is deserving of the No. 1 spot on this list. I hope you've enjoyed the list.


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