Alberto Del Rio and the 20 Most-Hated WWE Wrestlers of All Time

Giulio Romano@@JayPhoenix77Correspondent IIMay 10, 2011

Alberto Del Rio and the 20 Most-Hated WWE Wrestlers of All Time

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    Good evening WWE Universe!

    Last week on Smackdown, we watched Randy Orton defeat Christian to win the World Heavyweight championship.

    There have now been threats to either cut out WWE or bomb someone. I'd say that is a little out of control don't you think?

    Let's get it straight. For those who fail to realize it, it is part of a bigger picture and everything usually comes into the light. No need to go on and legitimately hate the viper now. 

    There are many who say this is to signal an incoming "heel" turn by either Orton or Christian. I don't know about that yet. But, if history serves me correctly, there are so many who have come and gone that have earned their spot amongst the most reviled characters of all time.

    Without further delay, let me refresh everyone's mind as to whom I say are the most hated superstars in history.

    Starting with... 

Alberto Del Rio...It Is His Be Hated!

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    Cross the border into Mexico and what do we have? This guy.

    He makes an incredible "heel." You just have to loath him for flaunting his wealth and status. I say he is destined for great things in WWE starting with ridding us of John Cena as WWE Champion at Summer Slam but you already know that.

    If you don't agree, he and I will put on a smile and wink.

John Bradshaw Layfield Also Known as JBL

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    Cross the border from Mexico into Texas and you'll get that guy. The same as Del Rio but from the good old U.S.A.

    Now this one I cannot stand. I really, really hate him...character-wise of course.

    Unlike Alberto, he doesn't represent aristocracy, but rather the twisted version of the American dream where life in excess is the way and to hell with our humanity. I was thrilled when Stone Cold delivered some stunners prior to WrestleMania XXVII.

    Ack! How awful and tacky, a large car with bullhorns in the front. I mean does this guy think the ladies dig that?

    Ladies? Do you?

Sgt. Slaughter...Atten-Tion Maggots!

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    Look at that damned face!

    He stole the WWE championship from the Ultimate Warrior at Royal Rumble 1991. I hate him!

    With that said, he personified the most hated superstar EVER back then with his traitor persona. Deciding to side with Saddam Hussein and burning the American flag are not things you can easily walk away with but in the old WWF...anything was possible, still is.

    I even heard he received many death threats for going along with the things he did and said. I'm glad I wasn't around him.

    Now he's got his country back and his Hall of Fame ring too. Imagine that.

Iron Sheik: Iran Number One!

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    This guy has always made me laugh. Too hilarious in his promos.

    He was from Iran and spat on America. His championship reign ended when Hulkamania ran wild on him back in 1984.

    During the 90's, he resurfaced to side with Sgt. Slaughter under the moniker "Colonel Mustafa" but failed to reclaim any of his momentum and was last seen on Monday night Raw a few months ago, singing the Russian national anthem alongside former partner Nikolai Volkoff. 

    Despite all this being hated stuff, he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame class of 2005.

    He always gets a laugh out of me when a Hulk Hogan comment just happens to slip his tongue.


Nikolai Volkoff: USSR Number One!

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     Zdra-stvu-eetee (Hello in Russian)

    There was no better time than to garner heat upon someone than in the 80's. The Soviet Union was one of the two world superpowers and was represented by Nikolai Volkoff amongst others.

    It could have very well been the Koloff brothers but I picked him because of his alliance with the Iron Sheik.

    Although portraying a Russian, Volkoff was from Croatia. I would have never guessed because he played his character so well.

    You could barely hear a thing when he asked everyone to shut up and stand while he sang the Soviet national anthem. 

    Soviet Union number one!!

    He later reformed and sided with America alongside Sgt. Slaughter and "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan.

Abdullah the Butcher

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    I think the video says it all.

    Never have I witnessed a wrestler with such aggressivity towards his opponents as Abdullah The Butcher.

    All you so-called "hardcore" superstars pay attention to the Sudanese madman. He came to the ring to inflict pain and suffering. That is all.

    Good to see the WWE pay him tribute and inducted him into the Hall Of Fame.

    Smart move. He deserved it. 

Jesse "The Body" Ventura

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    Who else gives promos like that today? 


    I loved him even more as a color commentator because he truly brought something to the table everytime. His exchanges with fellow legend Gorilla Monsoon were classic.

    WrestleMania VI:

    "What are you doing over there Monsoon, eating another hot-dog!!? Look at that you've got mustard all over your face!" 

    There should come a day when we see his face in WWE again. I wish for that very much. 

    Imagine an altercation with The Miz or Jericho, or even, The Rock.

    There would be nothing more fantastic to watch.

"Rowdy" Roddy Piper

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    That is the sound of a coconut crashing on your skull!

    Roddy Piper has many great moments but that one is a classic.

    Though he is an all-time great, he never became WWE Champion. Sad, but true. Thank you Miz for pointing that out.

    He had the honor of main-eventing the very first WrestleMania. Such an honor for a character you hated so much; you just had to cheer for him eventually.

    He had such a big mouth, but always backed his words with his fists. 

Fabulous Moolah

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    The greatest women's champion in history.

    Also perhaps at one time, the most hated woman in professional wrestling. She was a vicious one! She played dirty and made sure she'd walk out the champion at the end of the night.

    She helped put WWE and pro-wrestling on the map with her involvement in the Rock-and-Wrestling connection alongside Cindy Lauper, Wendy Richter and Hulk Hogan.

    I admire her for being such a great talent. She won the title back in the 90s during the Attitude Era at the age of 76 by defeating Ivory.

    Didn't you just love her skits with Mae Young? 

"Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase

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    Too much chlorine in the pool? Cmon! ....GET OUT OF THE POOL BRATS!

    Even I would have a price for the Million Dollar Man...a high one!

    He got his way and almost got away with the WWE title back in 1988 but morals won the battle that time as it was forfeited shortly afterwards.

    Can you believe this man never laid his hands on the world title or any singles title for that matter.

    Things were different then. You could be a great superstar despite having the title, something the current players should know.

    He is a Hall of Famer and one of the most hated wrestlers of his time.

    Money, money, money, money, money!!! Everyone's got a price...and everyone's gonna pay! 

Ric Flair: The Man

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    To be the man, you've got to beat the man!

    Well Ric Flair, you definitely were a man we loved to hate.

    Now I cannot imagine as to why he still wrestles today but he does. No matter, he still gets to me.

    I never liked him and think that is just one of the many reasons why others felt the same way. He played his character to perfection.

    Imagine some guy grabbing a piece of your wife behind your back without her consent. How would that make you feel?

    This Hall of Famer may have been someone we hated but in truth, he is beloved and praised by many including greats like Shawn Michaels. 

Jeff Jarrett...that's J E Double F J A Double R E Double T

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    Yes Jeff...the JJF! 

    Medic!! This guy is crazy and needs his meds.

    Look at his clothes, his hair! I hate him!

    He always got away with sneaky moves and assistance from that damned Roadie of his back in the 90s.

    If you didn't pay attention to him then he'd wack you with his guitar or even used the kitchen sink at one point.

    Make no mistake about him, he is a phenomenal performer and always got a rise from the crowd whether as a "heel" or a "face."

    There are still many years left in this gentleman's career and alot more heat coming from him. Thanks Jeff!

Randy Savage...the Cream of the Crop?

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    The cream always rises to the top.

    And he did...many times!

    He is one that should be in the Hall of Fame right now. I have loathed him for years until I grew up and realized how great he truly is.

    I didn't buy that DVD of his yet...actually forgot about it. Time to head to Walmart.

    He had a way with words. They just flowed so well and you just automatically paid attention to every promo.

    We haven't seen or heard from him in years. I wonder what he is up to but according to his brother Lanny a.k.a The Genius, he is planning something big.

    Could he be the anonymous RAW general manager?

Hulk Hogan...running Wild Until He Told Us to Stick It.

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    Hulk Hogan turned to the darkside back in 1996.

    The moment will go down as one of the top shockers in wrestling history.

    He was the face of WWE, the hero of children everywhere and with one line he turned them all away.

    John Cena, pay attention because I hope to witness you do this someday. Your character needs it.

    I hated Hulk Hogan as a good guy. He was always given the title matches, it just drove me insane. After his turn, it made him so much more interesting, I had to watch WCW Nitro every week.

    I actually even liked him as a face afterwards but it needed the evil years to reshape that stale, always winning superhero into a true Icon.

    Now I just want him to call it quits because he clearly lost his touch. Just shut up already Hogan! Stop talking because you are destroying your legacy.

Bret Hart: Best There Is, Was and Ever Will a Face and Heel Too.

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    Americans...please don't smash your fists onto the computer screen now.

    I remember this very well as these were the beginning of the most watched years in WWE history.

    He is forever going to be one of my favorite superstars. I think he was just amazing and when he turned "heel" against America, as a Canadian, I just had to go along with it back then.

    He has defeated EVERYONE. He played dirty when needed and established himself as one of the top pro-wrestling Icons of all time.

    He was the guy you could hate so easily because he was vain, pompous and arrogant. He may have had a big mouth but always backed his words up. 

    It is unfortunate his career was cut short due to a concussion followed by a stroke. Thanks idiot!

    With an induction into the Hall of Fame in 2006 and a partial ring return last year I'd say he's just about done it all.

    Hope to see you again Bret.

Shawn Michaels: Who's the Icon? Me! Who's the Showstopper? Me!

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    He is the Heartbreak Kid. There will never be anyone else like him.

    Don't you just want to slap his silly face? He ran his mouth and helped run Bret Hart out of the WWE back in 1997.

    He was just awesome in every persona he played. He was booed but did we really hate him?

    I think he got us pissed off but in reality we relished every second because he was outside the box and that is what we needed to see.

    Now his career in the ring may be over BUT don't count this guy out just yet. He is still young and will always be part of WWE.

Triple H: That Damn Good!

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    On your knees!

    This one is a true evil a "heel."

    His promos leading up to Mania XXVII against The Undertaker said it all. No emotions, no feelings. That is the way it is.

    They don't call him the "Cerebral Assassin" for nothing. He may come out with funny lines but in his mind, he is always plotting, calculating every move and waiting to strike.

    People just hate him because he has that smirk you'd love to wipe out. Even as a "face" he gets under your skin. You can never tell if he is truly one of the good guys and that adds to his immense character.

    Look for him to truly assert his dominance in a few years along with Stephanie McMahon. I wonder what kind of mark they will leave as opposed to the Vince years.

Mr. McMahon: He Is a Boss...enough Said.

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    Nice skit there Vince! You sacred the heck out of me back then.

    Why is he one of the top hated wrestlers? Simple, he's the owner, I can place him anywhere I want and on top of that, he is a former WWE Champion.'s true.

    Putting all of his business accomplishments aside for a second, you must admit he always played a great evil man. Just look at his face in this promo, he looks like something right out of The Omen...Damian Thorne!

    Even his wretched entrance music drove me nuts..."no chance in hell"

    It is usually the case when you try to take on a mega-maniacal, power-hungry CEO who'd destroy his own family to get what he wants.

    His entrance was always met with a chorus of boos and hundreds of hate signs.

    Now that, is a true hated character. No wonder he is the boss.

Vickie Guerrero and Michael Cole: And I Quote: "Excuse Me!!"

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    There was a funny Michael Cole moment I had to share.

    They are added here because they have the occasion of being in a match from time to time and thus, with all that hatred shown towards them, that makes Vickie and Michael two of the most hated people in wrestling today.

    To my surprise, I actually love Vickie Guerrero's character but she is beyond a doubt the one who gets the most just can't help interrupting her when she says her lines.

    Michael Cole is another issue. I used to find him funny but now it seems he has outlived his usefulness. I mean, please go away now Cole and give us back our good old JR on commentary.

    I cannot wait for him to finally be silenced someday, perhaps at Over The Limit...would be nice.

    They are characters that always bring something extra to the show every week. Whether you love or hate them, you cannot deny they get to you every time. The worst part is, we hate ourselves for letting them in.

Hatred Is Wrong!

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    The stars of pro-wrestling or sports entertainment whatever you wish to call it are individuals just like you and me who play out a part on a daily basis.

    It is important to remember that they give their all to us every week and some lose their precious careers and even their lives for the business.

    We may all hate one or another but it should never get too personal as to send hate "tweets" or threats to a superstar or divas simply because they "stole" the championship of our favorites.

    If they get a rise out of you just remind yourself he or she did what was paid for with excellence.