MLB: The Worst Offense in MLB History, Come on Down San Diego Padres

M.T. RobinsonCorrespondent IApril 29, 2011

MLB: The Worst Offense in MLB History, Come on Down San Diego Padres

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    wheres the ball?????????????????????
    wheres the ball?????????????????????Harry How/Getty Images

    Embarrassing, pathetic, futile. These are words that come to mind so far this season while watching my Padres become the WORST hitting team of all time. EVER.

    San Diego leads all of baseball in several pitching categories, as well as being dead last in almost every offensive statistic. It might be the ballpark, it might be the players, it might be the coaching, and it might be all three of these things, brought together in the perfect storm of hopelessness.

    Lets take a quick look at some Padre starters and the numbers they have compiled so far in 2011...

    PS- sorry for my absence- no internet at the new house yet...

Will Venable- Poster Child for Non Achievment

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    i had a bat...
    i had a bat...Harry How/Getty Images

    Shut out a major league record seven times in April, the Padres have no choice but to keep trotting Will Venable and his below the Mendoza line average up to the plate. Venable looks great on paper, but paper is not stepping to the plate with two on and two out...

Jorge Cantu- Wheres the Beef???

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    atom ball...
    atom ball...Harry How/Getty Images

    Cantu cannot... Why do qualified major league hitters suddenly forget how to hit when they become Padres?

    I have seen this a million times, dating back to the likes of Dave Cash, big name players who sported lifetime batting numbers any player would be proud of. At least until they got here, then suddenly it's a lost art. Cantu will be best served by going back to the Marlins...

    San Diego is posting the following numbers so far in 2011

    2.8 runs per game,

    .208 batting avg.

    .172 with men in scoring position

    Dead last in obp .289

     Wake me when someone rips an RBI double...