Oakland Raiders: Shout It Out for Them in 2011...Just Win, Baby!

Honor Warren Wells TheTorch@dbintayaelSenior Writer IIApril 21, 2011

Just win, Baby! Shout it out!
Just win, Baby! Shout it out!Sean Gardner/Getty Images

 Pep Talk for 2011

The Sound of the Oakland Raiders: Listen and Read

Everything has a sound, sometimes audible, sometimes not so easily heard. "Autumn Wind" has been the song of the Oakland Raiders for many years.

John Facenda was one of the best at reciting the sound and song of the Raiders.

His voice, tone and inflections were so suitable for communicating the fearlessness, strength and determination of the team.

The spirit of the Raider Nation is stirred when the symphonic rendition of "Autumn Wind" is played. The sound and song rally the players to victory.

The lyrics contain these words:

  • "song"
  • "growl"
  • "shake" (a sound of great tree is made)
  • "laugh"

"Song" is used to awaken the spirit and strength of the pirates or warriors on the football field. The "song" is a sound.

The "growls" record the moans and groans of physical contact, tackles and other confrontational moves.

The "laugh" is the stridulous sound, the sound of joy when there is victory during the interim and final stages of the game. It is the "ranan," the sound of triumph and of victory.

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The meanings of the Hebrew word "ranan" are:

  • "to shout"
  • "a cry out"
  • "to be joyful, to rejoice"
  • "to cause to shout"
  • "to sing aloud, for joy"

The coaches, like Hue Jackson, Rod Woodson and others, are the conductors who have powerful gestures and thoughts to direct and drive the men to victory. It is their task to inspire the sound of victory.

For everything there is a sound. The sound permeates the stadium, Oakland and this nation to serve as a response to the victories that are anticipated.

Give us our sound, our "ranan."

Give us victory and a triumphant season in 2011!

Source: E-Sword and YouTube