The 25 Best Fictional Sports Villains of All Time

Kelsey GivensAnalyst IIApril 13, 2011

The 25 Best Fictional Sports Villains of All Time

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    Ever seen the movie Rocky?

    Or how about The Karate Kid?

    Or maybe even Friday Night Lights?

    What ties these movies all together is not the fact that they are about sports, but that they all have some super evil fictional villain standing between the hero, or heroes, and success.

    The villains on this list range from criminals to selfish players all the way to worthy advisories of the hero in each of the movies they're in.

    So here is a list of 25 of the best fictional sports villains of all time.   

No. 25 Happy Gilmore's Shooter McGavin

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    While not all of the stories on this list are as funny as this one, Happy Gilmore's Shooter McGavin is one bad villain.

    McGavin hates Gilmore because he feels he's a detriment to the game of golf and the PGA Tour. So he tries to have Gilmore thrown off the tour, and when that doesn't work he resorts to other more dastardly plans like hiring a crazy fan to distract Gilmore. 

    His infuriation with Gilmore is hilarious and part of what makes him such a great villain.  

No. 24 Three Ninjas' Hugo Snyder

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    This cult favorite about three young ninjas, trained in martial arts by their grandfather, features the villain Hugo Snyder.

    Snyder is trying to buy warheads for some evil plan, and the boys' father is in charge of the FBI unit trying to bring Snyder down.

    Snyder tries everything he can to thwart the father's actions, including sending a group of incompetent surfers to kidnap the boys. A plan that fails thanks to the skills of the three boys.

No. 24 Never Back Down's Ryan McCarthy

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    This may not be the best movie of all time, but it did produce a great villain in Ryan McCarthy.

    Ryan is a popular fighter at the main character Jake's new high school. Throughout the movie he is constantly challenging Jake to fight, and at first beats him badly, but by the end of the movie Jake destroys Ryan in their final fight.

    Ryan's cockiness and aggression are what make him such a great villain, and what land him on this list. 

No. 22 the Next Karate Kid's Ned

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    This movie's ultimate villain, Ned, is a turbo-charged version of your everyday goody two-shoes.

    In the movie, Ned is part of a secret school society dedicated to enforcing school rules. They will even go as far as using force if they have to.

    His purpose is kind of lame, but this villain is bad because of the way he enforces rules instead of breaks them.  

No. 20 Heaven Can Wait's Julia and Abbott

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    These two villains make up a great villain pair in "Heaven Can Wait."

    They tried to kill Julia's husband by drowning him in the bathtub and are naturally confused when he shows back up alive and well.

    Unbeknown to them, a guardian angel of a professional football player took the player to heaven too early, and he has now inhabited the body of the almost dead millionaire husband. 

    As the player buys his old team and attempts to lead them to a Super Bowl as their quarterback, these two continue to try and plot and kill the millionaire husband. 

No. 19 Johnny Tsunami's Brett

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    Yes this may have been a cheesy made for TV movie about the strife between snowboarders and skiers, but don't lie, it's a guilty pleasure. 

    Brett is a stereotypical villain in this movie. He thinks he's the best, with no real reason to prove that he is, and will stop at nothing to keep the heroes of the movie from taking over the skiers side of the mountain. 

No. 18 the Replacement's Eddie Marte

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    While not quite a villain in the traditional sense, Eddie Martel is a villain non the less thanks to his cocky attitude and diva like mentality.

    After crossing the picket line to play with the replacement football team during a lock-out, he can't connect with the team and it costs him passes and point, all of which he blames on his new team.

    The team eventually kick him out and bring back their hero to go on to win their final game.  

No. 17 Against the Ropes' Sam LaRocca

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    While this movie may not have been a box office success, it did produce a great fictional villain: Sam LaRocca.

    LaRocca is the typical boxing villain. He goes out of his way to keep Meg Ryan's character from getting fights for her client in their home state of Ohio, and tries to take advantage of her newness to the profession of boxing management. 

No. 16 Bring It On'S Big Red

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    In this movie spoof on the world of competitive cheerleading, the Toros old captain and idol, Big Red, is found to be the villain when another team steps up and accuses her of stealing their routines.

    She's mean and cocky, the perfect combination for a great cheerleading villain.  

No. 15 the Water Boy's Red Beaulieu

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    Red Beaulieu is one bad villain. He fires Adam Sandler's character, Bobby, for being a distraction to his football team when they continually make fun of the socially awkward boy.

    He also stole the play book from the South Central Louisiana State University Mud Dogs to make his team better and theirs worse, and ultimately tries to get Bobby disqualified from a football game to stop his success. 

No. 14 Major League's Rachel Phelps

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    Rachel Phelps is one of the best female villains of all sports movies.

    She inherits the Cleveland Indians from her last husband, and wants to move them to Miami. So she puts together the worst possible team she can get her hands on, in order to decrease attendance and end her lease with the city of Cleveland.

    Despite her attempt, the team actually begins winning, and even after she threatens to get an even worse team, they go on to win the championship.  

No. 13 Friday Night Lights' Brian "Smash" Williams

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    While a good kid at heart, his cocky attitude and do anything to win mentality sometime allow this character to put his football career before anybody and anything else, causing lots of drama. 

No. 21 the Longest Yard's Captain Knauer

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    He's mean, he's tricky and he proves to be a huge inconvenience in the movie "The Longest Yard."

    One moment he's promising not to hurt the prisoners in the guard vs. prisoners football game and the next he's telling his team to inflict as much physical damage as possible..

    He constantly coerces prisoners into doing things for him and that's why he makes such a great villain.

No. 12 John Majors (Out Cold)

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    John Majors is a major jerk. 

    At first it seems his arrival at Bull Mountain will be beneficial to the mountain, until he starts making unpopular changes and fires all of the local employees. 

    He even tries to mold the popular local snowboard instructor, Rick, into a younger version of himself, but ultimately fails and is run out of town. 

No. 11 the Little Giants' Kevin O'Shea

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    In this adorable '90s football movie, there is competition between two brothers over whose football team will win the playoff to become the towns only pee-wee team.

    Kevin O'Shea, doesn't believe girls should play so he cuts his nice during tryouts for his team. So when her dad, Kevin's brother forms a team full of kids who had been cut or never given the chance to play.

    Kevin lures away the Giants best player and taunts his brother about the abilities of his team.

    Although the Giants rise up to win, they agree to merge with Kevin's Cowboys to make one giant team.   

No. 10 Blades of Glory's Stranz Van Waldenberg

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    In a comedy about figure skating, Stranz Van Waldenberg is the perfect villain.

    He is sneaky, aggressive, willing to cheat and unintentionally funny on top of it all. Throughout all of his attempts to destroy doubles team Chazz Michael Michaels and Jimmy MacElroy, he almost succeeds before hilariously being beaten time and time again. 

No. 9 D2: The Mighty Ducks's Team Iceland

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    In the second of this popular series of movies, many of the old Ducks and their coach, Gordon Bombay, are invited to make up a team to represent the U.S in the Junior Goodwill Games.

    Team Iceland is their biggest competition, and the meanest team they will face.

    The members of team Iceland are tough and will stop at nothing to win the game, including cheating and extremely rough play.  

No. 8 Brink's Val

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    Here is another cheesy, made-for-TV movie that's a guilty pleasure.

    There are two schools of thought in this movie represented by the two different groups of skaters. One group skates just for the love of it, the other for money.

    The villain of this movie, Val, skates for the paid team. Like most great villains, he thinks he's a god and possibly the best skater of all time. 

    He tries to convince the leader of the "soul-skater" group, Brink, to join his team, and when he fails, he tries to cheat and beat Brink in an end of the movie race. Which he of course looses because he's the villain.  

No. 7 the Bad News Bear's the Yankees

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    Like all great sports movies, this one ends with an epic battle for a championship.

    The Bear's are a team made up of the worst players in their little league. At first it seems their is no hope for them, but after they begin winning people start to take notice, especially the top team, The Yankees.

    By the end of the season, it all comes down to these two teams, The Yankees are mean and aggressive little kids, but the Bears stand up to them and are mean and aggressive right back as fight for the championship.

    However, unlike most movies, the Bears failed to beat The Yankees, so the villain wins in this case.  

No. 6 Swimfan's Madison

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    Madison, played by Erika Christensen, is a great fictional villain.

    She is crazy and obsessive, all the ingredients necessary for the perfect villain.

    When she can't be with the main character Ben, she kills his best friend, get him disqualified from a swim meet for drug use and attempts to kill his girlfriend, all before eventually drowning in a pool during her last devious act.   

No. 5 Dodgeball's White Goodman

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    Ben Stiller makes one great villain in this movie.

    His character White Goodman is a fitness expert and expert jerk. After learning that Vince Vaughn's gym is putting a dodgeball team together to win the money they need to save their gym, he too puts a team together to fight against them in the tournament.

    His rude, unapologetic and hilarious personality are what make him such a great villain. 

No. 4 Rocky III's James "Clubber" Lang

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    In the villain role that made him an icon, Mr. T plays a young, aggressive boxer who challenges Rocky to a fight, after insulting him and his wife.

    Rocky looses the first fight to Lang, but after training with old nemesis, Apollo Creed, he comes back stronger and take out this awesome villain. 

No. 3 the Mighty Ducks' the Hawks

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    This is the original classic that started the popular Ducks trilogy.

    In this Ducks movie, the Hawks prove to be the villainis opposing team to the Ducks. All throughout the season there is constant conflict with the Hawks.

    The Hawks mock the Ducks, try to keep their best player, who really should by area of residence be a duck, and then compete with them in the final game of the season for the championship.

    The Ducks end up tying, and then winning the game, finally defeating this villainis team.   

No. 2 The Karate Kid's Johnny Lawrence

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    Johnny is the perfect fictional villain for this martial arts movie.

    He is unethical, plays dirty and uses his talents for evil rather than good. All of the things you're not supposed to do in the practice of martial arts.

    He at first proves to be more powerful than the main character Daniel, but by the end is defeated, once Daniel has greatly improved his skills. 

No. 1 Rocky's Apollo Creed

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    Apollo Creed is the best fictional villain of all time hands down.

    He is slightly crazy, obsessive and thinks the world of himself. And it doesn't hurt that he is actually a talented fighter as well.

    In the first "Rocky" Creed is able to defeat Rocky, but just barely. But, in the second Rocky is actually able to knock out Creed proving once and for all he is the ultimate boxer.