Trish Stratus Addresses Tension With John Morrison

Craig Holland-GreenfieldContributor IIApril 8, 2011

Following my John Morrison article, where I spoke about his antics over the WrestleMania 27 match, I share with you Trish Stratus’ thoughts on the matter.


According to an interview with the Busted Open Satellite Radio Show, an excerpt has appeared on http://www.pwtorch.com/.

“I got a bit of cold shoulder action, correct. John Morrison himself is amazing. He’s a great athlete. I was really looking forward to working with him.

"I thought it would be cool if we could do some stuff together. He didn’t think it would be that cool. It happens. Hey, whatever. It happens.

"You know he’s into his thing and just didn’t think that I should part of his thing, I guess, but I still admire him as an athlete, as a performer. I think he does a great job out there.

"Cold shoulder? Yeah I felt it. I was shunned. Some people are not smart, maybe? You know they wrestle well, but maybe they’re not smart. I don’t know.”

As a lot of fans know Trish was the quintessential diva of the noughties. Beautiful, smart and with the wrestling ability to boot.

A lot of people hold her in high regards and credit her as one of the ladies who put the diva division on the map. Unfortunately, it has since gone downhill fast.

With Trish being brought in as a trainer on the new series of Tough Enough, she was also given the opportunity to once again be in the ring as a diva.

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Sporting a brunette look, as opposed to the customary blonde, and appearing more svelte, she participated on the grandest stage of all, WrestleMania 27.

It was her appearance at this big event that prompted Morrison to reportedly be unhappy with her, as detailed in the article above.

With Trish’s response to the matter, it would appear that the majority of the tale is true.

As a legend in the WWE and certain future Hall of Famer, she should garner respect from all in the locker room, regardless of their personal feelings.

I understand people can dislike someone for certain reasons, but respecting someone who has done so much is nothing big to ask for.

With her comments, it seems she is taking a more civilised approach to the matter, whilst also taking a dig at Morrison.

Now, as with most things that happen backstage that end up in the public eye, there could very well be more fallout to come in the future.

Another thing worthy of note is that Trish is still only 35 years of age and in great shape. With the return of The Rock in the ring next year at the latest, and Stone Cold Steve Austin saying he could still wrestle, there is always the chance of Trish coming back to the WWE as a diva.

Whether she does is a different matter, and owing to family commitments may only be able to do part-time work.

If she does, then the mess with Morrison will surely have to be sorted out, so as to not cause more friction backstage than there already is.

If she does return, I won’t complain. It could add a much needed boost to the flagging diva division. She could even teach the other divas a thing or two; a few divas excepted, of course.

I must add that her return as a diva is pure hope and speculation on my part, rather than any sort of rumour.

Hopefully, you all enjoyed yet another article from me; thanks for reading.