UFC 128 Results: Jon Jones Becomes the Youngest Champ in UFC History

Sal DeRose@@TheSalDeRoseCorrespondent IMarch 20, 2011

It took three rounds for the fight to be decided. Jon Jones stood victorious in the Octagon and became the youngest champion in UFC history.

At 23 years old, Jones has barnstormed the UFC light heavyweight division and took out all who stood in his way. His only loss came because of a disqualification due to illegal elbows against Matt Hamil.

But tonight was all about Jones. His creative fighting style destroyed former champion Mauricio "Shogun" Rua.

The man who ended the Machida Era and the man who at 23-years old won the Pride Grand Prix, fell victim to another young gun.

Jones sent spinning kicks, elbows and everything you could possibly imagine at the champion. He finished off Shogun on the ground with what could only be described as excessive force. Justified excessive force.

Watching in awe as Jones took what seemed to be one of the top fighters not only in the UFC, but one of the top fighters in recent MMA history and made him look like 13-year old boy.

Shogun's last knockout loss was because his arm was broken against Mark Coleman way back at Pride 31 in 2006.

Now, this is his first legit knockout loss. At the end of the fight the devastation Jones unleashed upon the face of Shogun was visible. A swollen right side of his face was what Shogun walks away from this fight with.

Instead of watching Shogun keep his title and defend it against Rashad Evans, now, we get to watch what is the evolution of MMA, Jones.

Evans has his hands full with Jones and after watching tonight, one could only wonder why, or even how, he would take this fight. Evans is walking into one of the most athletic fighters ever.

Jones made believers out of everyone tonight, me included. Tonight's fight could only be described as one of the most lopsided title fights in recent memory. The Jones hype train certainly caught a full head of steam tonight.

And in like the movie Unstoppable, this is one train that is going full force barreling through whatever steps it in it's way.