Charlie Sheen, Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquaio: Maybe This Will Work

Bill CodyCorrespondent IIIMarch 7, 2011

Apparently loves Manny and Money equally.
Apparently loves Manny and Money equally.Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

So the other night, Charlie "Winning" Sheen had a Manny Pacquiao t-shirt on display in his workout room while being interviewed on NBC's Dateline.

Now I noticed that of the 28 people Charlie is following on Twitter, one of them happens to be Floyd Mayweather, Jr.


I think I know what Tiger Blood Charlie is up to with all of his nonsense.

He's trying to do the impossible. He wants to do what Bob Arum and Richard Schaefer can not pull off.

Charlie, that madman, wants to find a way to finally get Manny and Floyd in the ring.

One of the things that always cause problems between the Manny and Floyd camps is that everyone always seems to pick a side.

Now, along comes Charlie and he is apparently a fan of both.

That makes him an honest broker, unlike everyone else who has been involved in the negotiations.

Another thing Charlie has going for him is, as big as Floyd and Manny are in terms of fame, apparently Charlie is bigger than both of them put together.

Heck, he just knocked the Academy Awards off the front pages and if the business articles are correct Two and a Half Men brings in 100 million dollars to Warners and CBS for every episode they make.

Or about the same amount of money as one fight between Manny and Floyd.

Pretty impressive.

So, here's the way I think this is going down.

Charlie agrees to come back to CBS on one condition.

CBS uses some of that money to bankroll the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight and put it on Showtime. Making Manny and Floyd an offer they can't refuse.

Maybe he even sends his Dad to Floyd's house. Maybe nave old Martin say do the same thing to Money May that he did to Col. Kurtz if Floyd doesn't agree to fight.

Then he goes to Manny and tells his people he'll bring Coppola back to film Apocalypse Now 2 if he doesn't agree to fight. And this time Francis will napalm the the entire island to get the shots he wants.

Once everyone agrees, Charlie's a hero and no one thinks he's lost his mind. They'll think he's a genius.ย 



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