Silliest Super Bowl Prop Bets: All In On Aguilera

Stan Silliman@@stansillimanCorrespondent IIFebruary 2, 2011

Silliest Super Bowl Prop Bets: All In On Aguilera

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    ARLINGTON, TX - FEBRUARY 01:  Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger #7 of the Pittsburgh Steelers addresses the media during Super Bowl XLV Media Day ahead of Super Bowl XLV at Cowboys Stadium on February 1, 2011 in Arlington, Texas. The Pittsburgh Steelers will
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    Do you like throwing away money on the Super Bowl? If you don't have $231,000 to plug down on a JerryWorld suite for one day, there are still ways to get rid of it.

    How about side bets? No sporting event in history has trickier little enticements to extract you from your money.

    BoDog has its odds out on the Super Bowl Prop bets. Some are funny. Some will make you scratch your head. Some are just good odds making. 

    BoDog has put out 167 prop bet categories, some with as many as 24 options. I'm surprised they don't have a prop on getting carpal-tunnel if you try every bet. 

    We'll only discuss the sillier bets. What better for a Silliman? If we dwelt on "Heads or Tails" or "Who will win the Coin toss?" we'd be here all night. Besides, those are even bets where you pay out 5% ($105 to win $100). You can't pat yourself on the back even if you win. 

    I learned a few things by studying the odds, things most football bettors probably already knew, like 1) more football games end with a total score on odd numbers (-135) than even (+105), or that even though the oddsmakers have installed the Packers as three-point favorites, they don't expect the difference to be exactly three points (+375 or you put up $100 and get back $475 if it's exactly three)  to "No" at (-550 or you put up $550 to get back $650). 

    The longest odds are on the "exact scores" bets. Those are like picking roulette bets. For instance if you think it's going to be a defensive battle for the ages and one team might shut out the other you could clean up.

    If Green Bay scores no points, you get 50/1; Pittsburgh with a goose egg and you get 40/1. However if either team only gets two points and you pick it, you walk away with 3000/1.

    Too preposterous?  If you still think it'll be a defensive slug fest you can wager both teams will total 8 to 14 points and catch 75-to-1 odds.

    Some of these bets, and I'll note them as we go along, look like they could be rigged. I'll mention those. 

    Some other bets give you long odds but they're pure sucker bets, as in "no way in heck are these going to happen." I'll point those out, also. 

    Ready for the slide show? Enjoy.

Christina Aguilera: Why Not Bet On Her?

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    BoDog has four prop bets on our favorite Burlesque singer. Two of them require you to get out a stopwatch. Two of them are iffy, bordering on ridiculous.

    The first bet is over or under on the National Anthem time. Christina can hold a note. She has a big voice and can hold it as long as she wishes. She is a big Pittsburgh fan.

    BoDog has set the time at 1:54. Over is -130 meaning you put up $130 for a $230 return. The under is -110, meaning you put up $110 for a $210 return. Bo thinks she'll go over.

    Here's the kicker: she can hold that note. She could go 2:05 if she wanted to but we're thinking the weather might come into play. If the roof is off and it's February in Dallas in the 40s, she might not want to hold those notes as long.  

    Here are the ridiculous Aguilera side bets: 1) If Christina comes out wearing a Cowboy hat, you get $300 for each $100 wagered, and 2) if her hair is anything but blond you get $ 175. 

    This one might be rigged. It's Dallas after all. What is to keep Christina's manager from laying off $1 million on the hat and then convincing Christina to wear one. Remember, it's Dallas, where all kinds of beauties, even little divas, wear cowboy hats. 

    On the next two slides, I'll show Christina doing the NA.You can time her.

Christina Again: How Long Will She Hold It?

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    Here's is how BoDog describes this bet on his website:

    How long will Christina Aguilera hold the note "Brave" at the end of the National Anthem?

    Then he goes on to say:

    "Time starts from when she starts saying "Brave" until the note ends. If she says the full word twice, the wager will be No Action. BoDog's decision will be final."

    He sets the over 6 seconds at -140 (meaning he predicts she'll go over) and the Under at Even.

    We're putting up another video and let you time the "Brave."  Remember, if she's comfortable, not cold and she wanted to, she could belt out a 10-second "Brave."

    Get out your stop watch.

Fergie's Halftime Show Outfit

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    Are there a lot of football bettors who are Fergie fans? BoDog must think so, because he's made book on her outfit. What will she wear during her halftime performance?

    He's created two different Fergie lines.

    1) Will she be dressed as a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader at any point during her halftime show?

    If you wager a $100 on that one, and she dons the cheerleader outfit, you get back $600.

    Is Fergie known for doing a striptease? Could she come out in a more conventional outfit, then snap it off with the silver-and-whites underneath? 

    If you made this bet the other folks at your Super Bowl party will be looking funny at you when you start screaming "C'mon Fergie, I know you got that cheerleader outfit underneath. Take it off! Take it off!"

    The other Fergie bet goes like this: "What will Fergie be wearing when she first appears on stage during the Super Bowl halftime show?"

    Skirt/Dress    Even

    Pants (Below knees)  Even

    Shorts (Above knees) +350

    Bikini Bottom or Thong +1000

    If you're a big Fergie fan, you might be able to guess this one. I never heard that Super Bowl halftime outfits were closely guarded secrets. Maybe they are.

    Enjoy the video. After watching it, you might want to place a small bet on the Dallas Cheerleader outfit.

Who Will The MVP Thank?: Looks Like a Set Up

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    BoDog put up a batch of television and survey related bets. A few you won't know the answer until a few days after the Super Bowl.

    1) Dow Jones Up (-140) or Down (Even) the day after the Super Bowl. He thinks up.

    2) Nielsen Rating set at 46. Over at -140. Under at even. He thinks over.

    3) Which Super Bowl Commercial will have the highest rating on USA Today's Ad Meter?

    Bud Light and Budweiser are favored 11/4. You get 11/2 odds on Doritos.10/1 on GoDaddy. 6/1 on Pepsi Max.

    It's hard to bet against Busch on this one. They spend much more than the others, averaging $23.5 million for each of the last 10 years.

    Here's one where I think BoDog has stuck his neck out: Who does the MVP thank first?

    The odds are:Coach +1000; Family +400; God +150; Teammates +250; Does not thank anyone +200.

    I'm sure I'm misreading this one or don't understand the odds, but it looks like if Aaron Rodgers walks up and thanks his coach first, $100 gets you $1000. Can that be right? What is to keep the players from looking at BoDog's site and then telling their relatives how to bet?

What Color Will The Gatorade Be?

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    The winning coach will likely get Gatorade dumped on him, even in 40-degree Dallas weather. BoDog lets you bet on what color the grimy stuff will be.

    Here are the odds:

    Blue 10/1

    Clear/Water 2/1

    Lime Green 5/1

    Orange 3/1

    Red 15/2

    Yellow 3/2 (prohibitive favorite)

    Gosh, I'd think fans who watch their team closely know which color Gatorade they prefer. They're going to go with their favorite for the Super Bowl.

    But you can bet on it anyway. Do you have a friend who might be the equipment manager?

    Here's a video of Mike Tomlin getting a shower. Is it yellow?

There Are 13 Separate Bets On Field Goals

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    Can you believe that there are so many different ways to bet on field goals?

    Here they are:

    Over and under on how many successful goals in the game at 3 1/2  (Over at +155; Under at - 190)

    Over and under on how many successful goals in the game at 3 (Over at -115; Under at -115)

    Picking the number of successful field goals in the game. You can pick anywhere from 0 to 7 or more. Six field goals in the game pays at 12/1. Three and under is close to 2/1.

    Over and under on the longest field goal is set at 43 1/2 yards.

    You can pick the team to make the longest field goal.

    You can pick the team to make the most field goals.

    Over and under on the shortest field goal is set at 25 1/2 yards.

    Over and under on length of the first field goal of the game is set at 33 1/2 yards.

    You can get longer odds by picking the length of the game's first field goal.

    You can decide yes or no whether both teams will make field goals of over 33 yards.

    I'd be worn out just making bets on field goals, if I were into that.

Cross Sports Bets: A Special Kind Of Craziness

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    Line up for your sucker bets, kiddos. Here are the cross-sports bets. This is why you drink the Iron City beer. When you lose these bets, you can blame it on the swill.

    Rolling Rock drinkers would never think of making these bets.

    1) Will the Steelers win the Super Bowl and the Penguins win the Stanley Cup in 2011?

    $ 100 gets you $1100 on this tasty bet. How can you resist? Can't decide? Here's another Iron City.

    2) Blake Griffin total rebounds against Miami Heat vs. Total Points scored by Pittsburgh.

    Whoever thought Blake Griffin would be in a Super Bowl bet? By the way, we're putting up a beautiful Blake Griffin video just for the occasion.

    You bet on who has more: Steelers points or Griffin rebounds. This seems like a no-brainer or rather an Iron City brainer when you consider Griffin is unlikely to get 20 or more rebounds. Surely the Steelers will score over 20 points. Have another Iron City.

    3) Rajon Rondo total points + assists against Orlando Magic vs. Green Bay Packers total points.

    That one is a little dangerous. Rondo is capable of a 20-15 night, easily. Does anyone think the Pack will score 35? Is this a Miller or a Titletown beer bet? I don't know.

    4) Total Field Goals in Super Bowls vs. hockey goals in Capitals-Penguins game.

    If you make this bet, you're pulling for a boring game...either way. Pass the Iron City.

    5) Total Punts in Super Bowl vs 3-Point Shots made in Heat-Clippers game.

    6) LeBron James first-half points against Clippers vs. Packers first half points.

    It looks like LeBron has been shifted to point guard. Will he go off? He's capable of 20 in a half and might feel he has to keep up with Griffin or he may want to concentrate on assists. Give LeBron a call before making this bet.

    7) Steelers win, Penguins beat Capitals, and Pirates win opening Day. This trifecta pays you 10 to 1. You still got any Iron City Beer left? No matter what your beer says, don't take this bet.

    Enjoy the Blake video.