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Nate StaffordContributor ISeptember 18, 2008

Troy at Ohio State:  I think Troy actually keeps this one close the first half.  I know OSU will be ready to play after the USC game, but Troy is not Ohio.  They are better.  Ohio State pulls away at the end and wins by two touchdowns.  Score sure to be wrong: 31-17

East Carolina at NC State:  NC State has no offense.  Period.  Nothing else to say.  They cannot move the ball.  They are awful.  They will not win.  East Carolina wins, but this game will be close in the first half.  Future sunday star Quentin Cotton is out of the picture for the Pirates but it doesn't matter.  The defense will be stout anyways.  Score sure to be wrong: 27-10

Temple at Penn State:  Penn State will crush Temple.  Sorry Owls, this will be ugly.  The game will be close in the first half though.  At least until 5 minutes into the game, that is.  Score sure to be wrong:  63-10

Mississippi State at Georgia Tech:  This one looks interesting on paper.  But rest assured this game will be almost as bad as the Auburn/Miss State game last week.  Mississippi State will struggle to put points on the board and their defense will keep them in the game until the very end.  Georgia Tech by a field goal.  Score sure to be wrong: 16-13

Central Michigan at Purdue:  Dan LeFevour can flat-out play.  So can the Purdue defense (Oregon game last week anyone?).  Some points will be scored in this one for sure and Purdue is just too strong.  Score sure to be wrong: 37-20

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Alabama at Arkansas:  The first REAL test for Arkansas even though they were tested pretty well in the first two games by inferior opponents.  This game will be a tough SEC battle but with some scoring.  Not like last year though.  Bama's defensive and offensive lines prove to be too tough for the Razorbacks.  Score sure to be wrong:  27-17

UCF at Boston College:  UCF has played well this year and really the last few years against BCS opponents.  Just ask Texas last year and USF this year.  They will again play tough in Boston, but they won't be big enough to stop the running game of BC and the Eagles will pull away in the 4th quarter.  Score sure to be wrong: 24-17

Buffalo at Missouri:  Can you say Touchdown from Daniel to Maclin?  At least understand how it sounds because you'll hear that a few times this weekend.  Turner Gill is a heck of a coach and will be the head man at a BCS school before too long (uh, hello Syracuse).  But they do not have enough firepower to hang around.  This one gets out of hand early.  Score sure to be wrong: 57-28

Wyoming at BYU:  Joe Glenn just can't win a big game.  And he won't this weekend.  BYU wins big behind another strong performance by Max Hall.  Score sure to be wrong: 48-17

Arizona at UCLA:  Last year this was a battle of two coaches on the proverbial hot seat.  This year one is gone and the other is probably on his way out unless he wins some big PAC 10 games (this being one of them).  UCLA looked awful last week against BYU and Arizona did as well against New Mexico.  This is a toss-up; I could see either team winning.  Since it's at home and they got taken out back to the woodshed last week, I'll give UCLA the SLIGHT edge.  Score sure to be wrong: 27-24

Florida at Tennessee:  Last year was brutal for the Volunteers as Florida easily hung 50 on 'em.  They won't get to 50 but they still out-gun Fulmer's squad rather easily.  Crompton will continue to look bad and out of place while Tim Tebow will continue to look like a Heisman Trophy winner.  Score sure to be wrong: 37-20

Boise State at Oregon:  Another BCS buster of the last few years playing a big time opponent.  Boise State is not as good as previous years and Oregon is playing without their top 2 QB's.  Oregon will still do enough to win in a sloppy turnover happy game at Autzen Stadium.  Score sure to be wrong: 44-31

Notre Dame at Michigan State:  After taking care of RichRod and the Wolverines last week, Notre Dame can feel a little more confident rolling into Lansing.  But it won't last.  Notre Dame will not be able to stop Javon Ringer and Clausen will struggle in a foreign environment.  Score sure to be wrong: 23-7

Virginia Tech at North Carolina:  An interesting matchup that before the season may have been looked over by almost everyone.  UNC is fresh off a pasting of Rutgers in New Jersey while Va Tech was able to escape with a win against Georgia Tech last week.  The Virginia Tech offense will continue to struggle and Brandon Tate will continue to look like one of the biggest playmakers in the ACC.  I still think Va Tech is the best team in the Coastal Division and therefore will say they find a way to win with defense and special teams.  Score sure to be wrong: 26-24

Miami at Texas A&M:  I'm not quite sure what to make of A&M at this point.  Sometimes they look dangerous and sometimes they like a pee-wee football team (see Arkansas State game).  Miami played the Gators tough in the Swamp, not an easy task (the game was closer than the score indicated, much to Urban Meyer's chagrin).  I think Miami's defense is better than A&M's defense so I like the Canes in this one.  Miami will rush for nearly 200 yards while A&M will struggle to move the ball.  Score sure to be wrong: 27-6

Utah at Air Force:  Air Force seems to surprise us every year and this year seems right on cue.  Air Force keeps this one close until late in the game.  Utah and Brian Johnson are just too much and eventually get a costly turnover late.  Score sure to be wrong: 33-24

Rice at Texas:  Rice is fun to watch.  That's right, I said it.  Rice is fun to watch.  Everyone now, Rice is fun to watch.  Chase Clement and Jarret Dillard are a dynamic duo that can score almost at will, just not this weekend.  The Texas defense led by Muschamp is tough and opportunistic and will cause problems for the Rice offense.  Rice will score some points, but not nearly enough.  Score sure to be wrong: 47-26

Wake Forest at Florida State:  One of the more compelling games this weekend in my opinion.  FSU has played no one but looks to be very strong on both sides of the ball.  Wake Forest on the other hand as already played 2 BCS conference teams (albeit one was Baylor, but still).  Wake Forest has beaten FSU the last two years including an embarrassing shut out two years ago at Doak Campbell Stadium in Tallahassee.  I think this game goes down to the wire and FSU pulls it out.  Score sure to be wrong: 27-24

Vanderbilt at Ole Miss:  In previous years this game wouldn't get a second look.  But this year is different.  Vandy is undefeated and has already knocked off a Steve Spurrier led SEC team while Ole Miss has looked impressive in their victories and in their one defeat to 18th ranked Wake Forest.  This game will go back and forth and the QB play should be fun to watch between Jevan Sneed and Chris Nickson.  Watch out for D.J. Moore the all-everything Corner/Special Teams player for Vandy.  Ole Miss wins at home in a nail biter.  Score sure to be wrong: 26-23

LSU at Auburn:  Definitely the marquee matchup of the weekend.  Jordan-Hare will be rockin' and being the home team has certainly had its rewards recently in this series.  Both defenses are stout.  Both offenses can score at will.  Oh wait, they can't?  You mean Auburn only kicked a field goal in their last game?  Were they playing Florida?  They were playing Mississippi State?  Really?  Just a field goal?  LSU wins because they will score a couple of touchdowns.  Score sure to be wrong: 26-13

Georgia at Arizona State:  Georgia definitely didn't look impressive last weekend against South Carolina but that is to be expected in the first SEC game of the year.  Georgia will bounce back and look strong against an Arizona State team that somehow managed to lose to UNLV.  Georgia will wreak havoc on Rudy Carpenter all night and force 4 or 5 turnovers.  Arizona State will be able to pass for some yards, but nothing significant in the end.  Knowshon Moreno thrashes the ASU defense for at least 150 yards.  Georgia wins big in this one.  Score sure to be wrong: 41-17