Top 10 Strangest High School Football Team Nicknames

Shawn Withrow@withrowspCorrespondent ISeptember 18, 2008

All across the country, youngsters are putting on their team colors and going out on to the gridiron to fight for football supremacy and have a lot of fun on Friday night. Some of them even have dreams of eventually moving on into the realm of college football or beyond.

In my travels and through conversations and the Internet, I have come across some really interesting nicknames for a few of these high school athletic teams. Here is my all-time top 10. Feel free to add your own in the comments. Enjoy!



Yuma “Criminals”—Yuma, AZ

This sure does inspire a bright future for the student body. I can see recruiters shying away from Yuma. 


Auburn “Maroons”—Auburn, NY

I used to live nearby and I would laugh each time I passed the school. I couldn't help but recall Bugs Bunny saying, "What a bunch of maroons."


Cobden “Appleknockers”—Cobden, IL

If the opposing team is the fighting Apples, they are in for a nightmare.



Canon-McMillan “Big Macs”—Canonsburg, PA

This is actually an Irish reference, not a hamburger one, but it is still funny.



Fluvanna County “Flying Flucos”—Palmyra, VA

Um, no comment. 



Springtown “Fighting Porcupines”—Springtown, TX

That is one mean-looking porcupine.



Poca “Dots”—Poca, WV

Are you kidding me?



Benson “Bunnies”—Omaha, NE

"Death awaits you all with sharp, pointy teeth." - Tim, Monty Python and the Holy Grail.



Blooming Prairie “Awesome Blossoms”—Blooming Prairie, MN

Make anyone hungry?



Watersmeet “Nimrods”—Watersmeet, MI

Yes. These folks were featured in a USA Today article and it still remains my all-time pick for a strange and wacky nickname.