Twenty More of Football's Worst-Ever Jerseys

Mary O'SheaSenior Writer ISeptember 18, 2008

Yesterday's article got such a good response that I had to follow it up with this article, Twenty More of Football's Worst-Ever Jerseys.

Because of the vast amount of terribly awful football shirts out there I found it easy to add another 20. There are some that didn't make it on to the last list by a whisker, and others that have been suggested to me.

Finally, as a treat, a picture of the infamous Colorado "Cowboy" shirt in action.

So once again I hope you enjoy them. And once again shame on you if you own any.

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20. Jorge Campos (Yes, him again)

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Even though he made it in the original list, none is complete without Mr. Campos. In my opinion the world of football need characters like Campos. On a trivia note he often wore No. 9 on his shirt as he was also a striker and one club signed him as striker before he made his name as a goalkeeper.

19. Chelsea Goalkeeper Peter Cech

One of the world's best goalkeepers sporting one of the world's worst goalkeeping shirts. At least it avoids the problems suffered by those who wear Manchester United's grey kit.

18. Manchester United

There really is no excuse for the awful blue and white pattern on these numbers.

17. York City

The material is more akin to what a jockey would wear and what is the deal with the chequered flag on the sleeve?

16. Clydebank

In the last top 20 quite a few suggested pink was rather okay, did this one change your mind?

15. Norwich

Just picture yourself as a fan of the Canaries wearing this to show your pride. Nah, me either!

14. Newcastle United

Newcastle fans do have it tough. Not alone do their club constantly underperform but they're expected to sport tops like this. Either have thin stripes of thick stripes, not both.

13. Scotland

It's not so much the actual top of colours. It more the shirt and shorts combo. What is with the navy band?

12. England Goalkeeper David Seaman

Yes indeed I do not lie, English goalkeepers once played in this kit looking like a pack of refresher sweets. Nice, David, nice!!

11. Cameroon

It's the infamous Cameroon all-in-one kit as modelled by Samuel Eto'o. Not bad colours but it is a bad idea and no guys, no one believes that a big cat mauled your sides.

10. Malaga

Apparently Malaga are going to wear this shirt away from home this year. Good luck to them.

9. Brighton and Hove Albion

That design was surely just created to hurt the eyes of the opposition.

8. Notts County

Another nice little tartan number. Only for your grandfather.

7. Exeter City

It's like a shirt your geeky brother would wear to a disco in the early 1990s.

6. Aston Villa 1993

I don't think it's one of the worst myself, but it was voted in. The public spoke, well one person did :-)

5. Liverpool

The grey kit from 1989 although I do think they could see each other :-)

4. Crystal Palace

In a word: embarrassing!

3. Australia

I suppose they got their national colours in!

2. Stockport County

There is just so much going on in this shirt, busy I think is the term.

No. 1, and still the undisputed winner...

And here—proof it was worn:

They were a team from the North American Soccer League based in Denver. They lasted for one year in 1978 before folding. They had the worst record in the league with eight wins and 22 defeats. Is it any wonder?

Read the original "Twenty of the World's Worst Football Jerseys."