Twenty of the World's Worst Football Jerseys

Mary O'SheaSenior Writer ISeptember 17, 2008

In no particular order but numbered to make viewing easier. Enjoy!

20. Manchester United


The infamous Manchester United grey kit. Apparently the players were unable to "see" each other and the shirt was blamed for United's defeat to Southampton. A dull, dull shirt.

19. Athletic Bilbao

Tomato ketchup or artistic? You decide!!

18. Oldham Athletic

Be honest, it makes you want to vomit.

17. Hull

Lucky for the Premiership new boys they no longer sport these tiger numbers.

16. Anything worn by Jorge Campos

Well known for his flamboyant outfits, Campos designed his own kits. It shows!!

15. Huddersfield Town

One can only imagine how hard it was for the players to be taken seriously in this.

14. Mexico

If you can't beat them, scare the living daylights out of 'em!

13. Birmingham City

Someone just let a child loose with some paint.

12. Coventry City

The Sky Blues when they were a little off colour.

11. Juventus

Pink just doesn't work in football.

10. Kilmarnock

No not your grandfather's shirt, but one of Kilmarnock's past kits.

9. Notts County

Another shirt designed by kids with paint.

8. Chelsea

Just no excuse for putting grey and orange together!

7. Milwall

So bad it's hard to find the words.

6. Arsenal

Thankfully more recent yellow efforts allow Gunners to be seen in public.

5. Stoke

Yes, ok, we know who you are.

4. Hartlepool United

It's not quite sure what its meant to be AND its got a butterfly on it.

3. Dundee United

Just ink-blotty!

2. Fiorentina

So bad it was banned! Well actually it was banned because it had swastikas embedded in their shirts (intentional or not). Not at all clever!

1. Caribous of Colorado

I'd never heard of them either, but do I really need to explain this! Is it a football jersey, or a cowboy shirt?!

So there you go some of the world's ugliest shirts. The order you may not agree with, but surely on the contents you do.


P.S.: Check out Pt. 2 and proof that the "cowboy" shirt is real here. Thanks.


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