Oakland Raiders and Chad Ocho Cinco: Hue Jackson, Please Just Say No

Raider Card Addict@RaidercardadictSenior Writer IJanuary 23, 2011

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According to several different media sources, Hue Jackson and Chad Ocho Cinco have been trying to work their magic, with Chad hoping to lure suitors for his talents, which some might suggest is hindered by playing for the Bengals.

People can point to the Ocho-Hue connection—when Jackson was a coach for the team, working to get the most out of Carson Palmer, the No. 1 draft pick in 2003—as to what this coach is capable of. During three seasons with the Bengals, Jackson served as the wide receivers coach, and Ocho gave the team 25 touchdowns, three 1,000-yard seasons and plenty for the fans to cheer for.

But how much of this was Hue's work and how much of it was Chad, the human drama film, trying to get out of Cincinnati?

Several times in the last couple years, Chad has been begging to get out of town. In the offseason, if there was a camera, he'd usually mention a team, any team, to orchestrate a trade for the WR talent.

If anything, his flair for being flamboyant can distract some and irritate others, leaving some to wonder if he would be a good fit in Oakland, who needs a No. 1 option for WR.

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Two important situations come to mind, when looking seriously at Ocho Cinco:

First, threre's the age factor. Is Chad running on borrowed time? He has seen the league since 2001, and in his last two seasons, he has also seen decreases in yards and touchdowns. Last year, he finished with only four touchdowns, his second-lowest total since 2001, tied with two seasons ago when he played in only 13 games.

The second factor is Randy Moss. I know two different camps exist regarding Moss. One half will say he quit on the team, he was a cancer and that he destroyed what was once a promising WR corps in Oakland. The other half will say that nothing Oakland was doing went right in 2006, and the Raiders made a critical mistake in getting rid of Randy for a draft pick that is no longer with us (John Bowie).

Right now, the Raiders have young, impressionable players in Jacoby Ford, Louis Murphy, Darrius Heyward-Bey, and if he can get his head back together, Johnnie Lee Higgins.

Back in 2005 and 2006, we had Ronald Curry and Jerry Porter, two players that had shown some promise in the early decade.

After being around Moss for a bit, Jerry Porter developed a self-destructive attitude, while Ronald Curry took longer—both are no longer with us.

As much as there is potential for Ocho Cinco to help Oakland out in the WR department...the risk makes this a dangerous issue.

Don't fall for it Hue...or we'll wind up seeing our players end up on some bad reality TV show.

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