WWE Stars: Who Deserves a Push?

Zoe Eyvelisse@@kooleystonerContributor IIJanuary 16, 2011

WWE Stars: Who Deserves a Push?

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    Hello Bleachers!

    Eyve here to give you a list of Superstars that I think deserve a push in 2011. There isn't enough Championships to go around with the most prominent ones being deactivated, so these pushes aren't necessarily for a belt, but just to get over with the fans and get their names circulating around the WWE Universe.

    It is in no particular order and of course, if I forgot anyone that you may have thought should be on the list, leave a comment.

    Thanks for reading and enjoy!

Evan Bourne

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    Who can give you a high flying match and who can represent the underdogs?

    I compare Bourne to the Little Engine that Could. He’s little, but do not let the height and weight fool you. He can hang with the rest of them and when he comes back from his injury, I think he should be given a push.

    Then again, there really isn’t a championship that’s meant for the lightcruiserweights, but I feel like maybe the tag team championship or the Intercontinental Champion shouldn’t be crossed out.

    To be honest, I haven’t really heard him on the mic; he’s probably not good at all but with some work, he’ll be a force to be reckoned with.

    Evan Bourne has talent that no one can deny.

Gail Kim

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    I’m pretty sure I do not have to go into detail why the Asian Sensation should be given a push.

    She’s been benched and the only reason I can guess is because she’s a former TNA knockout. But to Vince, that should give him even more of a reason to give the woman a push.

    She’s talented, she’s easy on the eyes, and a decent Unified Divas Championship reign should be given to those who deserve it.

    But her contract is ending this year, she might just be trying to wait it out. But Ms. Kim, why not go out known as the Divas Champion or former ?

    Sidenote: Oh, how I love the color black.

John Morrison

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    I had to put his name on this list just too. How can you not be impressed with the Shaman of Sexy as of lately?

    I know he just got a push recently against the Miz, but a title match on RAW really doesn’t put your name out there compared to PPVs like the Royal Rumble or even Wrestlemania.

    I mean, if they have to turn him heel, pair him up with Melina or trade him to Smackdown, then I say do it.


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    Oh, Captain Charisma, how we miss you? Come back to us.

    True Attitude Era fans will agree with me on this one. He’s currently injured but when he comes back, I say he feud with Kofi Kingston for the Intercontinental Championship or even with his former “brother” and tag team partner, Edge.

    Like Morrison, they may have to turn him heel but either way, give the man a push.

    If TNA can recognize his talent, then the WWE should too. I don’t know when his contract ends but before it does, he should be a champion.

    Sidenote: Doesn't he look gorgeous in that pic? Lord.

Drew McIntyre

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    If you refer back to my previous article, ( http://bleacherreport.com/articles/562414-wwes-drew-mcintyre-chosen-one-or-useless-one ) you’ll know that I am a huge fan of McIntyre and I don’t think I need to really sit here and explain why he deserves a push.

    It looks like he’s turning face with his segments with Kelly Kelly and this could work out in both ways.

    First, he could get over with the fans by using Kelly and eventually get a championship. Second, he could turn Kelly Kelly heel and dominate the Smackdown roster (for example, what Maryse and Ted DiBiase Jr. should be doing) or third, it could not work out at all and he loses his heat, becoming a midcarder.

    But let’s not jinx that and just hope he gets a championship soon. He has the look, his theme, he has the aggression, and with a new finisher, he would have the total package.

The Usos

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    Now before you jump on me, hear me out: I am a big fan of the Usos and the legacy their family holds.

    The twin sons of Rikishi have charisma, those identical cute faces that resemble the Rock and Rikishi both, the mic skills (which could be practiced to perfection), and with the push, they could be the perfect tag team champs.

    They would give the belts some type of value compared to their current and previous champions.

    Now that Tamina has ventured off to the side of Santino, this could be the perfect feud for the twins. They could go after the belt and Tamina and establish that “domination” they mentioned on their debut.

    The tag team is lacking MAJOR talent, so I feel like bringing up the Usos could be a start and it could get the fans used to seeing and hearing about them.

    Let’s be honest, competing on Superstars isn’t going to get them over with anyone.

Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater

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    Justin Gabriel, the South African heart throb (my nickname for him) has talent, no one can argue but when he was in the Nexus, he was being held back.

    He doesn’t speak much, which can be worked on, but his moves in the ring are interesting to watch.

    He has the look and seeing as how he’s already known from his actions with the Nexus, he can be on his start to get over with the fans.

    Now, Heath Slater, I’m not too much of a fan of his but seeing as how he’s connected with J. Gab, I felt I had to include him.

    He needs a new finisher in my opinion, but along with Gabriel, they could dominate the tag team division.

    As you all can see, I’m trying to keep faith in the tag division but honestly, I might be shooting in the dark.


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    Before I go on, I should say that I’m not a fan of the gimmick that Layla and Michelle McCool currently have, but I cannot lie.

    Both girls have talent and the fact that both of them have to help each other win matches by cheating, it makes them look weak.

    Michelle and Layla can definitely win matches by themselves, so here’s my suggestion:

    WWE creative breaks up LayCool with Layla, citing that she’s tired of being in Michelle’s shadow. Since she’s already heel and develops a pretty amount of heat, this is a way she can showcase her talent.

    Before joining Laycool, she was in singles’ matches getting buried by Michelle or tag teaming with random partners. She’s recorded as the last Women’s Champion, so I’d like to see more of her on her own and a push could do the trick.

    Future Divas Champ, yes I see it in her future.


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    I put Kaitlyn on the list for one reason and it isn’t because she’s talented, but because we need to see more of her.

    As the winner of NXT Season 3, it holds value already but if we don’t see more of her, we can easily forget about her.

    Truthfully speaking, I don’t want to see what happened to Kaval happen to her. And yes, I know he asked to be released but WWE creative isn’t 100% innocent in that case.

    But back to Kaitlyn, although she’s not ready to main event Smackdown or to be Divas Champ, she could still be on the roster every Friday night to generate some heat.

    I’m not sure if she’s a heel or face.

    Her feud with Vickie Guerrero was entertaining to watch and maybe she should continue with that.

    She’s obviously extremely easy on the eyes and although she needs more practice, we shouldn’t rule her out so quickly.

    Picture: How could you not want to see that every Friday night?


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    A lot of people weren’t too fond of Tamina when she debuted, but as soon as I saw her in the ring and besides how beautiful I think she is, I was all over her.

    I mean, a new female face in the division who isn’t all about flipping hair and wearing these tiny tight outfits to show off her body was exciting to me.

    The Divas division is lacking to the point where we have Laycool competing with The Beautiful People of TNA. There should be no competition but honestly speaking, TNA’s female division is more diverse and we see a lot more of them than we do with the WWE.

    Tamina wasn’t in many matches when she debuted, often being squashed by Natalya (which I don’t mind because I love me some Natalya) or just simply accompanying the Usos to the ring. I didn’t mind that but she looked like she could hold her own in the ring and slowly, we started to see that.

    Then what happens? She abandons the Usos and gets into a storyline relationship with Santino. I figured she would become a valet like Natalya was in the beginning and womp, there goes her career.

    But then again, pairing her up with Santino wasn’t such a bad idea after I really thought about it. She’s slowly turning into a face and although I don’t mind because it would help her get over with the fans, I do prefer her as a heel. The same with Natalya as well.

    Diva heels outnumber diva faces but frankly, heels are more entertaining to me. Well, I mean if you’re not Kelly Kelly or Gail Kim? The reason I put a question mark is because I’m not sure I should even mention Gail Kim. She’s been so irrelevant, sadly.

    But anyway, I say get Tamina over with the fans, turn her heel again and have her feud with Natalya again.

    The question is, should it be for the belt? I say yes and no. No because that belt isn’t enough for the looks of Tamina, Natalya, Beth Phoenix, and the newcomer Awesome Kong.

    But it’s what we have to work with so that’s why I say yes. Tamina is new, fresh, and different. Her bloodline speaks for itself, so please, someone tell me why she doesn’t deserve a push when the time is right? Don’t worry, I’ll wait.

Ted Dibiase Jr.

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    I have always been a fan of Ted Jr.’s since he debuted and even when he was in Legacy, so the fact that he’s been squashed Monday in and Monday out makes me upset.

    He isn’t the best athlete in the world but he isn’t the worse.

    He has pretty decent mic work, Maryse on his arm was supposed to make things happen but it didn’t and he hasn’t had a championship since 2008 (when he was tag champs with Cody Rhodes).

    He should be feuding with Daniel Bryan for the US Championship or traded to Smackdown in route for the Intercontinental Championship.


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    Maryse has been arm candy to Ted DiBiase, Jr. for some time now and is being squashed in tag team matches with Ted or with other Divas. This is not the Maryse I want to see.

    I want to see the arrogant, hair flipping, talk to the hand French Canadian beauty we saw back when she debuted on Smackdown.

    She would have screwed over her aunt for the Divas belt (I’m just playing), which only means that we need to get back riding solo.

    She needs to quit DiBiase and do her own thing.

    She even turned down the Miz, so therefore she knows as well as we do that she doesn’t need a man. Just the Divas Championship.

Eve Torres

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    The moment she was improving in the ring and getting over with the fans, what happens?

    She disappears or we see her occasionally in tag matches.

    I mean, even as R Truth’s valet, we saw more of her and that’s what we need.

    The RAW Diva roster is severely slacking, only having nine Divas with five of them with true talent; Eve being one of them.

    Why put her on the shelf? Although she was prematurely Divas Champ at one time, I think it’s been long enough. Don’t you?

Zack Ryder

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    It took some real debating with myself on whether I should put him on the list.

    Eh, why not?

    Yes he may be a jobber with a cheesy gimmick who thinks extremely high of himself, but regardless of all that, he has talent.

    If Santino (who I do not find all that funny) can be given a championship, Ryder should at least have a shot at the US Championship or the Intercontinental Championship.

    He doesn't have to have a long championship reign, which I doubt he would, but stop denying the man a chance. Everyone deserves at least one.

    Woo Woo Woo. You Know It.