Is Chicago Really Where Receivers Go To Die?

Christopher Bremner@bremquestCorrespondent ISeptember 12, 2008

I may just be falling for the classic trash-talk bait, but am I the only one raising an eyebrow to Muhsin Muhammad’s bitter comments?

If you have not already heard, Muhsin Muhammad was quoted this summer, stating that, “Chicago is where receivers go to die”. Oh really Moose? Or is it just where you went to die? One more thing, he didn’t leave. He was cut.

Does anybody else remember Moose dropping more passes than any other receiver last season? More importantly, the bulk of those drops occurred in big situations.

In nine seasons with the Carolina Panthers, Moose had three 1,000-yard seasons, which is outstanding. The other six seasons (the majority of his career there) he had an average of 657 yards a season!

What was his average in Chicago, you’re wondering...727 yards a season! Well Moose, if what happened in Chicago was “dead,” what does that say about the majority of your career?

Do not get me wrong, I think Muhammad is a very good receiver and an outstanding leader, at times, but Moose: Those comments you made were completely unnecessary. It was not our quarterback’s fault you couldn’t hang onto the football.

Sure a great QB could have provided you more opportunities to receive passes, but a good receiver works with what he’s got, and you got a lot of opportunities; you simply couldn’t make anything happen.

Bernard Berrian is a great example; the Chicago quarterbacks made him look so bad that the Minnesota Vikings wrote him a six-year $42-million contract to be their go-to guy. Wow, he really must have looked "dead" in his tenure with the Bears to earn that.

Moose, you left Chicago with a good reputation, regardless of your streaky play. Don’t blame the Chicago Bears for you not being good enough to make the team this year. 

We know we don’t have the best quarterbacks in the league, but that has never been Chicago’s...forte.  You’re slower, older, and apparently extremely bitter. Maybe that’s why your numbers are decreasing.