New Nicknames For Miami Heat's Lebron James, Dwyane and Chris Bosh

Mike Raffone@theemikeCorrespondent IIJanuary 5, 2011

The 3 Am (American Airlines Arena) Egos
The 3 Am (American Airlines Arena) EgosGregory Shamus/Getty Images

The Miami Heat's Lebron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh need to quit...while they're still waaaaaaay behind...that is in NBA fan popularity contests held outside South Florida.

Lebron James dubbed the three NBA superstars "the Heatles" after the legendary music group the Beatles because the Heat's new No. 6 says, "they sell out arenas wherever they go."

However, what Lebron failed to realize is that most passionate NBA fans pay more than face value for Heat tickets to jeer James' newly named "Heatles" while music lovers slept outside concert venues the night before for top dollar tickets to cheer wildly for their beloved iconic Beatles.

Lebron's continued self-absorption has prompted me to share my top 10 list of proposed nicknames for this trumped-up trio. So, here you go "Heatles":

10. The Hifalutin Flyers: All three of you flush superstars got serious hop, but serious humility issues.

9. Swaggering Swooshes: You all wear ridiculously overpriced Nike signature shoes.

8. South Beach Braggarts: No need to be so bombastic, fellas. It's a game!

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7. Assists by Narcissists: Sure, you pass well, but don't brag how generously you share the rock.

6. The Three Kings: Remember, only one of you has a ring!

5. Bombastic Ballers: You may be bombastic braggarts, but you boys can really ball.

4. Hardwood Hoity Toity: I betcha Prima Don Lebron loves being called Hoity Toity.

3. The Megalomaniacs: Kinda sounds rock star-esque, doesn't it, guys!

2. The 3 Am Egos: Don't you pompous players call Miami's American Airlines Arena your home.

1. Smug Rugs: Well, that's what the Celtics will call you after walking all over you in the Eastern Conference Finals later this Spring.

So, what nickname would you bestow on these vainglorious villains? Would love to hear.

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NOTE: None of the proposed nicknames above reference NBA Champs—at least not yet!!!