Tiger Woods Fired by Gillette: 10 Companies for Which He'd Be a Better Shill

Immer Chriswell@@immerrangeCorrespondent IJanuary 5, 2011

Tiger Woods Fired by Gillette: 10 Companies for Which He'd Be a Better Shill

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    MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - NOVEMBER 11:  Golfer Tiger Woods smiles during the launch of the Gillette Champions Junior Education Grant at the Crown Entertainment Complex on November 11, 2009 in Melbourne, Australia.  (Photo by Scott Barbour/Getty Images)
    Scott Barbour/Getty Images

    With the close of 2010, the Tiger Woods controversy seems to have faded. However, his losses remain.

    Not only did Tiger Woods lose his wife and the respect of some of the public, he also lost his endorsements. Woods has only two major sponsors left, that being EA Sports and Nike Golf. His losses were estimated around $34 million.

    However, with a return to winning will come a return of money. So who could be some potential suitors for Tiger Woods?


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    One of the first companies to drop Tiger's name was AT&T. This opened up a vacancy on his bag for a main logo. The empty hole there is one that will be filled on Woods' bag quickly. What better sponsor is there for him to to move over to than the rival of his former sponsor?

    While this could seem an attempted stab at AT&T, it was not Woods who ended the relationship. Therefore, there really is no reason that he can't change his phone plan.

    This would be a great business agreement, as Woods could get another major backing from a company that is in the top of its business.

    There is plenty of room, as well, if they wanted to use Woods in advertisements. Advertising something such as a phone with a golfer would give a lot of marketing options for Verizon is they wanted to.


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    Who does Tiger Woods trust his money to? If this were to work out, it would be the world's local bank. This match could be a great fit. As a golfer, Woods travels not only all over the United States, but also to Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia. 

    He plays regularly in the HSBC Tournament in Asia as well. Most golfers find endorsements through banks, such as Royal Bank of Canada, however, with the slogan that HSBC carries, Woods would be a great proponent for them.

    A bank endorsement is something that you can expect with Tiger, whether it is HSBC, RBC, or any other large scale bank. Banks are frequent sponsors of golfers and tournaments.

    For marketing, let's just imagine a commercial with Tiger after his Sunday round, waking up the next morning and cashing his giant check, maybe even in another country. It seems a very plausible ploy, and HSBC would benefit greatly from this.

JP Morgan Chase

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    When he is uncertain on the golf course, Tiger turns to Steve Williams. But what does he do when he's unsure financially?

    Especially with the economic times, this option would be highly intelligent. It would show that Tiger is going through the same things as an average human. Yes, he does have more money to plan for, but the fact that even he is unsure humanizes Tiger. Just like most of these companies, advertising would be no problem.

    Phil Mickelson uses Barclays, so there is slim chance he will be signing there. But something such as JP Morgan Chase would be a great fit for Tiger, and the company would be lucky to have him.

    Any financial planning firm could toy with having their name behind Woods, but I would strongly recommend that Tiger stay away from Fidelity for this one. JP Morgan Chase could use a face to stick on it.


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    The new Tiger Woods vowed to calm down on the golf course. Why not explore the opportunity of Phiten? It's claim is that it relaxes athletes when they go to perform, so something like this would be a logical pursuit for the company.

    There are plenty of baseball players that use this, but other golfers such as Sergio Garcia are also sponsored by Phiten. While Sergio may not be exactly Tiger, they both have that same fiery demeanor that occasionally goes too far, and that is where Phiten claims to come in to play.

    Adding another golfer to Phiten, especially Tiger, has to make sense.

    All though they do not do large TV commercials, the signs which display the Phiten would be greatly boosted with Tiger Woods using one. Doing this would add the golfer as a larger client base. Phiten could come up with some designs as well, beyond the simplistic PGA Tour logo necklace they have out. The possibilities are huge with if Tiger were to sign a deal with them.


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    After a round where he just doesn't have it, of course Tiger needs relief. 

    Excedrin promotes their product based on quick relief, which could help Tiger before, during and after the round. A sponsorship with Excedrin may not be as likely as the others, but it is one that has to be considered. 

    If this deal were to be made, it most likely would be a smaller deal, since Excedrin has never gone into sponsoring in large amounts. But something like this is always worth trying.

    The biggest problem with this is what has happened. The rumors last year that Woods was basically on a pain killing regiment suggested to many he was trying to suppress his problems, physical and emotional. However, most people would take it as Tiger is a human, he has times where he doesn't feel great, and Excedrin is what he uses when he needs fast headache relief.

    A headache is not a good thing for a golfer's focus, and for Tiger Woods, he needs to be able to focus harder than ever.


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    Winning a tournament is a moment to capture. Even if you have won 71 tournaments on the PGA Tour, you want to remember your moment of triumph. 

    So a camera company would make a lot of sense to back Tiger Woods. With Kodak is also offered sharing photos, which could be used in advertising with Woods.

    Signing Woods to Kodak would be a great thing for this company, because everyone needs a camera to keep track of memories, and if you saw Tiger Woods used Kodak, don't think that would not slip into your mind when you go to buy your camera.

    Kodak is a major sponsor of the PGA, and it has the year long competition, where it chooses one hole per course played. The winner of the challenge earns one million dollars.

    With this relationship, there aren't really any faults, nothing that could be controversial to it, something ideal for Woods.


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    As the last slide told you, Tiger Woods has won 71 PGA Tour Tournaments. He has won a total of 98 tournaments as a professional, and a few more as an amateur. Where does Tiger put all of these trophies? Well he could fit them in his new house, but to avoid clutter, or his trophies collecting dust on a shelf, he could store them somewhere safe.

    While this may not be a major sponsor of Woods, this would definitely be a good option to have as a smaller sponsor. This is a type of company, which has never traditionally sponsored Tiger or any athlete, but why not start now?

Dick's Sporting Goods

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    Dick's is a company that has gotten big into the retail of golf, and have used golfers such as Dustin Johnson, Rory Sabbatini, Sergio Garcia, and Kenny Perry. Adding Tiger Woods to that list could only reap benefits. 

    This is another company that could use Woods with some creative advertisement, and there is no risk involved with this.

    Like most of these options, there are no points which people could criticize Woods for if he signed with Dick's Sporting Goods. Everyone needs to get their apparel somewhere. 

    If Dick's really wants to get into the competition for golf retail with other high end chains, then they could use someone high profile like Woods. It is not easy to compete with the likes of Golf Galaxy, TGW.com, or any manufacturer's direct buy option, but with someone like Woods, it would become easier.

Vitamin Water

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    Gatorade was another company to drop Woods during the outbreak of scandal and his own line of Gatorade drinks as well. While of course the ideal situation would be restarting his own sports drink line with Gatorade, it would serve Vitamin Water and Woods well to formulate a drink with his name on it.

    However, creating a whole line would not necessarily be the best decision if he were with Vitamin Water. It would be great to have one drink with a creative name involving Woods, but from there, it could be best to build the sponsorship from the drinks all ready there. The company has plenty of flavors to offer, and I'm sure that Tiger could find a few to his liking.

    This could work both ways. Tiger would have his name on another big brand, while Vitamin Water would be  much more legitimate contender for top honors with sports drinks. Right now, it is clear that Gatorade is the leader, and someone like Tiger Woods could go a long way to bring up their competitive level.


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    Buick was one of the sponsors who didn't drop Tiger due to his image. Buick ended the relationship due to the financial crisis. They accurately assessed it would not be intelligent to sponsor someone like Woods when they were suffering major losses.

    This is a company that is really pretty interchangeable with the rest of any company. But I think Mercedes is a company that Woods would be good for. He is trying to show that he is relaxed, and showing up smiling in a new SLR would make him look pretty relaxed.

    In all seriousness, Tiger could really make the most of his talent. I think the major thing for him this year is to win early, and realize the sponsorships will come. There are plenty of companies that Tiger could be a great pitch man for, and he will regain his earnings he has lost, in sponsors and in winnings. 

    But to Tiger: Leave the sponsorships to your agent, and stick to the business of winning. That's what got him to this level, and that's what will bring him out of this hole.