Ten Reasons Why Kofi Kingston Should Get a Push in 2011

Joel BrandContributor IIDecember 29, 2010

Ten Reasons Why Kofi Kingston Should Get a Push in 2011

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    Hello Bleacher Nation!  My name is Joel Brand and I am super pumped to start writing articles about everything to do with Friday Night Smackdown. This is my first article on here but keep your eyes peeled for more to come.

    Kofi Kingston has won the Intercontinental Championship twice, United States Championship once and the World Tag Team Championships with CM Punk once as well. 

    Notice that he has never won the WWE Championship or the World Heavyweight Championship.  I see 10 reasons why this should change in 2011. 

    It will be a new year, and the WWE will push new wrestlers and my vote is Kofi Kingston should be placed on the top of the list for men who should be put onto the main event scene.

10. Many Other Superstars Are Ready To Retire

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    If you play the old wrestling game, “Day of Reckoning”, many of those wrestlers are no longer with the company even though it was made in this decade.  There are still many guys from the game that are still in the WWE but most of them are getting pretty close to retiring. 

    So the names that have carried the industry for years need to pass the torch on to the new talent right now.  Then the new breed will be able to establish credibility with the WWE Universe so that when the legends do decide to retire, the potential new legends will be over with the fans. 

    The WWE is standing at a crossroads and a transition period is coming soon that needs to be prepared 

9. He is 29

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    Unlike many other sports, there is no general age range at which most people retire.  There are people like Ric Flair that seem to want to wrestle for their entire life and others who have their careers cut short due to a wide variety of reasons. 

    However, 29 definitely doesn’t place him into the young superstars category that the announcers try and make us believe he is.  So the writers should realize that no one is ever promised tomorrow and especially somebody that does as many high-risk moves and high-flying acrobatics moves as Kofi does. 

    So if they ever want to push him, now is a better time than ever to stop putting him on the back burner and throw him into the main event fire.  

    PS: Britney Spears is also 29 and it is obvious that her career is on the downward slope.

8. Feud with Randy Orton

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    There once was a time in his career that it appeared the writers were about to give Kofi a push when they had him feud with Orton. They put on great matches and had an infamous brawl that went into the stands that included Kofi doing the “boom drop” off a railing that put Orton through one of the sound crew’s tables. 

    They had a great rivalry going on that Orton obviously won in the end, but it seemed that Kofi was destined for big things afterwards. Then the writers left him out to dry, like LeBron did to the city of Cleveland this summer. 

    However, there is nothing stopping the writers from continuing this push that they have seen work in the past.  Us fans don’t want to be compared to Cleveland, so Kofi shouldn’t be left in the dark anymore.      

7. Charisma

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    He's no Captain Charisma but he does have a wonderful and unique form of charisma.  Its not the over-the-top, pushy used car salesmen type that is used more to manipulate people than anything else.

    His is a much more down-to-earth form that the fans can relate to and connect with.  It is hard to charm people through a screen and also be asked to charm people at autograph signings, but Kofi can do it. 

    If the WWE universe voted on superlatives for their superstars, Kofi would come away with “the best smile award.”  He is still loveable and appealing after kicking somebody in the head when he shows us, the audience, those pearly whites.  He has the ability to be one of the poster-boys for the company for years with his overflowing appeal to fans.

6. Diversity

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    The WWE has fans that come from all kinds of socioeconomic statuses with different ethnic and racial backgrounds.  The roster has lacked a main eventer who is black ever since Booker T left the company. 

    At one point, MVP seemed like he could fill this hole, but that never ended up happening and most certainly won’t happen now that he was released.

    Shelton Benjamin said it best when he said, “I am not a black wrestler, but rather a wrestler who happens to be black.”  Once they dropped his Jamaican gimmick, I think the WWE has done a good job of booking Kofi without letting his race become a factor in his personality. 

    The WWE is starting to let Kofi be Kofi and that is allowing him to naturally become a great face.  The company needs to realize that many kids in their audience would love to see somebody that looks like them in the main event scene and Kofi should be that person.  

5. Promos

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    Kofi hasn’t had too many opportunities to cut promos.  When he entered the ECW scene, he had many Jamaican themed promos that luckily stopped because it was forced and didn’t fit Kofi. 

    Then during his feud with Randy Orton, he had a great promo where he defaced and damaged Orton’s car.  He seemed natural and comfortable behind the camera and he had a natural voice that sounded great over the airways. 

    If he was put on the main event scene, he would be given the chance to do more promos and like anything else, the more you do something the better you get at it. 

    Kofi is charming and can be funny which is key to putting out the entertaining promos that would elevate him even higher in the fans eyes.

4. Feud with Dolph Ziggler

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    Kofi’s most recent feud has been with Dolph Ziggler, one of Smackdown’s top performers and the Intercontinental Champion. 

    It has been cool to see how they have made each other better at what they do.  Kofi is like a point guard that makes everybody around him better.

    Also, when Kofi is wrestling with the bigger names, he brings his "A" game and you can see that he puts on better matches with the elite talent.  Dolph and Kofi have showed how both wrestlers can benefit from a partnership with other greats. 

    I can’t even imagine what Kofi would do if paired against Alberto Del Rio or Kane in a World Heavyweight Championship match.  All I know is, it would be awesome.

3. The Kids Love Him

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    One of the big reasons the WWE came out with the PG era is so they could make more money off of the kids.  So it would make sense for the company to push the superstars who are over with the children.

    The only entrance that gets more pop than Kofi on Smackdown is Rey Mysterio (and it’s hard to compete with the man who has been going forehead to forehead with his little fans for about a decade.)

    The WWE is trying to sell a product and they have already won half the battle by getting their fans to want something, so now they need to just make their product more available. 

    The kids love Kofi and also love action figures, so if the WWE wants to sell more Kofi Kingston action figures all they have to do is push this very deserving candidate.  

2. Trouble in Paradise

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    Kofi’s finisher is arguably the best kick since Shawn Michael’s Sweet Chin Music.  Unlike many other wrestlers finishers (cough, cough - Santino Marella’s Cobra), it is completely believable that Kofi has actually knocked his opponent so hard that they will not be able to move for the next three seconds. 

    The timing and placement that he expertly executes for this move shows how hard Kofi works and how much time he spends perfecting his craft. 

    Whenever somebody tells me that wrestling is fake, I show them a clip of Trouble in Paradise and say, “You’re right,that probably doesn’t hurt him at all.”

1. Passion and Enthusiasm

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    Kofi puts the E in World Wrestling Entertainment.  Whether he is jumping around for his entrance or getting ready to be tagged into a match, he is more eager than Brad Childress was to release Randy Moss. 

    Maybe it’s the inner-kid in me, but whenever Kofi gets on the top turnbuckle, I stand up out of my seat so I can get a better view of a man who is about to fly. 

    He is the most electrifying superstar today, because he combines high-flying acrobatics with a clear love for what he does for a living. 

    I would compare Kofi to Dwight Howard because both compete professionally at a high level but still get more excited than a kid on Christmas morning and that is a very entertaining thing to watch.

The End

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    So I hope I have persuaded you to join the Kofi Kingston bandwagon now that you have read my article. 

    I hope that this can spur some good conversations not only about Kofi, but the WWE as a whole and where they are going as a company.  So, please, I would love to hear your comments. 

    Do you have your own reasons why you are a member of the Boom Squad?  Do you think that Kofi is overrated? 

    Thank you for taking the time to read my writing; I truly appreciate it.  Happy Holidays and as you live your life always remember the famous words of ex-Viking Kelly Campbell, “It is what it is!”