Why San Diego Chargers Head Coach Norv Turner Should Be Fired Immediately

Ian PhilipAnalyst IIIDecember 27, 2010

Norv arrogantly turns his nose up, knowing he has a job next season no matter what.
Norv arrogantly turns his nose up, knowing he has a job next season no matter what.Donald Miralle/Getty Images

Finally. The Chargers couldn't overcome the piss-poor "coaching" job performed by Norv Turner. I use the word coaching lightly, because the Chargers don't have a head coach. 

With the season on the line, the Chargers continued to turn the ball over at an astonishing rate against the Cincinnati Bengals. It was a game in which the coaching was so sorry that I realized that the Chargers were going to lose when the score was 7-0, Bengals.

The only Bungles on the field Sunday were wearing lightning bolts.

Firenorv.net is looking like the place to be right about now.

The thing that disturbs me the most is that there is no hope that the Chargers will admit that Norv Turner doesn't have what it takes to get this team to the promised land. There is no chance that Turner will be fired. The Chargers free title run is over. They are going to have to earn their way to the playoffs for the foreseeable future.

The team needs a leader that keeps the team focused and on edge. Norv is not that guy. It used to be that when the Chargers stepped on the field with the Colts, Patriots, or Steelers, they were the tougher team. Now, the Chargers are getting out hit by teams like the Raiders, Rams, and Bengals.  The Seahawks out hit Norv's boys!

What a joke.

Another disturbing trend that started when Norv took over as head coach, besides the slow starts, is the alarming amount of injuries suffered by the team. No one can stay healthy. Every year the team is decimated by injuries early in the season and is scrambling to recover late in the season.

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That didn't happen in all the years Marty Shottenheimer was the coach, yet it happens every single year with Norv. Something about Norv's training camps is unacceptable. Could it be the training staff? I don't know.

The Chargers have a potentially great team sitting right there. They boast a top quarterback, a tremendous talent at running back, a Hall of Fame tight end, a solid offensive line, a scary cast of receivers, the number one defense in the league, and a great coaching staff. What they lack is a head coach.

A head coach spends time with the offense, defense, and special teams. Norv doesn't notice that the focus on the special teams and defense is lacking until it shows up on game day. By then, it's too late.

Turner is nothing more than an offensive coordinator with more say than the average coordinator.

Can we please dispel the myth that Norv is a great play caller right now? Please? This guy makes questionable decisions in every game. How many times has he tried to fool the defense with the Darren Sproles draw with NO success? That second game against Oakland was some of the most abysmal play calling I've ever seen.

"Rivers, keep dropping back and trying to go deep."

Are you kidding me? At times, and you know it's true, you can guess every play that Norv is going to call. He is a terrible play caller. Norv's offense is all flash with little substance. A real offense runs the ball with authority and keeps the defense guessing. 

Bad weather is a good offense's best friend. Bad weather stifles a chuck and duck offense like Norv puts on the field. This offense doesn't have the attitude to effectively run the ball like the Chiefs or Raiders. 

Click here to sign a petition to get rid of Norv. It will make you feel better.

What could this ensemble of talent do with an actual coach to mold and motivate them? We'll never know. This season is down the toilet.

People will look to blame AJ Smith. Please. I don't question his refusal to give a guy who is one Jack and Coke away from a felony a $40-million check. The talent is there; the focus is not. It's time for Dean Spanos to fire another coach and let AJ take the credit.

Look at the job Bill Belichick, Mike Tomlin, and Jim Caldwell did with far less talent. The Chargers need a real coach.

Until that happens, there's really nothing more for me to talk about. This team isn't going anywhere. One thing that can't happen is the Chargers bring in a new coach that installs his own offensive or defensive system.

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