Tiger Woods: 10 Lessons He Could Learn From Michael Vick's Comeback

Shane PattonCorrespondent IDecember 1, 2010

Tiger Woods: 10 Lessons He Could Learn From Michael Vick's Comeback

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    Philadelphia Eagles starting quarterback, Michael Vick has worked diligently to repair his image and his career. After his much-publicized fall from grace, including an 18-month prison stay at Leavenworth Penitentiary, Vick has regained his popularity and his football career.

    The following is a list of things Tiger Woods could learn from Vick's comeback.

Be Contrite, Maybe Even a Bit Humble

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    Tiger Woods could take a page from Michael Vick and act a little more contrite as he continues to recover from his incredible public fall.

    Tiger did appear visibly sad and upset during his "public" apology, but his public demeanor could still use some work.

Talk About It

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    Michael Vick did interviews discussing his violent and cruel treatment of the dogs under his control. Tiger needs to do the same thing. He doesn't need to go into any major details, but refusing to even talk about what happened only leads to further speculation and ridicule.

    Tiger should attempt to open up and talk about last year's situation. He might as well talk...everyone else has.

Public Appearances

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    Tiger could also benefit by doing "regular" things in public. Vick was able to return from prison and slowly ease back into society's good graces, by doing what most people do on a regular basis.

    Take in a ball game. Hang out with friends, anything to appear normal.

    He should probably take a break from Vegas though...just for awhile anyway.

Seek Help

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    Okay, so Tiger probably doesn't need any assistance from Dr. Phil, but he could still use a mentor of some sort. Vick has ex-NFL head coach Tony Dungy to help him when called upon.

    Tiger could benefit from a similar arrangement. I'm not sure who it should be, but things were much different when Tiger's father was mentoring him.

Give Credit To Others

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    Tiger has always struggled to give credit to others. Back when he dominated the PGA Tour, Tiger often mentioned his winning attitude or his ability to focus under pressure during interviews.

    When Tiger struggled, he often referred to the "we" in his golf game, as in; we mis-read the green, or we made a poor decision out there today.

    One of the best things Michael Vick has done, was to credit the Philadelphia Eagles for helping him get his "football" legs back under him.

    Vick is often quick to mention ex-Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb and others for working to correct flaws in his game. This type of attitude has endeared him to both this teammates and the fans.

    Tiger may not play a team sport, but he could easily credit those around him who have helped through this difficult time.


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    Okay, so Tiger will never have this type of moment with his family. He can still continue to focus on his children and rebuild whatever relationship he has left with his now ex-wife.

    The more structure Tiger has, the more opportunity for success he will have on and off the golf course. To Tiger's credit, he seems genuinely happy and relaxed when he is around his children.

Slow Down Lifestyle

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    This one is kinda of tied in with the last one. Settling down can only help Tiger's image and career. Michael Vick slipped up a little on this one, attending a birthday party where shots were fired and ending up back in the media spotlight.

    Vick was able to smooth things over, but Tiger should avoid any "image" damaging adventures for the next couple of years.

Reflect and Learn From Mistakes

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    Tiger should reflect and learn from his mistakes. Vick has mentioned on numerous occasions how he has taken the time to stop and think about what he did wrong (not too difficult when you have 18-months in a small, confined space).

    Vick appears truly sorry and disgusted by his previous behavior. Tiger has done a good job of admitting he messed up and seems embarrassed by his behavior. Hopefully, he will also take the time to slow down and reflect on the damage he did to his family, friends and reputation. Not just the money he has lost, but the trust and faith of some very close friends.

Lose Control

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    Tiger should lose control in a "good" way. Tiger is famous for trying to control everything in his life. Once he understands he can't control it all, maybe he can just cut loose a little more. Get back to having some fun.

    Hanging out with John Daly should definitely do the trick!

Winning Cures All

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    I'm not sure how far Michael Vick would have gotten in his attempt to redeem himself if he was unable to win. Fans are slowly embracing Vick back into the community, largely because he is still a great athlete.

    Tiger has received a lot more grief this year because he failed to win a tournament. If he comes out swinging next year and is able to hold up some trophies, many in the media will quickly forget his 2010 season.

    I'm not saying that winning makes everything okay, but it can certainly help Tiger like it has helped Michael Vick.

    Some fans are even chanting MVP (for Vick) during Philadelphia home games. Pretty amazing!