San Diego Chargers Win: Norv Turner's Unit Still Bungling

Ian PhilipAnalyst IIINovember 1, 2010

The Chargers running backs dominated for 211 total yards against the Titans.
The Chargers running backs dominated for 211 total yards against the Titans.Jeff Gross/Getty Images

Let's face it, the San Diego Chargers are so talented that it's going to take a near preposterous amount of bungling for them to lose a game. This week they were only at the unacceptable level, so they were able to hold on for the win against the Tennessee Titans.

By the time I was able to sit down and watch the game, the Chargers special teams unit had already given up two points. The mistakes these guys are making are matched only by my pee wee soccer team's bungles, but we won every game because the other guys made more mistakes. 

Botched snaps on PAT attempts, blocked punts for safeties, blown coverages in the secondary and two penalties to move you from your own 9-yard line to your own two when you're trying to put the game away are the type of mistakes the worst teams in the leagues make.

Luckily for the Chargers, the Titans' bungles exceeded the Chargers, who for the fourth straight game haven't forced a turnover. 

Unlike the New England Patriots, who were able to play mistake-free and stop the run, the Titans couldn't get out of their own way and were overrun in the running game on both sides of the ball.

A defensive holding penalty that wiped out a Titans interception return for a touchdown (it was a good call) turned out to be a debacle for Tennessee.

Instead of the Titans leading 26-17, they wound up behind 24-19 as the Bolts snagged the momentum and Antonio Gates snagged a 48-yard touchdown to finish the drive.

A bad Vince Young pass killed a Titans two-point conversion attempt and kept the Chargers up 27-25, and a drop on fourth down by self proclaimed All-World running back Chris Johnson allowed the Chargers take a knee with seconds left up 33-25. Game. 

That was bad football on the Titans part. Thank you, Jeff Fisher!

Last week, I declared that Norv Turner should be fired immediately for the team's undisciplined play, but you could clearly see guys protecting the ball better.

Other than Mike Scifres' botched hold on a PAT attempt, the team was very sure-handed. However, they still had monumental, game-losing gaffes that will derail the would be, should be, could be nine-game winning streak to end the season. 

If the Chargers ever play a mistake-free football game, which was a regularity last season, they may score 50 points. Unfortunately, play has been quite sloppy even when the Chargers win. 

If you read my pieces in the past you know I am a huge Norv fan, but even I can't take the Mike Riley-esque undisciplined play the Chargers are putting on the field.

I'm fortunate that I've seen every game, but there are fans living in San Diego who have yet to see the Chargers win a game. All they've seen is seen is laughable bungling. 

Hopefully, the fans are able to witness a big win by the Bolts next week against the potent Houston Texans


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