The Philadelphia Phillies Will Win The World Series: 5 Reasons Why

Jeremy Lookabaugh Correspondent ISeptember 29, 2010

The Philadelphia Phillies Will Win The World Series: 5 Reasons Why

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    The Philadelphia Phillies should be the favorite to not only represent the National League in the World Series, but they should be the favorite to win the World Series title.

    The Phillies have the best three starting pitchers in baseball: Roy Halladay, Cole Hamels, and Roy Oswalt.

    They also have home field advantage up until the World Series where they have a record of 54-30.

    They have an offensive lineup that is coming together and can hit with the best in baseball.

    They also have experience. They made it to the World Series in back-to-back years and have won the NL East four-straight seasons.


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    The Philies have on the National League four straight years. They also won the 2008 World Series against the Tampa Bay Rays, and went to the World Series again in 2009, losing to the New York Yankees.

    The Reds are making its first postseason appearance since 1995, and the remaining three teams the Giants, Padres, and Braves are not familiar with the postseason play in recent years.

    Experience is not the most important thing, but it does help. The Phillies are the new Braves of the 90s and early 2000s, winning in the playoffs year and year out, and excelling in the playoffs.

    The only difference is that Philadelphia gets it down in championship games.

Phillies Are Playing Well Down The Stretch

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    The Phillies are one of the hottest teams in Major League Baseball, and are playing well at just the right time.

    They won 11 straight games, but lost back-to-back games to the New York Mets over the weekend.

    It is important to play well entering the postseason, confidence in baseball, especially hitting the ball.

    Remember the Colorado Rockies during its World Series run when they won more than 20 games in a row just to win the Wild Card. They eventually lost to the Red Sox, but the Rockies streak down the stretch gave them confidence they could beat anyone.

    The Philadelphia Phillies boast the best record in the National League and are winning in September.

Home-Field Advantage

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    The Phillies clinched home field advantage throughout the National League playoffs.

    They are 94-64, five games up on the Atlanta Braves, and four-and-a-half up on the San Franscisco Giants.

    The Phillies are 54-30 at home this season, one of the best records in the not only the National League, but the entire Major Leagues.

The Phillies Starting Lineup

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    The Philadelphia Phillies feature one of the best offensive lineups in all of Major League Baseball.

    The Phillies can hit for both power and speed. Philadelphia can play small ball if they have too. Shane Victorino has 34 stolen bases, but has hit 18 home runs. He is clutch down the stretch.

    Placido Polanco is leading the team with a .298 batting average and has 163 hits.

    Carlos Ruiz is also hitting .298 and is very clutch down the stretch. People still forget about the power the Philies lineup has. Ryan Howard has hit 31 home runs, driving in 106 runs.

    They also still have one of the best hitting second basemen of all-time in Chase Utley and Jason Werth who has 45 doubles along with 26 home runs.

    Also, Raul Ibanez is hitting .306 with eight home runs, and 40RBI in the month of September.

Phillies Starting Rotation

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    The Philadelphia Phillies have the best starting rotation in Major League Baseball.

    I don't see any offense consistently producing runs once postseason play starts next week.

    The Phillies possess three starting pitchers that could be a teams No. 1 on most Major League teams. 

    Roy Halladay is first in the National League in many pitching categories that include: Wins (21), complete games (9), and innings (250.2). He also second in strikeouts (219), winning percentage (.677), and is third in ERA (2.44).

    They also acquired Roy Oswalt from the Astros in the middle of the season. He has not lost in his last ten games, winning seven and geting no decisions in the other three.

    Cole Hamels is an incredible pitcher. Hamels struggled this season, but won five of his last six starts, and is a former 2008 NLCS MVP and a World Series MVP.