10 Actors Who Could Play MLB Players in a Movie

Cliff Eastham@RedsToTheBoneSenior Writer IISeptember 21, 2010

10 Actors Who Could Play MLB Players In a Movie

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    Have you ever looked at an actor and thought how much he looked like a baseball player, football player or boxer?

    Some bear such striking resemblances to a sports star that it is almost freaky.

    I know in the movie Billy Crystal did for HBO called "*61", I was overwhelmed with how much Barry Pepper looked like Roger Maris. It was just incredible.

    That got me to thinking about which stars looked quite a bit like which actor.

    Take a look with me and see if you agree about the resemblance.

Kyle Chandler = Jim Edmonds

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    Early Edition star Kyle Chandler could pass as Reds Outfielder Jim Edmonds brother.

Christian Bale = Homer Bailey

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    The American Psycho and Dark Knight star looks enough like Reds pitcher Homer Bailey to be his brother if not his twin.

Jamey Sheridan = Jim Thome

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    Although not a household name, Sheridan has played in several movies and many TV movies. He strikes an amazing resemblance to Twins slugger Jim Thome.

Tom Cruise = Jay Bruce

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    Cruise has always got by on his good looks and boyish grin, and looks like he could play Jay Bruce in a movie.

Kevin Bacon = Ryan Hanigan

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    Kevin Bacon is usually a supporting actor in movies, but one of the best. He is famous for the game "Six degrees of Kevin Bacon."

    He would surely be the actor to play Reds catcher Ryan Hanigan.

Arsenio Hall = Aroldis Chapman

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    The former late night host is a dead ringer for Reds rookie phenom Aroldis Chapman.

Forest Whitaker = C.C. Sabathia

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    Academy Award winner Forest Whitaker bears a strong resemblance to Yankee star pitcher, and Cy Young award winner C. C. Sabathia.

Hugh Jackman = Cole Hamels

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    Prestige, X-Men, and Van Helsing star Hugh Jackman could play the role of Phillies Pitcher Cole Hamels without makeup.

Peter Krause = Barry Zito

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    Former "Six Feet Under" and current "Parenthood" star Peter Krause could be Cy Young award winner Barry Zito's brother.

Russell Hantz = Jonny Gomes

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    Even though Russell Hantz is not a movie or TV star, he appeared in two consecutive series of Survivor that he seems like an actor. Notice the resemblance to Reds Outfielder Jonny Gomes.