Brett Favre: No One To Blame, but You for Vikings' Loss To Miami

Dan NelsonCorrespondent ISeptember 21, 2010

Favre left fans scratching their heads on Sunday.
Favre left fans scratching their heads on Sunday.Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Brett Favre deflected a lot of blame after Sunday's disappointing loss to the Miami Dolphins. Favre threw three interceptions, two of which were in the red zone.

"I put it right where I wanted," Favre said of his goal line interception intended for Bernard Berrian. Favre seemed to think Berrian needed to adjust to the ball better.

If you watch the video, it's pretty evident Favre made a terrible pass. He threw the ball into tight coverage and well behind Berrian. Go about 55 seconds in to see the pass.

All the while, Visanthe Shiancoe was wide open on the other side of the field.

On the deep ball to Berrian that was also intercepted, Favre was obviously expecting Berrian to go up and get the ball, because it was severely under-thrown into double coverage.

Last year, Favre would have thrown that same pass to Sidney Rice and he probably would have caught it. Bernard Berrian is not Sidney Rice and you can't blame him for that.

Berrian is a speed receiver, you need to throw him the ball high and deep and let him run under it. He should not be under-thrown and expected to make a play on the ball in double coverage. That's not his game.

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Only a tall receiver with great leaping ability can make those kinds of plays.

All of this is troubling, but the most telling thing from Favre's postgame press conference was this: "To say we're gonna get everyone's best, I think we got everyone's best last year."

Favre just doesn't seem to be into the game as much this year. He seems more distant and almost expecting to be worse than last year.

The postgame conference was littered with comments from Favre about how hard it is to win this year.

This is worrisome for the Vikings. Favre needs to show up if the Vikings want to win. He needs to have confidence in his team and himself. It seems he doesn't.

In the press conference Favre talked a lot about how difficult it is to gel this year. It's the same offense, minus two players. It shouldn't be that difficult.

"It's hard to gel as quickly as we did. You take Sidney out of it, you take Chester out of it, and Percy's been hurt," Favre said.

Favre needs to take responsibility. He lost the game. Period.

He is the quarterback, the leader, the Hall of Famer. He needs to step up and quit deflecting blame and making excuses about "gel."

The bottom line is that Favre made some really poor decisions on Sunday that led to red zone turnovers. That is the only reason the Vikings lost.

The defense was absolutely phenomenal. They gave up two big plays, but only one led to a score.

Adrian Peterson ran with tenacity and the Vikings gave him the ball enough to set themselves up for a win.

Take away Favre's poor decision-making and this is a victory.

That happens. Quarterbacks make mistakes and have bad games. It's just too bad that the Vikings' quarterback is too prideful to take the blame.

After all, he is over 40 years old. He should have figured out being a leader by now.