Marlins Ballpark: Ranking Ten Possible Names For The New Stadium

James Bondman@@james_bondmanCorrespondent ISeptember 16, 2010

Marlins Ballpark: Ranking Ten Possible Names For The New Stadium

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    With less than 19 months until the opening of the new Marlins Ballpark, as it's called now, the possibilities of it's name run on. The Miami Dolphins have a hard time keeping one name for its home for longer than a couple of years before moving on to the next one.

    The home of both the Marlins and Dolphins, Sun Life Stadium, has been named Joe Robbie Stadium, Pro Player Park and Stadium, Dolphin and Dolphins Stadium, Land Shark Stadium, and Sun Life Stadium. The stadium is only 23 years old and it has gone under through seven different names, yikes. 

    You can bet the Florida Marlins will be looking for a long-term option with the next name to call home. I certainly don't believe the Marlins will end up naming their new stadium Miami Ballpark or Marlins Stadium as many call it now because they need the revenue to sign their players. 

    With the economy the deal won't be a lucrative one like the Mets banked on with Citi Field. Citigroup is paying the New York Mets $20 million each season for 20 years which totals $200 million in a span of the deal. Not bad, but Citi wanted to do a replay on that deal is they needed a bailout from the government, another yikes.

    Without further ado here are the ten stadium name candidates for the Marlins based on how local the respective companies are and their financial standing. 

10: Burger King Ballpark (BKBP)

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    Headquartered: Miami, Florida

    Burger King Ballpark? I don't know about that one especially when it mixes greasy burgers and fries with athletes on the baseball diamond. Burger King has run into some trouble lately with word that they move out lowers any pervious chance they had. It would be nice to have a stadium full of kings but people may be confused whether they enter a fast-food restaurant or fast-pitch ball game.  

    Chances: 1% 

9: Benihana Ballpark (BB)

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    Headquartered: Doral, Florida

    Benihana Ballpark makes for a pretty odd stadium name yet as a big company of japanese cuisine they qualify for the Marlins list. As a fan one would wonder if they are going to see chef's cook Marlins or the Marlins cooking other opponents for dinner. The bottom line is this is a slim chance it happens, think about if we associate a Marlin with a restaurant known for the knife. Benihana Ballpark has a nice ring to it but not with the Marlins. Still we must give them some chance at it making it at a name. 

    Chances: 2% 

8: Hard Rock Stadium (HRS)

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    Headquartered: Orlando, Florida

    It is headquartered in Florida so it counts as part of local company, or at least the backyard of local. The initials (HRS) which essentially can be interpreted as home runs make for an interesting name. There will be hard rocks hit out of the ballpark each night and it would be cool for a ballpark to have this name. There is Hard Rock Hotel, Hard Rock Casino, and Hard Rock Cafe. I'm pretty sure the folks at Hard Rock would want a stadium too while they're at it. 

    Chances: 5% 

7: SeaWorld Ballpark (SBP)

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    Headquartered: Orlando, Florida

    SeaWorld Ballpark? Why not? It would be an adventure of baseballs and a showcase of athletes in Marlins uniforms. The new stadium will have an aquatic backstop and a pool so it makes sense for this name to fit to this ballpark. It essentially is a sea world in this stadium with its features and it seemingly has the colors (teal and black) yet I the color scheme will change so that may lower the chances. Additionally, because SeaWorld is a theme park and not a corporate company it lowers it chances as well.

    Chances: 7%

6: Lennar Stadium (LS)

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    Headquartered: Miami, Florida 

    They may be last on this list in terms of actually hearing of it before. Because of this reason they are midway on this list because they may want to get exposure which is what stadium naming deals are all about. Lennar is house-building company and in these tough times they may want to steer clear of any naming rights deal yet are on this spot because no stadium will be named after a restaurant or a theme park. 

    Chances: 9

5: Publix Stadium (PS)

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    Headquartered: Lakeland, Florida

    The Pub? Where Baseball is always a pleasure? It could be this is the part of the list that gets serious and Publix has a shot of being within the threshold of a stadium name. Publix is the largest private company in the state of Florida, makes over a billion in revenue each year. I'm sure the Marlins wouldn't being called after a supermarket but if they keep trading their best players the name might stick. Come to the supermarket and buy your favorite players at a discount price, we accept coupons! 

    In a seriousness, Publix has a fair chance and they are essentially a growing company which could use the naming deal to grow too.

    Chances: 12%

4: US Century Field (USF)

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    Headquartered: Doral, Florida

    U.S. Century Bank is an up and coming company and it will want exposure. Because it is a bank like many stadiums around the sports landscape it has a fair chance to be part of the Marlins stadium name. I think US Century Bank Field is a bit too much for a name to if it ever came to a name it would come down to US Century Field because its one or the other not both. 

    The initials are exactly like the University of South Florida's, USF. 

    Chances: 13%

3: Royal Caribbean Field (RCF)

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    Headquartered: Miami, FL

    Marlins of the Seas? Royal Caribbean would seem to fit the mold of a big company that is local and would want to have a stadium named after them. What hurts them and keep them off the top of the list is the name "Royal". The Kansas City Royals have that distinct name, Royal Caribbean is like stealing their thunder and thats why it won't happen. You can't name it Caribbean Stadium or RCI Field or anything like that but because it's a big local company which operates on the open seas it cracks the top three. 

    Chances: 16%

2: Bacardi Ballpark (BBP)

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    Headquartered: Miami, Florida

    Bacardi Ballpark with a Marlins flavor to it. There are a pair of stadiums (Miller Park and Busch Stadium) named after an alcoholic beverage. Bacardi would enter new territory for being the first stadium named after rum not beer. I believe Bacardi has a strong chance to make the final cut as the name for the new Marlins stadium. When it comes down to drinks in general there is a pretty good chance it ends up being the name for the stadium so don't count Bacardi Ballpark out. 

    Chances: 17% 

1: Carnival Stadium (CS)

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    Burger King
    Burger King

    Headquartered: Doral, Florida

    Let's consider the fact that Carnival Cruise Lines is a cruise company that operates on the open seas. Similar to Royal Caribbean without the "Royal". The word Carnival can mean a lot of things; according to it means: a frenetic disorganized (and often comic) disturbance suggestive of a large public entertainment.

    It won't be comic but it will be fun and entertainment which is what is key for it to be a Carnival. The stadium will be surrounded by a plaza which gives it a Carnival-sque feel. 

    In the picture above you notice that you have sort of what looks like a row of seat and then the main attraction, the pool, or in a stadium's case a field. It makes sense for it to be the name and it is the biggest company stationed in Miami and therefore it is the leading candidate to part of a naming deal for the Marlins' new ballpark. 

    With the Marlins being apart of the water with its attractions (backstop, players, and pool) it will connect with Carnival and thats why it is the #1 candidate. 

    Chances: 18%