The 50 Worst ESPN Anchors of All Time: Making You Change the Channel Since 1979

Sam WestmorelandFeatured ColumnistSeptember 6, 2010

The 50 Worst ESPN Anchors of All Time: Making You Change the Channel Since 1979

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    It's happened to all of us a million times. You turn on ESPN, or ESPNews, and you immediately groan. 

    "Oh no," you say, with a roll of your eyes, or a reach for the remote. "Not them. They suck. I hate them." You immediately change the channel, and wait for the next edition to come on, praying that the anchor team will improve. 

    I've compiled a list of 50 of the men and women of SportsCenter and ESPNews who have made you groan, and change the channel over the years. I've tried to stay away from color guys or analysts, keeping the list primarily to anchors of the two sports staples, unless necessary.

50. Charley Steiner

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    As long as he doesn't get distracted, he just might lead you there.

    Steiner was one of the original ESPN anchors, and he was one of my favorites. But the poor guy had a nasty habit of losing track of his place on the teleprompter, or breaking out with a case of the giggles. 

49. Jay Crawford

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    He'll pay you good for a little dance.

    On top of joining Woody Paige at the top of First and 10's  lap dance list, Crawford always looks like he hasn't had an original thought since high school. He was bumrushed out of SportsCenter duty, and he does OK as the host of ESPN2's morning show. As long as you aren't a woman, that is. 

48. Trey Wingo

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    Trey Wingo: Best sportscaster name ever.

    There's a reason he doesn't host SportsCenter much anymore. 

47. Whit Watson

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    "What can I do to make sure you get behind the wheel of that Pinto Wagon today?"

    Apart from looking like a used car salesman, there isn't much to say about Watson's time on ESPN, other than the fact that Whit Watson is up there with Trey Wingo as a fantastic name for a sportscaster. 

46. Rece Davis

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    Davis realizing he has to go change Corso. Again.

    Rece is currently the in-studio host of College Gameday. His primary job is to keep Lou Holtz from soiling himself. That's why they pulled him from SportsCenter

45. Kevin Frazier

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    Kevin Frazier: Do you smell the cheese?

    Kevin was an ESPN anchor for four years before leaving to join Entertainment Tonight. You know, because he wanted to have a serious news job. Or because his cheesy act didn't cut it on the Worldwide Leader. 

44. Stuart Scott

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    I like him. But there are those who can't stand him.

    Before you jump on me, let me say this: I like Stuart Scott. But there is a sizable portion of the population who doesn't like the longtime anchor much. This is for them. 

43. Dave Revsine

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    Revsine's on the left.

    Revsine's on the left hand side of this picture. Don't have much to say here, he just was never one of my favorites. 

42. Stan Verrett

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    Verrett doing his Stuart Scott impression.

    Stan Verrett is a poor man's Stuart Scott. Hence his place on the list. 

41. Sage Steele

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    If only she could get through an episode without a blooper.

    I like Sage Steele. I really do. Which is why it pains me to watch her stumble through every episode of SportsCenter. She's really improved a lot since she started, soon, she won't be on the list at all. 

40. Chris Berman

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    Berman is another who falls into the Scott-esque polarizing category. Personally? I like him. But I know a lot of people who can't stand his voice. So he goes on the board.

39. Ducis Rodgers

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    Not ready for the big leagues yet.

    Ducis is still new to the ESPN family. He's got time to grow. But why does he have to be so annoying? 

38. Brian Kenny

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    Quick! Here comes Mayweather! Someone duct tape Kenny's mouth shut!

    Kenny's the best interviewer of the SportsCenter hosts. But he tends to push the issue a little too far, and can be abrasive. Exhibit A: Floyd Mayweather. 

37. Michelle Bonner

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    Not the worst, by far.

    She's not the worst of the SC anchors. But I tend to get an itchy remote hand when she comes on. 

36. Dana Jacobson

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    A. Messerschmidt/Getty Images

    I'm not entirely sure what Jacobson brings to the First and 10 crew. But there has to be something, right?

35. Neil Everett

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    I like him.

    Much like Stuart Scott, there are those who don't like Everett. Me? I like him, especially when teamed with Stan "Stop Calling me Stuart" Verrett. That tie on the other hand, is awful. 

34. Brett Haber

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    Haber had a couple of really good commercials for SportsCenter. It's too bad he never did anything of note on the actual show. 

33. Steve Berthiaume

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    Someone needs to fix his volume control. Now.

    Berthiaume has one volume: loud. And sportscasters with one volume tend to annoy me. So Steve's on the board. 

32. Sarah Walsh

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    Walsh is an ESPNews anchor with Steve Berthiaume disease. 

31. Chris Fowler

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    Shhhhh... don't tell Chris he's on here.

    I've seen Chris Fowler in person. He's crazy ripped. Which is why I'm scared of putting him on the list. He was an SC anchor in the early 90's and it didn't go well. I hope he doesn't rip me in half like a phone book for saying this. 

30. Dari Nowkhah

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    The man talks like he's been eating cigarettes for years. Lit ones.

    Poor Dari. So much potential. It's a shame his vocal cords are coated in sandpaper. 

29. Mike Golic

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    Jamie Squire/Getty Images

    Golic's had the occasional guest host spot on SC over the years. He really should stick to radio. 

28. Pam Ward

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    If only she hadn't been mad at the wounded.

    Could have fallen into the Stuart Scott category, except that she insulted an Ohio University player when he was hurt. She thought she was off air, and seemed genuinely irritated that he had the gall to get injured. 

27. Mike Tirico

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    Before he was one of ESPN's best play-by-play guys, Tirico was a struggling SC and ESPNews anchor. Once he found his calling, a star was born. Before that, it was painful for everyone. 

26. Robert Flores

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    One of the few guaranteed to make me change the channel.

    I don't know why, but I cannot stand Robert Flores. He makes me change the channel whenever he's hosting SC. But there are those who like him, so he goes in the middle. 

25. Ryan Burr

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    This picture says all you need to know about Burr.

    At one point, Burr was a young SC and ESPNews host. Then they realized he sucked at it, so they sent him to NASCAR Now. He's much better talking about left-hand turns. 

24. Tim Brando

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    Now a good basketball announcer.

    Much like Mike Tirico, Tim Brando had a short lived stint as an SC  announcer. Also like Tirico, Brando's stint was excruciating. 

23. Kevin Neghandi

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    He's basically a more ethnic Dari Nowkhah

    Neghandi has the same issue as Nowkhah. Someone needs to invent a cure for a sand paper voice box. 

22. Thea Andrews

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    Promising, but ultimately disappointing.

    Andrews floated between several shows on ESPN and ESPN2, but never quite took off the way the sports media conglomerate hoped she would. 

21. Steve Phillips

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    Not just wrong about everything, but his moral compass was wrong, too.

    Phillips was fired from ESPN for having an affair with 22-year-old production assistant Brooke Hundley. He was also wrong about everything, which may have contributed to his firing. He wasn't an anchor, but still annoyed the crap out of me. 

20. Bram Weinstein

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    A thorn between two roses.

    Weinstein is a relative newcomer to the ESPN family. Based on his performance thus far, let's hope his stay is a short one. 

19. Lee Corso

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    Craig Jones/Getty Images

    Much like Phillips, Corso is wrong about everything. Unlike Phillips, Corso could never bed a 22-year-old production assistant because he might be certifiable. 

18. Leslie Maxie

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    Yes. She is that scary.

    Maxie was a short-lived co-host on ESPN2's Cold Pizza. When you hear her talk, it helps you know why the show failed. 

17. Mike Hall

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    The person whose hand is in this shot would make a better anchor than Hall did.

    Hall was the original winner of ESPN's Dream Job show. As it turned out, Hall was a nightmare for the network, where he struggled to ever make a solid impression. 

    This proves once more that reality shows are always a bad idea. 

16. Will Selva

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    Not the most exciting choice.

    He's so boring he makes Kenny Mayne's deadpan style sound like Gus Johnson. 

15. Danyelle Sargent

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    Proof that working for ESPN is easy if you know sports.

    Sargent was fired from ESPNews because she made mistakes almost constantly, proving that in order to report on sports, one must first know what one is talking about. 

14. Craig Kilborn

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    Sucks in general.

    Kilborn has been a failure at just about everything he's done professionally, including making the Top 10 of this list. 

13. Kevin Connors

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    Connors is so boring, the man next to him fell asleep seconds after this photo was taken.

    Connors is on the left. He makes it hard to notice him because he speaks in monotone, and not in a funny way like Kenny Mayne. 

12. Linda Cohn

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    Like Dari Nowakhah, Cohn's voice can wake the dead.

    Linda Cohn's voice makes me want to drag nails over a chalkboard to get the sound out of my ears. It's that bad. 

11. Larry Biel

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    Larry couldn't even sell the joke in a commercial.

    Poor Larry couldn't sell the joke in this commercial. He was doomed from the start.

10. Fred Hickman

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    Hickman could have been a good anchor, if he hadn't had the maturity of a college freshman.

    Hickman reportedly called in sick more than 200 times in his brief tenure with SC. At that point, why bother ever showing up? 

9. Mike Greenberg

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    If he weren't so arrogant, he wouldn't make the list.

    Greeny's actually a great SC host. But he's so arrogant, he deserves to go Top 10 here. 

8. Alexi Lalas

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    Elsa/Getty Images

    Not only was he wrong all the time, he was also an arrogant jerk who thought he knew more about soccer than anyone in the world because he was one of the first Americans not to suck out loud at the sport. 

7. Rob Stone

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    More suck than a black hole.

    See: Lalas, Alexi.

6. Andre Aldridge

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    All Andre hears is crickets. Feel pity for him.

    Andre tells bad jokes. Lots of them. No one got poor Andre's jokes, so they fired him. 

5. Jonathan Coachman

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    He's big, loud and obnoxious.

    Coachman has one volume: loud. He has one setting: annoying. But he's huge, so he can't go No. 1 because I value my life.

4. David Holmes

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    Holmes was the biggest reality show flameout since last week.

    While Dream Job's first winner, Hall appeared on SC, it's second winner, David Holmes, never did. So he goes Top 4.

3. Kit Hoover

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    The lights may be on, but nooooobody's hooooome.

    Hoover managed to be the first of the Cold Pizza cast to lose her job due to the fact that she knew nothing about sports. 

2. Steve Weissman

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    Well, aren't we looking obnoxious today?

    The sad part? He's more obnoxious than he looks. 

1. Keith Olbermann

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    The complete package of suck.

    Olbermann was a perfect storm of bad. He was pretentious, had a poor sense of humor and offended numerous audience members during his tenure. In other words, he was Dennis Miller, but on SportsCenter. That's why he tops our list.