5 Reason Why Soccer Draws People In

ThomasSenior Writer IAugust 7, 2008

Soccer is truly a world sport. Over 90 percent of the countries in the world consider soccer as their national sport. What makes soccer so fun to play? What draws tens of thousands of people to this beautiful game?  Here are 5 simple reasons why soccer is so popular.

1.  It's cheap.

Unlike the NFL, baseball, or basketball, soccer needs very little equipment. Just get a ball and your ready to go.

2.  It's an armless sport.

With the exception of the goalkeeper, soccer is an armless sport.  Most people aren't as coordinated with their feet as they are with their hands and arms, which makes soccer more challenging for people not used to using their feet in sports. 

3.  You can play anywhere and anytime.

Baseball is limited to spring and summer. Football's relegated to fall and winter. Soccer though, can be played anytime, spring, summer, fall, or winter. You can play in rain, snow, or sun. 

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You can also play anywhere. Football and baseball need a huge field to play on, and basketball needs a concrete court with hoops. Soccer can be played on fields, streets, courts, and virtually anywhere else.

4.  Anyone can play.

Sure anyone can play other sports, but not like soccer. Soccer is open to men, women, and children of any age and any race or nationality. It's so easy to learn, even a toddler can play. There are women leagues, youth leagues, and of course, men's leagues.

5.  It's easy to learn.

Baseball, football, and basketball have many basic rules you have to follow. Soccer has only a few: no using your hands to control the ball, don't get caught offsides, and no harsh tackles. Anyone can learn these few basic rules of soccer.

For these few reasons and so much more, soccer is a game for the masses.

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