2010 ESPY Winners: Top 10 Award Snubs

Matt ReedCorrespondent IJuly 15, 2010

2010 ESPY Winners: Top 10 Award Snubs

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    The ESPYs gives out a mind-blowing 35 awards each year. In comparison, the Academy Awards only gives out 24 awards.

    But somehow too many athletes got snubbed by the selection committee.

    Here is the list of the Top 10 ESPY Awards Snubs.

    P.S.: Get ready for a whole lot of UConn women’s basketball.

10. Best Record-Breaking Performance

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    Winner: Isner vs. Mahut at Wimbledon

    Snub: UConn Women’s Basketball Team

    Isner vs. Mahut at Wimbledon was the longest and worst match in tennis history.

    The game lasted over 11 hours and five minutes and spanned over three days. Neither of these two could break each other’s serve to save their lives.

    The real record that should get an award is the UConn women’s basketball team's amazing 78-game unbeaten streak. They haven’t lost in two years!

9. Best Male Tennis Player

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    Winner: Roger Federer

    Snub: Rafael Nadal

    It’s unbelievable that ESPN got this wrong.

    Federer won the 2010 Australian Open. Nadal won the 2010 French Open and the 2010 Wimbledon Championship.

    Nadal also replaced Federer as the No. 1 player in the world in May.

8. Best Male Golfer

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    Winner: Phil Mickelson

    Snub: Tiger Woods


    Despite all of Tiger’s issues off the courses, he still remains the No. 1 player in the world. After 20 weeks away from golf, Tiger decided to return at the Masters and finished tied for fourth. (Astonishing if you really think about it.)

    Tiger is still not playing at 100 percent but it does not matter. Tiger Woods at 75 percent is still better than any golfer at 100 percent.

    Phil had a nice win at the Masters, but Tiger is still the best player in golf.

    It would have been awkward to give an award to an athlete with so many personal issues. Nonetheless, Tiger should have won.

7. Best Male College Athlete

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    Winner: John Wall

    Snub: Mark Ingram

    John Wall was the best freshman in college basketball this season. He brought Kentucky basketball back to the national spotlight. He was the No. 1 overall pick in the NBA Draft. And he created the best dance move since the Macarena.

    But he did not deserve to win this award.

    Wall wasn’t even the best player in college basketball this season. Ohio State’s Evan Turner was named the Player of the Year. And Wall failed to lead his team to the Final Four.

    Mark Ingram on the other hand, won the Heisman Trophy and led Alabama to the National Championship.

6. Best Team

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    Winner: New Orleans Saints

    Snub: UConn’s Women’s Basketball Team

    Everybody, expect the state of Indiana, was rooting for the Saints to win Super Bowl XLIV. The city of New Orleans desperately needed something to cheer about and the Saints did not disappoint.

    But let’s get serious. The UConn women’s basketball team was hands down the “Best Team” this year. This UConn team may go down as one of the best teams in sports history.

    They won back-to-back national championships and have a 78-game winning streak.

5. Best NHL Player

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    Winner: Sidney Crosby

    Snub: Jonathan Toews

    How can Sidney Crosby win this award when his team got knocked out in the second round of the playoffs?

    The Penguins were the defending Stanley Cup Champions and they couldn’t even make it to the Eastern Conference Finals. “Sid the Kid” was supposed to carry this team to the promised land like he did with Canada in the Olympics. But he laid an egg.

    Jonathan Toews should have won this award. But the most disturbing part is that he wasn’t even nominated.

    Toews was a key part along with Crosby to Canada winning the gold medal in Vancouver. But what separates Toews from Crosby was the playoffs.

    The Chicago Blackhawks had not won the Stanley Cup in 39 years. Captain Toews was able to lead the Hawks to the title and won the Conn Smythe Trophy.

    He should also have an ESPY for Best NHL Player.

4. Best Breakthrough Athlete

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    Winner: Chris Johnson

    Snub: Brittney Griner

    Football fans knew about Chris Johnson before his 2,000 yard season in 2009. He ran the fastest 40-yard dash in NFL Combine history coming out of college. And during his rookie year in 2008, he rushed for 1,200 yards.

    Because of this, he should not be considered a breakthrough athlete.

    Question: How many women college basketball players can you name that don’t play for UConn?

    Answer: One. Brittney Griner.

    The 6’ 8” freshman single-handedly took Baylor to the Final Four with her shot blocking ability. Many fans watched women’s college basketball for the first time because of Griner.

    Griner is truly the breakthrough athlete of the year and will be in the running for “Best Female Athlete” next year.

3. Castrol Edge Performance Under Pressure Award

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    Winner: Landon Donovan

    Snub: Sidney Crosby

    Saint Landon was able to keep the USA in the World Cup when he scored against Algeria in the 91st minute. As the USA's best soccer player ever, Donovan had a lot of pressure to perform well in the World Cup. He met the challenge.

    But one other athlete had more pressure to perform. That athlete was Sidney Crosby.

    Crosby has been called the second coming of the greatest hockey player ever, Wayne Gretzky.

    Going into the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, there was one must-win event for the Canadians, men’s hockey.

    The entire tournament would be ruled a failure or success based off the men’s hockey teams performance. With all the pressure on the Canadians, Crosby scored the game winning goal in the gold medal game.


2. Best Game

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    Winner: USA vs. Canada Men's Hockey

    Snub: Duke vs. Butler

    The gold medal game between the USA and Canada was an overtime thriller and an instant classic. Sidney Crosby was the hero as he scored the game winning goal, sending Canada into a frenzy.

    As good as that game was, it can’t be the “Best Game” because the USA lost. Just kidding.

    But seriously, the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship Game was the best game of the year.

    It was almost an exact replica of the great sports movie “Hoosiers." You had the small school from Indiana that no one really thought could win it all. And you had the powerhouse program that is a favorite to win the title each year.

    The game went back and forth with both teams having chances to win. It came down to a final shot, but unlike in the movie, David was unable to beat Goliath.

1. Best Moment

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    Winner: Landon Donovan Goal Against Algeria

    Snub: Joannie Rochette

    Landon Donovan’s goal in stoppage time against Algeria saved the US from being eliminated from the World Cup. And it truly was a great moment for US soccer’s short history. But the moment is watered down because of the heartbreaking loss for the US in the next game against Ghana.

    If you missed Joannie Rochette’s short program in the 2010 Winter Olympics, I feel sorry for you.

    Two days before she was to skate in the short program, Joannie’s mother died of a heart attack. Joannie decided to skate in honor of her mother and she gave the performance of a lifetime.

    In front of her countrymen, she recorded a personal best score 71.36 and received a standing ovation. Two nights later she skated and won the bronze medal in women’s ice skating.