What the Toronto Raptors Receive in the Chris Bosh Deal

Burke's ConscienceContributor IJuly 10, 2010

After seven years, with more late-season collapses than playoff appearances, as the face of the Toronto Raptors, CB4 (now CB1, bleh ) decided to take his highly-sought talents to Miami.

In doing so, the most infamous trio probably to ever start on the same regular season roster ever, was formed. With Bosh, Wade and James all playing for one team, I don't think it's very hard to make predictions for the Eastern Conference.

Through this whole ordeal, Chris Bosh has been keeping his Twitter followers up-to-date on his thoughts, and all signs pointed to a departure from Toronto. The question was not would Bosh leave, it was where to, and how would he leave.

In what he calls a thank you to the franchise to the franchise that he supported for seven seasons, Bosh was gentlemanly enough to depart via "Sign-and-Trade", so that the Raptors would not lose his talents for nothing.

The Raptors, already having stacked up at the PF and C with the re-signing of Amir Johnson, drafting Ed Davis and Solomon Alabi, plus already having Andre Bargnani, were not interested in obtaining another post presence in return. The Heat, wanting to get rid of Michael Beasley, were not able to do this and he was deal to Minnesota in the wake of this.

Toronto was more interested in gaining assets for a rebuild- draft picks and cash.

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To Toronto:

2011 Lottery Protected 1st Round Pick - Heat

2011 First Round Pick - Raptors*

$16.5 million Trade Exception

To Miami:

Chris Bosh

The $16.5 million Trade Exception is the real key to this deal I believe. This allows the Raptors to trade for up to $16.5 million of salary more than they are trading to the other team. This would allow for the arrival of a big contract player via trade, should the Raptors ever be in a position to land one.

The 2011 lottery protected pick from the Heat basically means if the draft pick is a lottery pick (they do not make the playoffs) then the pick will carry over to the 2012 draft.

The Raptors also receive their own first round pick that was originally traded to the Heat as a lottery protected pick as part of the Jermaine O'Neal/Jamario Moon deal.


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