Signs Point To LeBron James Joining The New York Knicks

Justin NormanCorrespondent IJuly 7, 2010

Since ESPN announced that LeBron James will declare "The Decision" Thursday Night at 9 pm (ET), rumors and speculation have been flying about where The King will go.

In the midst of speculation, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade both announced their decision to sign with the Miami Heat, which drastically affects LeBron's decision. 

He can go to Miami and sign with the Heat, but the Heat would have to trade Michael Beasley and clear up cap room first. He can go to Chicago and sign with the Bulls, but won't have Chris Bosh or Amar'e Stoudemire partnering with him. He can return to Cleveland, and play in his home town. Or, he can sign with the Knicks—a situation that has become increasingly intriguing since Stoudemire's term agreement with New York.

Shockingly, the latest developments point to LeBron actually signing in New York.

At around 1 pm, Chad Ochocinco tweeted to LeBron James (who joined Twitter yesterday and already has around 250,000 followers), "big bruh can i break the news now or do i still have to wait?"

Ochocinco then followed that tweet up with this update: "*Empire State of Mind* *wink* *wink*only the smart folk will put this together and figure out what i am talking about #6".

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About a half hour later, Phoenix Sun's role player Jared Dudley announced via Twitter that his "sources" tell him that James will sign in New York.

Then, the New York Daily news reported that LeBron is in Greenwich, Connecticut and will announce "The Decision" from Allan Houston's home.

Allan Houston, of course, is a former Knicks player and Assistant to the President for Basketball Operations for the Knicks.

Does this mean that LeBron is in fact going to New York?

Granted, these reports are just mere speculation from members of the public eye for the sake of publicity. But at the same time, if all of these reports are true, the signs certainly do point to LeBron joining Amar'e in New York.

I guess we'll just have to wait and see, but meanwhile, these reports definitely are interesting and captivating. Only 29 more hours until "The Decision"!

UPDATE - NY Daily News writer Frank Isola had written the article, in which the title claimed the house in Greenwich belonged to Allan Houston. However, since I wrote this article, the title has been changed, and makes no mention to Allan Houston's house. However, Isola's tweet, which states a Knicks source claimed the location is Houston's house, still remains. 

Since Isola's report, it has been confirmed that the announcement will take place at the Boys and Girls Club in Greenwich

Greenwich is conveniently close to ESPN headquarters (ESPN of course is airing "The Decision"), but it's even closer to the Knicks' training facilities in Greenburgh, NY.