Fishing Hooks for Carp: Start with Success!

Jess KContributor IIIJune 8, 2010

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The first step in carp fishing is using the correct hook. This may seem like a simple task that requires no thought, but in fact there are many variables in fishing hooks. Choosing the right hook for catching your carp could be the most important step in your fishing expedition. By making sure you choose the right hook before stepping out on the lake, you have taken the first step in ensuring you catch the biggest and best carp possible.

The first aspect of your fishing hook you need to think about is whether to choose a barbed or barbless hook. A barbless hook is easily dislodged by the crafty carp who have many tricks and methods for evading capture and ejecting hooks. Some fisherman must use these hooks due to barbed hooks being banned in many fishing areas. Make sure you check with the officials where you received your fishing license or call the local chapter of the Fishing and Wildlife Service to see if this restriction applies to your area.

If you are lucky enough to be able to fish using a barbed hook, this method will greatly improve your chances of catching carp. The barbed hook will greatly reduced the risk of your carp eating your bait and then slipping away by attaching itself to the inside of the carp’s mouth. Try using a whisker barb to reduce the damage to your carp during this process.

The second matter to consider when purchasing a carp hook is the size. Fishing hooks vary greatly in sizes ranging from 6/0 to 13. When you are choosing a hook remember that the smaller the number, the larger the hook. This means that a size 6/0 hook is the largest you can purchase while the 13 would be the smallest. When looking for a hook for carp you can use any hook between a size four and six. Experiment with these sizes and see which works best for you.

When adding fishing bait to your newly chosen hook, one of the most popular methods for carp fishing is called the hair rig. This method of baiting was invented in England during the 1970’s by Len Middleton and Kevin Maddocks. These two discovered that carp where afraid of the sensation that the hook caused on their lips and would swim away before eating the bait. They devised a method of mounting the bait to human hair attached to the hook. This meant the carp would put the bait in their mouth without feeling the dangerous hook. To create your own hair rig all you need to do is mount any hook length material (wire, twine, ect.) to your hook using a knotless knot. Put your bait on this string and you will find your chances of catching carp has greatly increased.

When fishing for carp, your chances of success begin when you choose your hook. Make sure you remember these tips and you will be catching carp in no time!


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