RAW Rewind: The Anarchy Continues

Ron Johnson@TLCCaptainSenior Writer IJuly 21, 2008

As tonight's RAW was set to hit the airwaves, the fans of the WWE (or those who were left) were expecting answers to several questions. So the big question now is simply this: Did we get our answers?

I bring you the RAW Rewind, and I'll let you decide if the questions were answered...or if things are even more unbalanced.

RAW opened live with highlights from last night's World Heavyweight Championship match at the Bash...then zoomed out to an irate Animal leaving the production truck and heading to the ring.

As the show went live, Batista made an executive decision by putting himself in charge of RAW for one reason: a rematch with CM Punk for the World Heavyweight Championship. But JBL interrupts the Animal's decision by saying that the next one in line for a title shot would be him after last night's Parking Lot Brawl victory over John Cena. But as JBL tries to make it clear that he's running RAW, CM Punk comes out and makes it clear that he's King of the Jungle.

Punk comes out and makes his rematch against Batista official, and as JBL mounts a protest, Batista shows his power by having the Longhorned Jackass muted.

As the show returns, Lance Cade pulls a fast one by making everyone believe that Shawn Michaels is coming down to the ring. Cade then calls out HBK, but he gets Paul London (a HBK sympathizer) instead.

First Bout: Lance Cade defeats Paul London

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Cade shows his experience after a miss by London. London fights out of a backbreaker and springboards into a cross body. Cade recovers and delivers a hard shoulder block, and following a throw to the ring post, Lance delivers the Lance Bomb for the win.

Following the win, Cade introduces Chris Jericho as the man who ended Shawn Michaels' career last night at The Great American Bash.

Back on RAW, Jericho takes the mic, shows footage from last night's match with Michaels and boasts on about how he ended Shawn's career at the Bash. Jericho blames the fans for last night and says that he's proud of what he did last night. He concludes by saying that now that HBK is gone for good: he is saved.

Second Bout: Beth Phoenix defeats Kelly Kelly

The match begins with Phoenix trying to punk Kelly, but Kelly shows her toughness by fighting back. After a body slam, Beth has an armbar applied, but Kelly fights out and lands an enzuigiri, hurracanrana and dropkick. In the corner, the two get tangled up in a set of roll ups, but Phoenix counters the last roll up with a Glambomb to pick up the victory.

Wonder if Santino was watching that match...and taking notes?

Back on RAW, Hacksaw Jim Duggan is in the ring confessing that he is contemplating retirement after his encounter with Team Priceless last week. Then Jerry Lawler gets in the ring and tells him that age means nothing in the WWE. As long as you have passion for the business, you can do this forever.

All of a sudden, the champs come out and try to talk down The King. But the King relives his days on David Letterman and slaps the taste out of Cody Rhodes' mouth. Following the altercation, JBL makes his way down to the ring for the six man tag match.

Third Bout: CTC defeats The Wrestling Frauds

As the bell rings, JBL pussies out of a fight with Cena and tags in Rhodes instead. Cena nails a takeover followed by a bulldog on Rhodes. Following a shoulder back toss, Cena brings in Shad who drops an elbow followed by Bridge Splash. DiBiase comes in and gets caught with a T-Bone Suplex.

Shad tags in JTG, but JBL comes in and assaults the younger member of Brother Brooklyn Brawler. Rhodes comes in and locks a bearhug on JTG. A series of tags keeps The Frauds in control. JBL comes in, followed by Rhodes and continues the pressure on JTG. DiBiase locks in the leg scissors, but JTG fights out and lands a standing dropkick.

After dodging a turnbuckle spear, JTG tags in Cena. The Chain Gang Soldier comes in and uncoils his fury on everyone in sight. As JBL sprints out of the arena, Cena finishes off the champs by picking both men up in the corner over his shoulders and dropping a double FU on them to pick up the win for CTC.

In the back, Jericho and Cade are leaving when they run into the Big Red Monster on the way out.

Fourth Bout: The Burchills defeat Mickie James and Kofi Kingston

The ladies start it off with a claw filled catfight. Paul tries to get involved, but gets slapped by Mickie and caught with a springboard cross body. As the ref tries to restore order, Paul uses a chop block to gain control. Kofi recovers long enough to allow Mickie to keep Katie from interfering.

On the outside, Paul yanks Mickie off of his sister and ducks a high kick from Kofi. Back in the ring, Burchill kicks Kofi in the ankle and drops him with the Chelsea Breaker to pick up the victory.

In the back, Jamie Noble continues to try to impress Layla, but he runs into an irate Batista. After a chokehold, Batista tells Noble to deliver a message to Kane: "Tell him that I'm looking for him."

Back on RAW, Todd Grisham interviews Punk and asks him why he would agree to a rematch with Batista tonight. Punk makes it clear that like Batista, he's not happy with the outcome of last night's match. JBL steps in and tells him that he will face Punk at Summerslam and become the next World Champion. But Punk steps in and tells him that if his reign will end, his first title defense victory came against..."You."

Back on RAW, we're informed that tomorrow night on ECW, John Morrison, The Miz, Finlay and Matt Hardy will battle to determine the man who will face Mark Henry for the ECW Championship at Summerslam. Also, Cole and The King inform us that the McMahon siblings are looking for a new GM for RAW. We also revisit the graphic footage of the match between Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho.

Fifth Bout: D'Lo Brown defeats Santino Marella

As the bell ring, Beth Phoenix makes her way down to the ring. D-Lo has complete control in this short match as he drops the D-Lo Leg Drop followed by the Sudden Impact. As Beth looks on, D-Lo hits the Lo Down to pick up a win in his return to the WWE.

Following the match, Beth and Santino are showing their technical sides. But after they get through with the foreplay, the two share a quick confusing kiss as Santino sprints out of the ring looking back at The Glamazon.

Main Event: Batista defeats CM Punk via Disqualification

Before the bell, Kane makes his way down to the ring and chokeslams Batista. But CM Punk runs in and makes the save. Following a shoving match between champion and challenger, it's clear that not even a chokeslam will keep Batista from this match.

Punk has a headlock applied but gets rocked by a shoulder block from Batista followed by a big boot. Punk counters into a neckbreaker and takes control in the corner. Batista tries to get control, but Punk uses a drop toe hold to keep the advantage. Batista powers out of a necklock and tosses Punk to the other side, but Punk uses a leg drop to keep control.

Punk has a crossface locked on, but Batista snapmares over only to get dropped with a neckbreaker. Punk has a rear naked choke applied but decides to use a knee lift instead to keep The Animal caged. Punk nails the knee lift and bulldog, but Batista kicks out!

Batista counters a springboard into a spinebuster. The Animal recovers and hits a clothesline followed by a spear. As the Animal goes for the kill, JBL comes in drops Batista with the Clothesline From Hell. After Punk gets sent outside, John Cena sprints down and gets some shots on JBL, but JBL ducks one huge shot that lands on Batista. Batista and Cena get into a slugfest until referees come in and separate the two as RAW goes off the air.

As Rowdy Roddy Piper said many moons ago: "Just when they think they have the answers, I change the questions."

Tune in for next week's RAW as Shane and Stephanie try to find someone tough enough and crazy enough to handle the dysfunctional family known as Monday Night RAW.