Chelsea – The Double Champions!!!

BlueChampions.ComCorrespondent IMay 15, 2010

The Champions just did that last piece of business. Chelsea have won the first double in their history. Carlo Ancelotti completes a dream season despite a premature champions league elimination. Some could be a bit disappointed with the thin scoreline. Let’s remember, Chelsea have just won the premier league last week. They may not even be done with their celebrations. It’s bloody hard to keep your focus when you’ve just become the champion and if you’ve to play a domestic final the next week. Also add the upcoming world cup in the mix, it’s a tough challenge.

Special mention to Pompey. They played well. Unlike Chelsea, for many weeks this is the only thing they had to play for. Having long been relegated, they had been preparing just to win this cup. They were many grades below Chelsea, in terms of ability but they showed real desire to win the match. Credit to Avram and Pompey.

What made it more difficult for us was also the quality of the pitch. The ball didn’t seem to roll properly. The pace and bounce of the ball was not true. Every now and then, our passes didn’t reach the destination because the weight of the pass had to be more because of the poor pitch. For a fantastic stadium such as Wembley, the pitch is such a shame. With a better pitch, we could have raced into a comfortable lead in the first half.

In the end, Chelsea were very deserving winners. In the commentary, they sounded as if a Boateng penalty would have won the cup for them. It would have given them the advantage but remember, they are playing the champions. If Boateng had scored it, you never know, a rampant Chelsea might have upped the gear and  decimated Portsmouth. Also, before Cech saved the penalty, Chelsea might have been already 4-0 up, if we had finished better. I can’t play football to save my life but I think I could slotted in the sitter that Kalou missed. It’s so hard to miss that and he did the impossible.

Lampard’s been so good all season that he has do stuff like missing a penalty just to show that the law of averages does exist. He played well enough to have got a brace by himself but he had contend only with the FA Cup trophy. I thought Malouda had a poor match and Anelka too. Alex and Ivanovic had my heart beat go up every now and then with their positioning. Drogba from that range and angle was always going to score that free kick. This weapon of his is something that his rivals don’t have. I hope Ballack’s injury is not a concern for his world cup plans. Ashley Cole, the six-time FA cup champion, is my man of the match today.

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John Terry is now the captain of the team that has won the double. He is the captain of the champions. He is in fine form. Rio cannot even make the team on his form and fitness. But still, John Terry will not captain his country at the world cup. The whole affair and the subsequent world cup axe are really very difficult setbacks. I’ve my full respect for JT to have come back from these downs and have championed twice this season. If I were the coach of the England team, I wouldn’t look beyond John Terry for the role of captaincy.

What a season this has been! I’m very very very very happy! If you know me, you know that I rate the premier league much much above the champions league. Which is why I’m very very very very happy. Now I can watch the rest of the football season at peace – la liga, serie a, champions league, world cup – I can watch these at peace now. In this kind of form, how do you think Chelsea would fare in the world cup? Okay then, relax, have fun, enjoy, celebrate, run around like mad people because . . .

We are the champions – my friends!
And we’ll keep on fighting – till the end . .
We are the champions!
We are the champions!
No time for losers . .
‘Cause we are the champions – of the world!


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