Dear Donovan McNabb: Apology Not Accepted

Scott Michael LeddyCorrespondent IMay 15, 2010

ARLINGTON, TX - JANUARY 9:  Quarterback Donovan McNabb #5 of the Philadelphia Eagles wipes his face from the sideline in the second quarter against the Dallas Cowboys during the 2010 NFC wild-card playoff game at Cowboys Stadium on January 9, 2010 in Arlington, Texas. (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Donovan McNabb is sorry he didn't win a Super Bowl in his 11 years with the Eagles organization.

Aren't we all.

In the latest news from McNabb's and the Birds' messy divorce, McNabb seemingly raises a white flag. Can't we all just get along?

Big No. 5 had been a lightning rod for criticism in "What-have-you-done-for-me-lately" Philadelphia throughout his 11-year tenure. Even though he won't be donning the green and white this season, he still refuses to keep his name out of the headlines.

Yes, I said it. The guy is a media whore.

McNabb has, admirably, faced his critics with a high-road approach. When attacked, he has defended himself calmly, rationally, and with a loping, goofy smile that every Eagles fan now associates with a line-drive five-yard pass to a wide-open patch of grass.

Now, McNabb just wants to air it out. Sorry, Philly. Sorry I didn't win you a Super Bowl. Is any player NOT sorry that he doesn't win Super Bowls?

On a local Philadelphia radio station, McNabb had this to say:

"I look back—the things that I set out that I wanted to accomplish and bring back to Philadelphia I wasn't able to, and I apologize more than anything to the people of Philadelphia, not bringing that Super Bowl to them."

McNabb, once again, has showed that he is a class act. But in this case, it's completely unwarranted.

Even if he really does feel bad—which I highly doubt—what is the upside for him by publicly announcing his guilt about not delivering the hardware to Philly?

Does he think that we won't blitz him in the two games the Eagles play against the Redskins, McNabb's new squad? Does he expect not to be booed by fans when he touches ground at Lincoln Financial Field on Nov. 4? 

What do you want, Donovan? Do you want us to say we're sorry too?

We're not.

Like a bad break-up, we've gotten beers with the guys, we threw out all your favorite DVDs, and we're scoping out new talent.

We're over it. You should be, too.

I think that McNabb is so accustomed to hearing his name dropped every five or six seconds in a different publication, whether it be in the form of a trade rumor, a scathing analysis by an ESPN official, or an off-hand comment from DeSean Jackson that everyone got way too upset over.

Donovan wants people talking about Donovan. 

Well guess what, you've got your wish. Now, instead of being the quarterback who couldn't make it happen, you're the quarterback who didn't make it happen and then apologized out of nowhere to a fan base that was, let's face it, fickle, unsupportive, and at times, downright cruel.

Now you just seem like a wuss.

There's no apologizing in football. We did you dirty, you should want to get revenge.

Man up.

Apology not accepted, you cannot come to our birthday parties.  


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