2010 NFL Draft: Top 150 Propsects Left After Day Two

Eric Galko@OptimumScoutingFeatured ColumnistApril 24, 2010

MIAMI GARDENS, FL - JANUARY 05:  Jonathan Dwyer #21 of the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets runs the ball against the Iowa Hawkeyes during the FedEx Orange Bowl at Land Shark Stadium on January 5, 2010 in Miami Gardens, Florida. Iowa won 24-14.  (Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images)
Doug Benc/Getty Images

There are still some big names on the board such as Bruce Campbell (18th on our board), Perrish Cox (21st), Eric Norwood (34th), and Dan LeFevour (third-rated QB on our board).

After falling unexpectedly, we’ll see where these guys will go in the final day of the draft, as well as how they stack up with other top prospects still available.

1. Bruce Campbell—OT—Maryland

Very surprised he's still on the board, someone should take a chance early.

2. Perrish Cox—CB—Oklahoma State

One of our favorites in this draft, he could be a dynamic cover-two cornerback.

3. Dan LeFevour—QB—Central Michigan

Our third-rated quarterback in this draft, teams may have passed on Clausen/McCoy for him.

4. Eric Norwood—OLB—South Carolina

Great blitzer off the edge, I felt he was a fringe first-round talent.

5. Corey Wooten—DE—Northwestern

Versatile defensive end, he fits best in a power, cover-two defense.

6. Arthur Jones—DT—Syracuse

Not as high as this on most boards, he's a complete tackle and should be a steal for whoever gets him.

7. Everson Griffin—DE—USC

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I wasn't a huge fan. But with his raw ability, I'm very surprised he's lasted this long.

8. Jeff Owens—DT—Georgia

One of the best, if not the best, nose tackles left. He was viewed as a second-rounder at one point.

9. Jonathan Dwyer—RB—Georgia Tech

Still a great power back. A team that missed on Gerhart or Hardesty could target Dwyer.

10. Donovan Warren—CB—Michigan

Another one of our favorites, Warren is a bit raw but could be a steal of a pick in rounds four or five.

11. Geno Atkins—DT—Georgia

12. Alterraun Verner—CB—UCLA

13. Aaron Hernandez—TE—Florida

14. Austen Lane—DE/OLB—Murray State

15. Anthony McCoy—TE—USC

16. Dekota Watson—OLB—Florida State

17. Jarrett Brown—QB—West Virginia

Could go early in round two to a few teams that passed on Clausen/McCoy

18. Andrew Quarless—TE—Penn State

19. Mardy Gilyard—WR—Cincinnati

20. Jacoby Ford—WR—Clemson

21. Anthony Dixon—RB—Mississippi State

22. John Skelton—QB—Fordham

A developmental QB with a strong arm, he should be coveted early in day two.

23. Dezmon Briscoe—WR—Kansas

24. Willie Young—DE/OLB—NC State

25. Ricky Sapp—DE/OLB—Clemson

26. Joe McKnight—RB—USC

27. Selvish Capers—OT—West Virginia

28. Brandon Lang—DE/OLB —Troy

29. Dennis Pitta—TE—BYU

30. Larry Asante—S—Nebraska

31. Matt Tennett—C—Boston College

32. Myron Rolle—S—Florida State

One of the more intriguing players, we'll see who, if anyone, takes a chance on him.

33. Vince Oghobaase—DT—Duke

34. Kurt Coleman—S—Ohio State

35. Dominique Franks—CB/S—Oklahoma

36. Jamar Wall—CB—Texas Tech

37. Riley Cooper—WR—Florida

38. Syd'Quan Thompson—CB—California

39. Greg Hardy—DE—Ole Miss

40. Stafon Johnson—RB—USC

41. Donald Jones—WR—Youngstown State

42. Kam Chancellor—S—Virginia Tech

43. Devin Ross—CB—Arizona

44. Perry Riley—OLB—LSU

45. Antonio Brown—WR—Central Michigan

46. Jevan Snead—QB—Ole Miss

47. Brandon Carter—OG—Texas Tech

48. Jeremy Williams—WR—Tulane

49. Stevenson Sylvester—OLB—Utah

50. Arthur Moats—DE/OLB—James Madison

51. Reshad Jones—S—Georgia

52. Trevard Lindley—CB—Kentucky

53. Boo Robinson—DT—Wake Forest

54. Brandon Minor—RB—Michigan

55. Freddie Barnes—WR—Bowling Green

56. Harry Coleman—S—LSU

57. James Starks—RB—Buffalo

58. Mike Williams—WR—Syracuse

59. Dexter Davis—DE/OLB—Arizona State

60. Darrell Stuckey—S—Kansas

61. George Selvie—DE/OLB—South Florida

62. Sam Young—OT—Notre Dame

63. LeGarrette Blount—RB—Oregon

64. Anaki Owusu-Ansah—CB—Indiana (PA)

65. Carlton Mitchell—WR—South Florida

66. Ryan Perrilloux—QB—Jacksonville State

One of our favorites, we'll see if a team takes a chance on him late.

67. Cameron Sheffield—DE—Troy

68. Robert Johnson—S—Utah

69. Doug Worthington—DT—Ohio State

70. David Gettis—WR—Baylor

71. Cam Thomas—DT—North Carolina

72. Micah Johnson—ILB—Kentucky

73. Marcus Easley—WR—Connecticut

Sources say he's highly coveted.  He could go early in day two.

74. AJ Edds—ILB—Iowa

75. Charles Scott—RB—LSU

76. Jason Fox—OT—Miami (FL)

77. Junior Gallette—DE/OLB—Stillman

78. Javaris James—RB—Miami (FL)

79. Danario Alexander—WR—Missouri

80. Rahim Alem—DE—LSU

81. Jason Beauchamp—OLB—UNLV

82. Garrett Graham—TE—Wisconsin

83. Lindsey Witten—DE—Connecticut

84. Justin Woodall—S—Alabama

85 Jaron Baston—DT—Missouri

86. Sergio Render—OG—Virginia Tech

87. CJ Wilson—DE—ECU

88. Naaman Roosevelt—WR—Buffalo

89. Derek Hardman—OT—Eastern Kentucky

90. Swanson Miller—DT—Oklahoma State

91. Blair White—WR—Michigan State

92. Kelaid Williams—RB—LSU

93. Brandon Deaderick—DE—Alabama

94. Darius Marshall—RB—Marshall

95. Walter Thurmond—CB—Oregon

96. Danny Batten—OLB/DE—South Dakota State

97. Ciron Black—OG—LSU

98. Jordan Lake—S—Baylor

99. Jamar Cheaney—ILB—Mississippi State

100. Colin Peek—TE—Alabama

101. Zac Robinson—QB—Oklahoma State

102. Brandon Gillebeaux—DT —Delaware

103. Thomas Austin—OG—Clemson

104. Albert McClellan—DE/OLB—Marshall

105. Josh McNeil—C—Tennessee

106. Sean Canfield—QB—Oregon State

107. Chris Bell—WR—Norfolk State

108. Chris Chancellor—CB—Clemson

109. Levi Brown—QB—Troy

110. Thaddeus Gibson—DE—Ohio State

111. Chris Carter—WR—UC Davis

112. James Ruffin—DE—Northern Iowa

113. Adam Ultoski—OT—Texas

114. Mike McLaughlin—ILB—Boston College

115. Tony Pike - QB—Cincinnati

Maybe he's a surprise to be this low, but I wouldn't be shocked if he goes undrafted.

116. Pat Simonds—WR - Colgate

117. Randy Phillips—S - Miami (FL)

118. Darryl Sharpton—ILB - Miami (FL)

119. Rodrick Muckleroy—OLB - Texas

120. Shay Hodge—WR - Ole Miss

121. Chris Brown—RB—Oklahoma

122. Michael Hoomanuwanui—TE—Illinois

123. Stephen Virgil—CB—Virginia Tech

124. Alex Joseph—ILB—Temple

125. EJ Wilson—DE—North Carolina

126. Bryan Anderson—WR—Central Michigan

127. Nate Overbay—TE—Eastern Washington

128. Mike Kafka—QB—Northwestern

129. Eric Moncur—DE—Miami (FL)

130. Clay Harbor—TE—Missouri State

131. Hall Davis—DE—UL Lafayette

132. Jon Estes—C—Hawaii

133. Ed Wang—OT—Virginia Tech

134. Ryan D'Imperio—ILB—Rutgers

135. Travis Ivey—DT—Maryland

136. Joique Bell—RB—Wayne State

137. Jeff Fitzgerald—DE—Kansas State

138. Prince Miller—CB—Georgia

139. Andre Neblett—DT—Temple

140. Credzan Butler—CB—Clemson

141. Ramone Harwood—OT—Morehouse

142. Chinso Echebelem—S—Tulane

143. Keenan Clayton—OLB—Oklahoma

144. O'Brien Schofield—DE—Wisconsin

145. Barry Church—S/OLB—Toledo

146. Josh Pinkard—S—USC

147. Marc Mariani—WR—Montana

148. Pat Paschall—RB—North Dakota State

149. Josh Moore—S—Kansas State

150. Mark Ortmann—OT—Michigan

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