NFL Draft 2010 Live Blog: 1st Round Recap and Reaction to Each Pick

Dylan MacNamara@@DylanMacNamaraSenior Writer IApril 22, 2010

Check out the Day 2 blog, here.

Dylan MacNamara here, Deputy NFL Editor of Bleacher Report and NFL Draft fanatic. I'll be here for the next three days breaking down each pick, offering analysis and candid reactions. Get involved in the discussion in the comments section below...On to Radio City Music Hall!

On the Clock: St. Louis Rams (Round 2) 

On Deck: Detroit Lions (Round 2) 

Best Available: Jimmy Clausen, Sergio Kindle


11:33 EST: Alright everyone, signing off. Super exciting day. Will make tomorrow really intriguing. Remember, I'll be here for every round, both tomorrow (5:30PM EST) and Saturday (9:30AM EST). Be sure to stop back...loved the discussion in the comments section. Hasta Manana!

11:24 EST: A lot of talent still on the board. Top guys: Jimmy Clausen, Sergio Kindle, Brandon Spikes, Terrence Cody, Brian Price, Bruce Campbell, Golden Tate...who am I missing?

11:17 EST: McDaniels is a creative offensive mind, so for Broncos fans' sake, I hope he can find effective ways to use him. 

11:15 EST: Initial thoughts on the losers: Not sure what Josh McDaniels and the Denver Broncos were doing. A lot of trades, with the net result being Tim Tebow? Regardless of how you feel about the guy, he would've been available at LEAST five picks later. 

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11:08 EST: Also think the Seahawks had an outstanding draft. Getting the highest graded OT, in Okung, along with the second best Safety in the class, Earl Thomas, was an absolute coup by Carroll and his staff. Great start for the Carroll era. 

11:07 EST: Have to say, that was one of the most hectic first rounds I've ever seen. The trades, the reaches, the free-falls...tons of activity. Initial reactions on winners and losers: LOVE the Lions draft. Getting Suh and a back who has the potential to be the best of the class in Jahvid Best. The Lions' nucleus is young, fast, and scary. Great job by them. 

11:04 EST: And the Draft ends with the Saints grabbing Patrick Robinson. Who dat? Great cover guy, not a great tackler. Loves to gamble, but can get burnt. Should step in as a Nickel/4th CB guy...

10:59 EST: Another good one from the Twitterverse: So Denver drafted Tim Tebow. FUN FACT: Invesco Field is closer to Heaven than any other NFL Stadium.  Props to Hammerito.

10:56 EST: Colts get Jerry Hughes with the 31st pick. Great pass rusher, will step in for Raheem Brock, who they lost. As Gruden noted on the air, Hughes is a lot like James Harrison. Still, surprised Sergio Kindle is still on the board...

10:53 EST: And Gruden drops a "Dumbass" bomb on the air. That'll be on Deadspin.com in about ten minutes. 

10:49 EST: Well, it would seen Clausen is officially out of the first round (unless someone makes a trade). Where does his slide rank among the all time draft day falls?

10:46 EST: Jahvid Best going to the Lions! One of my sleepers. Love Jahvid Best...great change of pace back. Calvin Johnson, Jahvid Best, Ndamukong Suh, and Matthew Stafford. Great nucleus. 

10:44 EST: Detroit trades up and grabs the Vikings pick. Clausen is out of the first round. Who are they targeting? Sergio Kindle?

10:42 EST: Bills desperately wanted Tebow. Will they make a play for Jimmy Clausen now? Wouldn't be that surprised if they traded back into the 1st round. Only three picks left to do it...

10:40 EST: Rex Ryan will blitz the house on nearly every play and let his DBs play man. Balls to the wall. 

10:37 EST: Kyle Wilson, officially heading to New York. Will add immediate value as a Returner...and as a Nickel corner. Have to give it to Rex Ryan...he has completely taken the spotlight off of the Giants. Hard Knocks will be awesome!

10:35 EST: Could Kyle Wilson be headed to the Jets? That's a ridiculous secondary...Cromartie, Revis, Wilson. Good luck, Tom Brady

10:31 EST: The Dolphins get great value with Jared Odrick. Great motor...good at both run stopping and pass rushing. He must also be psyched. Guy in his young 20's heading to South Beach as a NFL player. Not too shabby, Jared. 

10:26 EST: Patriots get one of the Draft's late risers, Devin McCourty. Ran a 4.38 at the Combine. Everyone forgot about Kyle Wilson. Sergio Kindle as well. 

10:23 EST: J. Lo severely disappointed the Dolphins didn't get Dan Williams. She said she wanted him on the Tonight Show. 

10:20 EST: Patriots back on the board, and Odrick is still available. Other names they could be looking at: Sergio Kindle, Brian Price. 

10:17 EST: Mort reporting that Dan Williams is headed to Arizona. They are ecstatic he's still there...they desperately need an interior d-lineman. Many mocked Williams to be gone by 12. 

10:15 EST: Latest poll...where will Jimmy Clausen end up? Minnesota at 30? Someone else in the first round, or another team in the second round?

10:10 EST: Our latest poll finished with 71% of you voting for Tim Tebow to be the most likely to drop to the second round. Woops!

10:08 EST: Twitter ablaze with "This is the worst first round pick of the decade." Mel Kiper referring to him as a H-Back. God I wish we could fast-forward seven years. 

10:06 EST: So, where does Tim Tebow fit in the Broncos offense? They have Brady Quinn, Kyle Orton. McDaniels is creative enough to find a place for him in the offense. And, he's "one big-time human being" according to John Gruden. 

10:05 EST: And the play of the day. Broncos move up to pick 25 and grab Tim Tebow. Unbelievable. By the way, Jimmy Clausen is still on the board. 

10:03 EST: Also, Kyle Wilson still on the board. All the hype before the draft was he could pass Joe Haden and be a top 10 pick. So much for that. 

10:01 EST: Jimmy Clausen is the new major storyline. His only chance to stay in the first round is Minnesota...maybe Arizona.

9:59 EST: Pretty huge development. Cowboys trade up and grab Dez Bryant. Definitely contradicts what the Cowboys have been saying about their future with Roy Williams. Does anyone fit the Cowboys as well as Dez Bryant?

9:56 EST: Patriots are a bit of a wildcard here. Could be Dez Bryant...my money is on PSU DT Jared Odrick. He's the best 3rd best DT of the draft class and could step also play some 3-4 DE. 

9:38 EST: Wow. Kareem Jackson selected by the Houston Texans. Kyle Wilson is still on the board. Wilson had some "medical red flags appeared during the evaluation process," according to Mort. 

9:33 EST: Is it time for the Tebow watch yet? And could Clausen fall all the way to number 30?

9:32 EST: Is it just me, or does this 1st round feel really quick? Lot of teams not using the full 10 minutes. Sean Weatherspoon is a Falcon. Solid "get" for them. They need a playmaking LB. 

9:30 EST: Pouncey brothers exchange a man kiss. Full lips. Thought I almost saw tongue. Wow. 

9:28 EST: Another O-lineman gets picked. Maurkice Pouncey is going to the Steel-City. They'll finally shore up that suspect offensive line (who is throwing the ball behind it is TBD). 

9:24 EST: As expected, Mike Iupati is heading to San Francisco. Pretty interesting stuff from Mike Singletary. We all know he loves to run the ball...looks like they'll take the ball out of Alex Smith's hands and rely on the run game. 

9:21 EST: Titans get their guy in Morgan. Word from Chris Mortenson is that the Niners are going to take M. Iupati. A Gaurd and an OT in the first round? Get ready for 350 carries, Frank. 

9:19 EST: Would have to think the Titans are going to grab Derrick Morgan here. They desperately need a DE, and it's pretty amazing he's fallen this far. 

9:17 EST: The Piere-Paul pick to New York almost certainly means Osi is on his way out. Wonder what the market will be for him out there? 3rd rounder? 

9:14 EST: And the New York Football Giants select Jason Pierre-Paul, who's hosting his draft party in what looks like an 18 and under club. Agent Drew Rosenhaus is there with him...and of course, brushed someone's hand out of the way who was blocking his face. Get that camera time, Drew!

9:08 EST: Funny tweet from Todd McShayved: "What's wrong with a 21 year old dude named Earl? Nothing. That's what"

9:04 EST: Earl Thomas is heading to the great Northwest. Great pick for the Seahawks. I'd say they are the early leaders for best first round. They got two impact starters who should both be Pro Bowlers.  

8:57 EST: Wow! Big surprise...I'm eating my words. Eagles grab Brandon Graham, not Earl Thomas. Graham was an absolute beast at the Senior Bowl...Eagles fans will love this guy. Highly productive and a super hard worker. 

8:52 EST: Philly moves up to number 13...the Broncos pick up two more third rounders. All signs point to the Eagles drafting Earl Thomas. Put it in the bank...Thomas is the next Brian Dawkins in Philly. 

8:51 EST: The Chargers get their RB to compliment Darren Sproles. Matthews is a big, physical, between-the-tackles runner with breakaway speed. The Chargers offense is stacked. Still think Matthews would've been available later on. 

8:50 EST: San Diego moves from 28 to 12. Are they going after Fresno Sate's Ryan Matthews? Would've thought he'd be available at 18, 19, or 20, at least. 

8:44 EST: And the 49ers take Anthony Davis. Described by B/R's Aron Glatzer as a mental wildcard. No one handles those guys better than Mike Singletary. This definitely fills a need for the Niners...should be a day one starter at RT. 

8:40 EST: First trade of the day! Niners move up two spots...flip-flop first rounders with Denver. Who are they going after? B/R office going nuts. Clausen in San Francisco? Please, God, No!

8:38 EST: Holy S#$%! Jacksonville Jaguars pull the upset of the day and "reach" for Tyson Alualau, the DT/DE from Cal. He was projected as an early 2nd rounder. Hopefully the Jaguars' brass know something we don't, otherwise people are getting fired. 

8:36 EST: Second poll of the evening is closed. You guys think Earl Thomas will be a better pro than Joe Haden, 65% or 35%. Interesting. Maybe will pan out that way, but Haden will definitely be richer. 

8:31 EST: Buffalo Bills get their pick in within two minutes. C.J. Spiller. Does that mean Marshawn is out the door? Philosophy here must've been instead of drafting a QB, surround Trent Edwards with as much talent as you can. 

8:29 EST: Rolando McClain to the Raiders in the first really bizarre pick of the day (would you expect it from anyone else?). Looks like McClain is having the best draft day of anyone they've shown so far...invited about 100 of his friends over. Things are definitely about to get weird over there. 

8:25 EST: Awesome haircut from Haden. What do you call that? A reverse mullet?

8:23 EST: Second crier of the day, Joe Haden. Heading to Cleveland. Him and Eric Wright combine for a pretty solid CB tandem. On a personal note, Eric Wright and I played on the same Pop Warner team, the San Francisco Seahawks. "Hey, You Know the Story, You Tell the Whole Wide World This is 'Hawks Territory..."

8:18 EST: Becoming pretty clear that Spiller is going to be the, "I'm coming after every team who passed on me" guy of 2010. He looks pissed. 

8:15 EST: Seahawks officially select Russell Okung. Seahawks can go for a skill player with their second pick of the first round. 

8:12 EST: Everyone reporting that the Seahawks are ecstatic that one of the two elite OTs falls to them at number six. Okung just picked up the phone. The face on his watch has the same circumference as the new Dr. Dre headphones. 

8:10 EST: Initial reactions from the K.C. Chiefs fans? Euphoria. The next Ed Reed will be roaming the secondary in K.C. for the next 12+ years...

8:07 EST: The B/R Content Team Mock Draft competition is heating up! Four people are five for five...opening day 49ers tickets are on the line!

8:05 EST: Eric Berry is on the phone and smiling. Enjoy the BBQ in K.C., Eric!

8:04 EST: And the first poll of the night is closed! Erin Andrews easily defeats Jenn Brown in the "Who would you want to host your draft day party" poll, 67% to 33%. I voted for Jenn...I find Erin really irksome on DWTS.

7:59 EST: The "most athletic" OT in the draft, Trent Williams, leapfrogs Russell Okung and gets taken 4th by the Washington Redskins. Okung and Williams will definitely be compared to each other throughout their careers. Happiest guy in DC right now is Donovan McNabb

7:55 EST: The first really intriguing pick of the night. The rumor over the last several days is that Shanahan loves Trent Williams, the Oklahoma OT. 

7:52 EST: And we have the first tears of the night! 'Attaboy Gerald. Mr. McCoy is heading to Tampa Bay. Rocking the glasses, Gerald looks like he's about 31 years old. On a serious note, McCoy is a great fit in Tampa's defense. He'll get after the QB from day one.  

7:46 EST: Suh going to Detroit. Kiper raving about him...called him the best DT of the last 25 years, save Cortez Kennedy. The "Hair's" hyperbole is downshifting into 4th gear. 

7:43 EST: The first real question of the draft, Suh or McCoy. Suh is on the phone...looks like he'll be the guy. If Matt Millen was still in charge, who would the Lions be drafting? How many Division II Kickers are still on the board? 

7:42 EST: Also of note...Sam had a pretty dapper suit. I dug it. Guy obviously has a good tailor. A-. 

7:38 EST: Trade didn't happen, and Sam Bradford is the first pick of the 2010 NFL Draft. The St. Louis Rams get their franchise QB (they hope). Now the interesting question: Will Bradford get $50 million in guaranteed money?

7:33 EST: Important business before the Rams get on the clock...Erin Andrews is beating Jenn Brown in our first poll, 62% to 38%!

7:28 EST: ESPN's Michael Smith reporting that the Browns still trying to trade up to number one to grab Sam Bradford. According to Smith, they are willing to give up most of this year's draft AND next year's draft. Browns' Mike Holmgren and Rams' Bill Devaney were on the phone less than 15 minutes ago...

7:24 EST: Sam Bradford is a done deal to St. Louis, but is Ndamukong Suh definitely the number two pick? Lots of scouts love Gerald McCoy's pass rush ability. My thinking is you have to take the sure thing at number two...go with Suh. If it was the second round, then maybe take a "risk" on the player with the superior pass rush skills. 

7:22 EST: Jimmy Clausen's grandparents need to update that living room furniture, yesterday. Zing!

7:16 EST: Who had the best entrance in the legends introduction lineup? I'd have to go with Jim Brown...had a nice lean to his step, cane and all. 

7:08 EST: Jenn Brown was given the Colt McCoy draft party assignment. Is our first poll brewing? Who would you rather have cover your draft party: Erin Andrews or Jenn Brown?

7:04 EST: Jimmy Clausen decided not to go to Radio City Music Hall. Probably a smart move. Not because he won't get drafted in the first round, but because ESPN sent Erin Andrews to cover his draft party. 

6:58 EST: Couldn't believe the flurry of rumors that got thrown around today. Jimmy Clausen slipping to 30, the Rams trading the first pick, Big Ben getting traded to Oakland, Demaryius Thomas getting picked before Dez Bryant, and the Bills and Broncos trading down in the first round to make a run at Tim Tebow. All of these fluff or fact? We will know soon enough...

6:51 EST: We're 38 minutes away from the Rams being on the "official" clock. There have been rumors all day that the Redskins might make a play for Sam Bradford, though nothing substantial has materalized so for. Still, something worth keeping an eye on over the next 45 minutes. 

6:38 EST: Greetings from the Bleacher Report Draft War Room. After months of workouts, evaluations, and speculation, it's finally time to see where the top draft prospects will land. 

Todd McShay and Mel Kiper Jr. are already at each other's necks on ESPN ("That's fiiiiiiiine, Todd!).

We've had our first horrible suit sighting on the red carpet (C.J. Spiller's tie knot is as big as my 15 year old brother's head).

It must be draft time! 

So sit back, relax, and spend the next five or so hours with me as we track one of the most intriguing drafts of the last fifteen years...