First Round Disaster: The "Worst Case" Draft Scenario for Denver Broncos Fans

Reid BrooksAnalyst IApril 17, 2010

GAINESVILLE, FL - OCTOBER 25:  Maurkice Pouncey #56 of the Florida Gators lines up in a game against the Kentucky Wildcats at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium on October 25, 2008 in Gainesville, Florida.  (Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)
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There has been a lot of speculation about what the Broncos could do with the eleventh overall pick.

While most of the scenarios are plausible, and frankly, pretty good... at least one is absolutely, down-right bad for Denver.

Now before I go on, obviously something else crazy could happen—it is possible that Al Davis hacks into the Denver draft system and starts making selections for the Broncos.  If that were to happen, we would probably take Taylor Mays as the No. 11 pick. 

That would be the absolute worst case scenario.

However, I'm only taking into consideration probable draft scenarios.

There have been three or four players who have received ample speculation for the Broncos selection.

First, I'll tackle Dez Bryant, primarily because I, like many Broncos fans, don't want him.  I'll admit I am biased against Bryant and would not be particularly pleased if we drafted him, but I can't justifiably claim Bryant isn't worth the eleventh overall pick.

I don't think he is going to be available by then, but if he is, that isn't a bad choice for a team that just traded away Brandon Marshall.

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The better option, which has been suggested by many scheming fans across the internet, is that we trade the eleventh pick in that situation to a team like the Steelers for their first, plus material, and let them take Bryant. Then, we could draft someone like Maurkice Pouncey.

I'm even OK with that; Pouncey is definitely the best center in the draft. He would likely be a bolster to an already very strong O-line and have a very long, important career in Denver.

I don't see Pouncey as an impact player or as the biggest splash available for a team that has traded away its two best players these last two seasons. However, at 18, he would be a solid pick up, and we could certainly use the extra material (I'd hope for another second round pick).

Then we have the defensive studs that the Broncos are rumored to be targeting.  Primarily, Rolando McClain and Dan Williams.

Both of these guys are the best players in the draft at their respected positions and fulfill immediate need for Denver.  If either of them are available at No. 11, we would be lucky to snag them. At least one should be, and personally, that is the guy I think we should go with.

If we can complete this defense with McClain or Williams, there is a very high probability we will have a top-five unit next year, and that may be our best chance at contending behind an Kyle Orton helmed offense.

The worst case scenario though, my dear, fellow-Broncoholics, is that we lose sight of the immediate impact we could gain from a slightly bolstered defense, and we reach.

If there is no one willing to make a trade for the eleventh pick so that we can move back, and coach Josh McDaniels has locked in on Pouncey, then passing on a guy like Dan Williams for Pouncey is our worst case scenario.

Pouncey is a great player, but taking him with the eleventh overall selection is quite simply bad draftsmanship. There are other, better players who will be available that fit positions we need.

If we were a team eyeing the Super Bowl and the last piece of the puzzle was a center, I could understand it.

But we're going to have a great offensive line next year with or without him.

I don't see a relationship between Pouncey and Orton developing that could even possibly be what Jeff Saturday and Peyton Manning are to the Colts, so whats the rush?

Where is the immediate impact?

It would just complicate things even more for a team that seems to lack offensive direction.

That pick is my greatest fear for this draft, but, McDaniels clearly operates on his own playing field.

Last year, Knowshon Moreno came out of nowhere. Alphonso Smith was also a shock.

But at least Moreno was a skill player valued at that position in the draft. It was understandable and added excitement to a team that had just traded Jay Cutler.

If McDaniels finds the nerve to pass on McClain or Williams to draft Pouncey at No. 11, I can guarantee you I won't be the only one throwing the remote through my TV.