How To Save Big East Football : Part Two

Phutger GoinContributor IApril 16, 2010

     In our last segment we talk about some of the teams that could help out Big East Football. The four team that were mentioned UCF, East Carolina, Marshall, Miami of Ohio would help the conference and a couple more were suggested Memphis and Southern Miss. Now the second part to this topic has a slight twist to it. Its a harder path, but in time it could help the conference.

     Let's begin. How about the NCAA treat certain teams like they did with UConn a few years back when they made UConn play division 1-A football instead of 1-AA football because all of there other school sports were division 1-A except for football. That's right, here is a couple of 1-AA schools that can make that leap to big time football in the Big East.

     Villanova Wildcats - The Wildcats would be the first team to add to Big East Football. First and formost they are a charter member of the Big East. They are somewhat a powerhouse at the division 1-AA, making a stable stay in the playoffs and being in the Philly market they could definately be a big boost in television. They are in the same area as Temple so they could share Lincoln Financial Field with them, just when one play at home, the other plays on the road.

     Georgetown Hoyas - The Hoyas are another charter member of the Big East. They may not be as good as Villanova but if you are from the Northeast, you'll know that that in basketball the big rivalry is Syracuse-Georgetown and it would translate to a good rivalry in football. There are two places the Hoyas can play and get the Washington DC market. They have a choice of FedEx Field (I'm sure Daniel Snyder would mind some extra money) or at Raven Stadium.

     UMass Minutemen - Even though the Minutemen aren't a Big East team, the Minutemen has a rivalry in baketball with UConn Huskies and by them being about a half hour away from East Hartford where the Huskies play that basketball rivalry can easily translate to football hate. For UMass to make that leap they would have to expand there stadium to division one minimum which I believe is 30,000 seats, till then they could probably work something out with UConn to use the field on there road game until the expantion is done. They are an average team in 1-AA football, but they are an up and coming team.

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     Appalachian State Mountaineers - This one is a tricky one. The Mountaineers are a 1-AA powerhouse. They proven they could beat a 1-A school ask Michigan. They already have 1-A talent and definately can make that transition without any glitches. There stadium almost meet division 1-A minimum so that have minimal expansion. Here is the tricky part, they are not in a big market but then again what about Morganstown. The Mountaineers would make a nice addition to Big East Fooball.

    Other teams that you can consider instead of the four that I mention that could help Big East Football. Here are some honorable mentions:

     Northeastern Huskies

      James Madison Dukes

      Richmond Spiders

      William & Mary Braves

      Old Dominion Monarchs

      New Hampshire Wildcats


     Let me know what you think about this idea or any other schools in 1-AA and why you think they might help Big East Football. Looking forward to see what everyone thinks.



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