Donovan McNabb To Redskins? Eagles' Slide Continues

Randy SavoieAnalyst IIApril 6, 2010

I was in Washington, D.C. a couple of weeks ago on business.

You know your company may be trying to phase you out when they ask you to go to D.C. to meet with congressmen and senators.

So, I was very depressed by the time I landed at Reagan National as you can imagine.

The same weekend as the healthcare vote...just wandering around and snapping photos of protestors hurling insults at congressmen walking into the Capitol Building...because that's just what you do when you're in Washington...take photos of the monuments and take photos of protesters...

One of those irate protesters asked me who I was and why I was snapping pictures of him, at which point I became very fearful he may attack me right there in front of those Fox and CNN cameras.

What would my employer think if I got beaten to a pulp on national television?

And, so, though I am a man of little or no conviction these days—a chameleon really—I began hurling insults at congressmen as well to fit in...to be liked...and to avoid possible attack.

Vote no to socialized medicine you communist! Wait until November! You'll be on the unemployment line you pinko!

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After growing tired of this bullshit, I walked over to Union Station and started talking football with the kid working at the D.C. Sports Shop.

We talked about the Saints and, of course, given Washington's close proximity to the Eastern media elite who hates the Saints with a f**kin' passion, it came as no surprise that the kid thought the Saints won because, "Manning had an off day or something."

Being fatigued from all that healthcare protesting, I nodded my head just to be polite.

To his credit, the kid said nice things about Brees and the Saints offense and gave credit to Gregg Williams. The kid remembered Williams from his days as defensive coordinator of the Redskins.

Then, we started talking about the Washington Redskins and Mike Shanahan and what he would do with Jason Campbell, and even though I fervently believe Shanahan is a poor talent evaluator, I told the kid, "You guys finally got a guy who can evaluate talent. You guys may be next season's Saints."

The kid smiles and shakes his head.

"You really think so, sir?"

Although I don't actually believe a word of what I just told him, those healthcare protestors have worn me down...have convinced me to go with the flow in the nation's capital.

When in Rome do as the Romans do! Or do as the Redskins do!

This definitely ain't Saints country and I bleed easily and, as a result, I avoid confrontation as much with extreme diligence. 

On Sunday evening, word broke that the Philadelphia Eagles did something very perplexing or just plain stupid. They traded Donovan McNabb to the Washington Redskins—a team in their own division. They traded away their best QB to a division rival and they didn't even get a first-round pick in exchange.

Recent history—take Brett Favre for example—indicates McNabb will have a rather large chip on his shoulder when he faces his former team this season.

Sources say Andy Reid wanted McNabb back for another year but was voted down by an organization that is committed to a youth movement, resulting in a mass exodus of players 30-plus in Philly since season's end.

Some in the media are saying the Eagles must not fear McNabb all that much if they traded him to a team they have to face twice a year. These are the same media elite who said there was no way in hell Michael Vick would be back in Philadelphia next year.

The same assholes who said the Saints would never get past the Cardinals or the Vikings or the Colts.

That kid in the sports shop is probably smiling tonight and who the f**k knows what will happen? At first glance it looks like the rich got poorer and the poor got richer in keeping with the current political philosophy in Washington these days.

Kevin Kolb is no McNabb and neither is Vick.

I told the kid goodbye that day.

Told him that if the Saints can do it so can his Redskins.

Then picked up my "F**K Healthcare" sign and rejoined my new friends in the Tea Party.

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