Tiger Woods' "Interviews" Were More Like Infomercials!

David PaisieContributor IIMarch 28, 2010

FARMINGDALE, NY - JUNE 22:  Tiger Woods looks on from the 14th tee during the continuation of the final round of the 109th U.S. Open on the Black Course at Bethpage State Park on June 22, 2009 in Farmingdale, New York.  (Photo by Ross Kinnaird/Getty Images)
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Tiger Woods gave two "interviews" last Sunday, March 21.  One was granted to ESPN and the other to the Golf Channel. 

ESPN selected Tom Rinaldi as the interviewer.  The Golf Channel selected Kelly Tilghman. 

In my opinion, these were not true interviews—not by a long shot.  

These "interviews" came across to me like infomercials, and it appeared to me that everything was scripted in these Tiger "interviews."

As most people know, infomercials attempt to come across like they are true interviews, but I think most people realize they are not. 

Unfortunately, I don't think most people realize Tiger filmed two infomercials last Sunday because they were aired in prime time, unlike most infomercials, and the interviewers were known—again unlike most infomercials.   

Unfortunately, I would bet anything that the questions and subject matter that would be asked or touched upon were known ahead of time or were directly dictated by the Tiger Woods' team of PR hacks.   

Why do I say the questions/subject matters were known ahead of time? 

Because Tiger answered every question without any real hesitation or any real noticeable pause either before or during the answering of the questions.   

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If you are in a true interview setting (i.e., where you don't know what is going to be asked) there are pauses and hesitations before answering a question or while answering a question. There was none of that in these so called "interviews."

In both "interviews," Tiger certainly had a "canned" answer ready for every question.  He basically gave the same answer to similar questions in both "interviews."

To be fair to ESPN and the Golf Channel, Tiger may have been ultra-prepared.  But, unfortunately, it appeared to me that something else was going on beyond Tiger being well prepared. 

As big of a control freak that Tiger appears to be, there is no way, in my mind, Tiger would agree to grant these "interviews" without knowing exactly what questions/subject matters would be asked or touched upon. 

It amazes me more news outlets haven't touched upon this matter of basically fake interviews, but when there is a dollar to be made, these things tend to not be discussed, right? 

Certainly, some really tough questions were not asked.  This certainly helped lead me to believe these were not real interviews. 

The following four questions, in my opinion, should have been asked and were not:

1) Why did Tiger feel the need to deny using performance enhancing drugs in his 13 1/2 minute statement given in February? 

2) What treatment or medicine did Tiger receive from Dr. Anthony Galea (the Canadian doctor who was arrested by federal authorities for having his assistant bring illegal drugs, including HGH, into the U.S.)?

3) Why did Tiger choose a Canadian doctor, not licensed to practice in the U.S., to come to his Orlando home to administer "blood spinning" treatment when there are plenty of U.S. doctors who offer the same treatment? 

4) Has Tiger been contacted by the federal authorities to give a statement on your relationship with Dr. Galea? (Please note: recently, many pro athletes have been asked to do so, including Alex Rodriguez). 

The four questions listed above get to the heart of something that impacts Tiger's performance in the sport he plays and not one was asked. They should have been and would be in a real interview. 

I find it odd that they were not asked, but I am not surprised. Tiger is the golden calf of golf and neither ESPN nor the Golf Channel is going to give him a real hard interview. 

Both ESPN and the Golf Channel have an interest in helping Tiger rehabilitate himself, right? 

ESPN carries a lot of golf, including the first two rounds of the Masters golf tournament.

The Golf Channel depends heavily on Tiger. They need him back without a doubt.   

To CBS' credit, even though they carry a lot of golf, including the last two rounds of the Masters golf tournament, they choose to not be a part of this fraud put on by Tiger and his team of PR hacks. 

CBS probably didn't want to be limited to what they could ask and thus decided to walk away. 

A lot of people were amazed CBS walked away from the chance to "interview" Tiger.  They said, "What a ratings bonanza it would be!" I guess these people don't care about integrity or honesty, huh? Only money matters, right?

With regard to the choice of interviewers, Kelly Tilghman is a "friend" of Tiger Woods, based on what was said by Tiger's team when she made the lynching comment back in 2008. I would hope most would agree she was a odd choice for an important interview. 

One would think the Golf Channel would want to use someone that wouldn't appear to be so bias, right?

But, I would not be surprised that Tiger and his team of hacks didn't demand it be Kelly.  Maybe the Golf Channel didn't have a choice if they wanted the opportunity with Tiger? 

I must admit, it amazes me how many people fell for what went on last Sunday.  Certainly, a large part of the media bought it, hook, line, and sinker!

Don't people realize that it all is just part of Tiger and his management team's master plan to get him back playing and also try to get him looked upon favorably by the public? 

In my opinion, people need to question more what gets reported by the mainstream media. Basically, people need to wake up and stop being so gullible!

People need to think what interest does the mainstream medium have in presenting a story a certain way. 

Well, Tiger's PR machine marches on and, unfortunately, too many people are buying what they are trying to sell, including "interviews" that are really infomercials.

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