Analyzing the 2010 Incoming Freshmen: Quarterbacks

Joe at CollegeFootballGeek.comCorrespondent IMarch 24, 2010

by Sean Dujay—CollegeFootballGeek.com contributing writer

CFG’s recruiting guru, Sean Dujay, takes a close look at the latest batch of incoming freshman quarterbacks and outlines who has the best chance to make an early fantasy impact.

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Jake Heaps (BYU)

Far and away the best true freshman fantasy QB option for 2010.  VHT with an immediate opportunity in a proven fantasy-friendly system with a great coach and already impressing at Provo.  The only thing to be wary about other than Riley Nelson, at this point, is when he might take his LDS mission.  I think Heaps beats out Nelson before the season even starts, and even if he doesn’t it won’t be long. 

Tyler Bray (Tennessee)

There is an opportunity with the departure of Jonathon “straight outta” Crompton and there is definitely talent at the skill positions (especially with the signing of VHT Da’Rick Rogers and three other highly-touted athletes at WR). However, this is still the SEC and for all of Bray’s talent he’ll face some of the best defenses in the country week in and week out. 

Combine the SEC schedule with a typically daunting out-of-conference slate and you have a recipe for disaster for 999,999 true freshman QBs.  Here’s hoping Tyler is one in a million.  He is already enrolled which gives him an edge, but he has to beat out Phil Simms' son Matt (a Louisville transfer), who is no slouch himself.

Sean Mannion (Oregon St.)

He’ll have to beat out Ryan Katz and Peter Lalich, but if he wins the job he’ll put up some decent numbers with the weapons they have on offense in the wide open Pac-10.  Coach Riley has a proven track record with QBs, but especially in their second year under him, which means that Mannion might still be a year away.

Nathan Sorenson/Johnny Deaton (Oklahoma St.)

Many have anointed Brandon Weeden as the starting QB for the Cowboys (Cate left the program), but I’m not sold just yet and Sorenson or Deaton have just as good a chance to win the job with a new OC in town. Temper your enthusiasm just a bit with Okie St.’s offense this year because it’s impossible to replace a Dez Bryant.

Peter Thomas (Colorado St.)

Again, anytime I see a VHT go to a smaller school (granted the MWC isn’t exactly the Sun Belt) I take notice.  He has a great chance to start right away and Colorado St. added a few other studs in this year’s class, too.  The problem is that they are still Colorado St. and lose both Rashaun Greer and Dion Morton at wide out along with four seniors on the O-Line.  This will not be a smooth transition, but he could put up numbers to build on in years to come.

Jeffrey Godfrey (UCF)

Brynn Harvey’s return should ensure that UCF’s starting QB gets quite a few one-on-one matchups on the outside, and we all know how wide open Conference USA is. The problem is, George O’Leary has always run a rather conservative, run first, pro-style offense and tries to win games with defense; however, the D loses a lot of senior starters so UCF may have to open it up more next year, which is good news for fantasy owners. Also, the OC, Charlie Taaffe, has a CFL background, which is a passing league due to its three-down system, and the Knights return most of their top WRs.

Eddie Sullivan (Marshall)

If Willie Korn (Clemson transfer) is eligible immediately that changes everything.  Also, a fellow named AJ Graham, a former Florida Mr. Football, could be in the mix; however, in a small pond, Sullivan could put up some big numbers.  He is undersized though, which means throwing lanes will be a problem at the next level when he remains in the pocket (affecting mostly shorter timing routes), and his video footage is not very impressive.


Trevor Siemian (Northwestern), Jake Medlock (FIU), Mike Perish (Western Michigan), Austin Hinder (Cal), Steve Kaiser (SMU), Chandler Whitmer (Illinois),  Sean Robinson (Purdue), Luke Woodley (Louisville), Andrew Manley (NMSU), Ryan Williams (Memphis), Caleb Watkins (Bowling Green)

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