2010 NFL Draft: Two Round Mock Draft with Analysis

Danny Flynn@FlynnceptionSenior Analyst IMarch 19, 2010

GLENDALE, AZ - DECEMBER 27:  Head coach Steve Spagnuolo of the St. Louis Rams shouts instructions during the game with the Arizona Cardinals on December 27, 2009 at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona.  The Cardinals won 31-10.  (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)
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As the NFL Draft approaches, the mock drafts are going to start popping up everywhere at a fever pace. At this point in time here is how I feel the first two rounds could possibly play out.

The possibilities and scenarios are almost infinite. We still don't have an idea who will be the top pick. Steve Spagnuolo is probably an ornery person right now trying to figure out just who exactly the Rams should go with at the top spot.

Here is how I see it playing out.

Round One

1. St. Louis Rams: Quarterback – Sam Bradford – Oklahoma

This may simply come down to being a pick based on circumstance. Bradford is certainly not the most talented player in the draft but he plays the premier position in the game.

Franchise quarterbacks are not exactly raining from the skies these days. If the Rams feel that Bradford has the capabilities to become one then they would be hard pressed to pass on him.

Ndamukong Suh and Gerald McCoy may very well become Pro Bowl caliber forces and Sam may never match their greatness. However, giving a number one paycheck to a defensive tackle, a position whose impact pales in comparison to that of a QB, could be a tough proposition.

With Sam Bradford, The Rams can finally have a true face of the franchise that they have been sorely lacking since the departure of Kurt Warner years ago.

2. Detroit Lions: Defensive Tackle – Ndamukong Suh – Nebraska

If Bradford does indeed end up going No. 1 overall, the logical scenario would be that Suh and McCoy would follow.

Who ends up going two and who ends up going three will be up to the Lions discretion.

Jim Schwartz and the Lions front office will take a good hard look at both these young men over the course of the next month.

We should get a clearer picture of who Detroit is focusing in on as the draft draws closer. Right now the edge would seem to be in Suh’s favor, but things can always change.

3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Defensive Tackle – Gerald McCoy – Oklahoma

The Bucs seem to be sitting pretty at No. 3. They can probably end up with a player who you could make the case has the highest upside in the draft, Gerald McCoy.

It helps that defensive tackle is one of the top need positions for this team. The quicker McCoy could fit perfectly into Raheem Morris’ Cover Two zone package.

If McCoy and Suh are somehow both off the board it could spell trading time for the Bucs.

The addition of Sean Jones at the safety position all but eliminates the need for Eric Berry of Tennessee.

Plus, the club seems to have a good amount of faith in young left tackle, Donald Penn, so it would seem Russell Okung would be unlikely here.

If the McCoy/Suh 1-2 doomsday scenario does play out then look for Tampa to trade down with a team in the lower part of the Top Ten who could use the services of quarterbacks Jimmy Clausen or Sam Bradford.

4. Washington Redskins: Quarterback – Jimmy Clausen – Notre Dame

The new Allen/Shanahan regime could mean that Jason Campbell’s days as Redskins starting quarterback are numbered.

New coaches and GMs frequently want to have their type of players on the team and that starts with the central figure: the quarterback.

Campbell, a somewhat puzzling selection from the get go, never materialized into the true franchise QB the Redskins envisioned. He certainly wasn’t the only problem with the team, but he didn’t seem to help matters much during tough times.

Reshaping this floundering franchise around a young fresh face like Clausen could be the way to go.

Things did not work out for Mike Shanahan in Denver with Jay Cutler. It is for that reason that he could be somewhat gunshy about giving it a go with another rookie signal caller. With Campbell still on board, Clausen will have time to be groomed though.

If the club did actually think they have a future with Jason Campbell then Russell Okung, offensive tackle, from Oklahoma State would probably be the selection here. The retirement of long time tackle Chris Samuels leaves a glaring hole on the left side.

Okung would be a good enough fit in Shannahan’s zone running system.

5. Kansas City Chiefs: Safety – Eric Berry - Tennessee

This is a pick that would probably come down to two players: Russell Okung and Eric Berry.

The selection of Okung would allow Brandon Albert to kick inside where he may be better suited.

However, the case can be made that to get a leader of Eric Berry’s caliber at a need position just might be too hard to pass up. Berry is the type of player that could come in and be the catalyst for Romeo Crennel’s defense from the first practice.

6. Seattle Seahawks: Offensive Tackle – Russell Okung – Oklahoma State

If the top five played out as such, Pete Carroll and the Seahawks would probably be pretty happy.

That’s because the franchise left tackle they desperately need would fall right into their laps in the form of Russell Okung. Okung has the look and feel of a guy you can stick on the end for the next ten years.

The feeling around Seattle is that new offensive coordinator, Greg Knapp, should be able to get one or two quality years out of the aging Matt Hasselback. This could alleviate the need to draft a young QB like Jimmy Clausen early on in the draft this year.

The addition of Charlie Whitehurst is also something to factor in slightly.

Seattle could potentially wait for the 2011 draft when Mr. Washington, Jake Locker, is available. Locker would be a favorite among Seattle fans as Hasselback’s ultimate successor.

Carroll knows the great potential of Jake Locker. He saw it first hand as he toppled the Trojans this past year, something that Jimmy Clausen was never able to accomplish.

Although what’s going to happen in future draft won’t factor heavily into the decision making this year; it could potentially be something in the back of the front office’s mind.

7. Cleveland Browns: Wide Receiver – Dez Bryant – Oklahoma State

It’s no secret that Eric Mangini and the Browns organization were putting strong consideration into drafting Michael Crabtree last season. That is until Crabtree showed his true “Diva” colors and poor attitude on his visit with the Browns.

After Crabtree’s drawn out holdout from the San Francisco 49ers, it would seem that Mangini read the situation correctly.

The Browns eventually opted to pass on the prima donna and trade their top five pick to the Jets in order to move back in Round One and select center Alex Mack.

What they also came away with last year were two solid yet inconsistent WRs in Round Two: Mohamed Massaquoi and Brian Robiskie.

The two youngsters look like they can be effective contributors for the Browns in the future, especially Massaquoi, but neither looks the part of a true No. 1 WR.

That would leave the door open for Dez Bryant to be a likely candidate for the Cleveland Browns selection at number seven.

Before you can have a franchise QB you need to have both a solid offensive line and a solid receiving corps in place.

The nucleus of Bryant, Massaquoi, Cribbs, and Robiskie should provide a great opportunity for whoever the Browns choose to lead their franchise in the future.

8. Oakland Raiders: Offensive Tackle – Anthony Davis – Rutgers

Now it gets interesting.

If you look past Anthony Davis’ recent transgressions and setbacks you’ll see a Top 10 player with franchise left tackle ability. With that said, it is certainly no secret his stock has taken a dip with a number of teams around the league as of late.

I for one am a firm believer that Mario Henderson has the athleticism to survive on the left side. Nonetheless, when you’ve invested so much in your quarterback, merely surviving on the left side may not be good enough.

A tackle like Davis would be an upgrade and provide some needed protection for JaMarcus Russell.

For all the flack Russell has taken so far, let’s be honest, he doesn’t exactly have the Great Wall of China in front of him. Some solid protection up front may finally allow JaMarcus to play up to his capabilities.

I may be in the minority but I don’t think this team is as far off as some would try to make it seem. There is both young and experienced talent sprinkled across the board in Oakland but there are also some holes to fill. A piece like Davis could be a solid move and go a long way into help restoring the pride back into this Franchise.

I sure hope Anthony Davis is the pick so all these “hilarious” mock drafters can finally stop with their cliché played out workout warrior jokes. OK, we get it. Come up with something fresh guys, please.

No, Jason Pierre-Paul is not going to be the pick.

No, Bruce Campbell is not going to be the pick.

No, Taylor Mays is not going to be the pick.

It’s enough already. It’s done. We’re good.

9. Buffalo Bills: Offensive Tackle – Bryan Bulaga – Iowa

The Buffalo Bills are another team in need of a left tackle. Luckily for them they have a Top 10 pick in a year when there are four or five solid ones available.

Adding Bulaga to a line with a strong young interior core highlighted by second year players Andy Levitre and Eric Wood would be a great move for the Bills organization.

This would give the Bills a solid young front for the foreseeable future.

The Bills are never afraid to do something unorthodox early on in the draft. They could throw conventionalism out the window with this selection and you could very well see a Donte Whitner-like surprise again this year.

10. Jacksonville Jaguars: Defensive End – Jason Pierre-Paul – South Florida

Aaron Kampman is a start but he’s hardly the steadfast final answer for a team that could muster a measly 14 sacks last year.

The Jags would consider themselves lucky if they can get anything out of Derrick Harvey and Quentin Groves doesn’t seem to be much to write home about either.

Adding Pierre-Paul, who many feel can bring a Jevon Kearse-like impact, to the fray would be a quality move for Jacksonville.

If owner Wayne Weaver does indeed keep his word then the Jaguars will stay true to their board. That would put Pierre-Paul right around here as far as value goes.

The “one year wonder” tag is a minor concern but his potential is hard to downplay.

The fans may want Tim Tebow but the Jags front office needs to what is right to build a quality winner for the city.

11. Denver Broncos: Linebacker – Rolando McClain - Alabama

The seemingly imminent departure of talented but disgruntled WR Brandon Marshall will leave a gaping hole for this Broncos offense.

It is a hole that may only be able to be filled by Dez Bryant.

In order to draft Bryant the Broncos may have to trade up a few spots, which is something that might not be in Josh McDaniels nature. A Belichick disciple, McDaniels knows that the value in the draft is usually in trading back not up.

Therefore coach McDaniels could be content with staying at eleven or maybe even moving back into Round One if Bryant is off the board.

If the Broncos do stay, a nice consolation prize would be the most talented linebacker in the draft: Rolando McClain.

In the Broncos 3-4 defense, McClain would be a good sidekick to D.J. Williams and a nice replacement for the departed Andra Davis.

The Broncos went linebacker in Round One last year with the selection of Robert Ayers, another SEC product. It was a selection that was met with mixed results.

McClain looks to be a sturdier and safer pick though and should pay immediate dividends for the team that selects him.

12. Miami Dolphins: Wide Receiver – Golden Tate – Notre Dame

The conundrum for Bill Parcells, Jeff Ireland, and the Dolphins arises with the nose tackle position.

Dan Williams from Tennessee seems to have everything the Dolphins would be looking for in a player to help fill the void in the middle of Mike Nolan’s 3-4 Defense. However, could they justify taking him knowing full well there’s a strong possibility players such as Cam Thomas and Terrence Cody will be available to them in the second?

I think they would hold off for the sake of value.

They might instead go with Notre Dame speedster: Golden Tate. 

Tate was tutored for three years under Parcells pupil, Charlie Weis. Therefore, Parcells knows at the very least he’s getting a quality coached individual and upstanding citizen. That could go a long way in Tate’s favor.

Parcells knows what a smaller, quicker wide receiver can do for an offense. He had it in both New England and Dallas with Terry Glenn.

He knows that for Chad Henne to be a truly successful quarterback, he is going to need weapons. There may be no weapon at the receiver position this year quite as quick and deadly as Golden Tate.

13. San Francisco 49ers: Cornerback – Joe Haden – Florida

The 49ers are fine with Joe Haden’s 40 time because it gives them a good shot at landing the consensus top corner in the draft with the thirteenth selection.

The early Top 10 hype might have been a little premature and overzealous for Haden. Still, Joe is a solid mid first round prospect nonetheless.

The 49ers are banged up and old at the cornerback position and injecting a solid young player like Haden at the position would be a step in the right direction.

Under Mike Singletary, this is a team that expects to contend for a division championship. To do so they will need to sure up their pass coverage and Haden could be the one to help them do just that.

14. Seattle Seahawks: Running Back – C.J. Spiller - Clemson

Pete Carroll loves running backs. This is evidenced by the fact that he would collect four or five of the nation’s best every recruiting season. Most of them usually would be some of the most explosive players in the country.

It can’t sit well with Coach Carroll then that this Seahawks team lacks a true explosive threat at running back position.

Julius Jones has been less than stellar during his tenure with the team.

Justin Forsett is intriguing but still largely unproven.

Adding another back to solidify the position seems to be key.

So why not add the best running back in the draft, C.J. Spiller of Clemson?

The Reggie Bush comparisons some have made are a little unfair because they would lead you to believe Spiller is a one dimensional back. He is not.

Spiller, if he reaches his potential, can be one of the more dangerous backs in the league in a few years.

That type of potential might be too hard to pass up.

15. New York Giants: Linebacker – Sean Weatherspoon - Missouri

It’s no secret where the Giants weaknesses are and where they will be focusing their attention early in the draft this year.

The linebacker position is now the soft spot of this defense.

Jonathan Goff can be an adequate replacement for Antonio Pierce in his play, but maybe not in his leadership.

Clint Stintim has a chance to be a quality player as well.

More stability is still needed though. That stability could be provided by Sean Weatherspoon.

He is the type of player you can plug in from day one and expect to contribute right away at the outside linebacker position. He needs to work on the little things like his footwork and reads but overall he should give the Giants a good fly around type presence at the position.

16. Tennessee Titans: Defensive End/OLB – Sergio Kindle – Texas

The Titans have gone to their Texas Longhorns pipeline recently with first round selections of Michael Griffin and Vince Young.

This year they could return to their old ways and coral another Longhorn, Sergio Kindle.

The key when it comes to Kindle is his versatility. He can either bulk up and play as a 4-3 Defensive End or make the more natural move to outside linebacker.

Both are spots that could use some help for this Titans defense.

17. San Francisco 49ers: Offensive Tackle – Trent Williams - Oklahoma

Joe Staley looks to be firmly entrenched as the team’s future left tackle. The question still remains as to who exactly will man the right side.

Trent Williams could be just the player for the job.

He may end up being better suited for the right instead of the left side of the line anyways and the 49ers would be just fine having him there.

On the basis of pure talent, Williams can go toe to toe with any lineman in this year’s draft. His mental makeup and desire is what teams could second guess though and it could cause him to be downgraded a notch or two come draft day.

Williams is not a troublemaker by any means but he can be lackadaisical at times. Just ask Sam Bradford’s shoulder.

If you can light a fire under Williams he does have the potential to be an elite lineman in the NFL. It’s definitely an if though.

If Mike Singletary can keep Vernon Davis on the straight and narrow then it could be assumed he can do the same with Williams.

18. Pittsburgh Steelers: Safety – Earl Thomas – Texas

Curveball. It’s what the Steelers throw best. You would say that safety isn’t a first round need for the Steelers, especially with Ryan Clark now coming back.

You would say they have one of the tops in the league in Troy Polamalu.

Then you think about it and start digging deeper.

The Steelers may come to the realization that after his injury, Troy Polamalu might not be the same player anymore. His range may be a little more limited and he may not be able to rely on the same traits he relied on in the past.

Even if Polamalu can return to similar form, a young safety would still be a nice security blanket. Troy’s injury showed just how vulnerable this defense and this team is without him.

That’s where ball hawk Earl Thomas of Texas comes in.

Thomas, the same size and same type of player as Polamalu, can do all the things for Dick LeaBeau’s defense that Polamalu could do.

Thomas is as smart as they come and matches that with great instincts. He can play in the box when needed and still cover with the best of them.

Don’t be so shocked if Earl ends up in the black and gold come draft day.

19. Atlanta Falcons: Defensive End – Derrick Morgan – Georgia Tech

With John Abraham aging, you can bet the Falcons will be looking for a pass rushing defensive end early in this year’s draft.

They might not have to go outside of the city to find him.

With Derrick Morgan, you know what you are going to get. While he may not possess the flashy upside of a Jason Pierre-Paul, you can still expect him to be a pretty solid pro.

Solid, that is definitely the word you would associate with the Yellow Jacket defensive end.

Solid against the run and a solid pass rusher as well. Morgan may not be the best of both worlds but he’s sure up there.

20. Houston Texans: Running Back – Ryan Matthews – Fresno State

The Texans would probably be debating between Earl Thomas and Ryan Matthews with this pick. If Thomas is off the board, it makes it all the more easier.

You could make the case that Matthews would be a reach at this point and it is a valid argument.

Still, the Texans need another face in the backfield to ease the burden on Steve Slaton and Arian Foster.   

Matthews is widely considered the second best running back in the draft.

Although they might not possess the same amount of value in the NFL that they did years ago, having a running back like Matthews on your team can be vital for success.

21. Cincinnati Bengals: Center – Maurkice Pouncey - Florida

If you were to go over the Bengals roster you probably wouldn’t find many glaring holes.

The team has drafted pretty wisely in the last few years and the roster and last year’s success reflects that.

The defense is solid and the Bengals have one of the best run games in the game.

The wide receivers leave something to be desired, but we'll see if anything materializes with the proposed Terrell Owens experiment.

With no glaring holes it could allow the Bengals to take a player like a Maurkice Pouncey early on. Many Cincinnati fans would say it’s not a need but they should be happy that there are no huge needs for this team.

Pouncey makes sense from the standpoint that he can come in and be a leader for the O-line early on. For a team that likes running the ball so much it is important to have a smart lynch pin in the middle to help sort things out.

You could make the case that this is the first real shot we have of seeing one of the tight ends coming off the board.

The Bengals would have to weigh their options and decide if a player like Jermaine Gresham or Rob Gronkowski fit on their team better then someone like Dennis Pitta, who could be had in the second.

Safety could also be an option as well

22. New England Patriots: Wide Receiver – Demaryius Thomas – Georgia Tech

The Patriots could be stuck between a rock and a hard place this year.

There is no denying their need to get a receiver early. Randy Moss is on his last legs with the team.

Wes Welker is coming off an ACL injury.

Julian Edelman is a nice story but he is not striking the fear of god in the hearts of opponents.

Brandon Tate has potential but is still largely unproven.

It would look like they need to add one of the “Big Five” wide receivers this year. Mardy Gilyard, Brandon LaFell, Marcus Easley, and the other second tier of WRs may not give the offense the same type of boom as the higher rated players.

The problem is that two of the five (Bryant and Tate) will probably be off the board by this pick and the other three will most likely come off the board between this pick and the next time the Patriots pick in the second round.

In this position, what do the Patriots do?

Knowing New England, they would probably want to trade down a few spots to get the full value of the pick. No. 1 would probably be considered too early for Thomas, Williams, and Benn, who are all late first/early second tweeners.

If they can’t finagle a trade they would probably have to bite the bullet and take a WR with the No. 22 pick.

I think it would come down to Damian Williams and Demaryius Thomas. Both are good fits and would add a great deal to New England’s Spread passing game.

23. Green Bay Packers: Offensive Tackle – Bruce Campbell - Maryland

Campbell’s athleticism would be a welcome addition and fit to a Green Bay offensive line that at times was a laughing stock last year.

Aaron Rodgers has a great future ahead of him but he needs to stay off his back in order to succeed.

Offensive tackle is a vital concern for this team and something that is best suited to be addressed early on.

Getting one of the top first round tackles is something that Ted Thompson should be putting a lot of credence into.

24. Philadelphia Eagles: Safety – Taylor Mays - USC

The lack of a physical backend force like Brian Dawkins was felt last year by Andy Reid and the Eagles.

Macho Harris and Quintin Demps stepped in to do a decent enough job but things just didn’t seem the same.

Adding a physical beast like defender such as Taylor Mays at safety could be the answer for this defense.

What Mays lacks in coverage and recognition skills, he more then makes up for with his physical nature.

With Sean Jones off to Tampa this now becomes a bit more of a pressing issue.

The continued emergence of Harris will help lessen the immediate burden on Mays and allow him to play fast and free while he works out the kinks in his game.

If Harris, Mays, and Demps keep developing, it would give the Eagles a nice group of midfielders to hang their hat on.

25. Baltimore Ravens: Cornerback – Devin McCourty - Rutgers

Now that the Ravens have traded for Anquan Boldin it seems they finally have the go to WR they have lacked for so many years.

This could open them up to addressing other needs such as cornerback.

After Joe Haden it’s hard to pinpoint exactly who the second best corner on the board would be.

It very well could be Devin McCourty of Rutgers.

Whomever it is deemed to be, you can bet that the Ravens are going to take a long hard look at him with this pick.

The injuries of Fabian Washington and Lardarius Webb last season proved that the addition of another cornerback to this team would benefit them greatly.

Look for the Ravens to pass up their need for a tight end until after the first round.

Instead look for them to address the defensive side of the ball, the staple of the team for years, early on.

26. Arizona Cardinals: Offensive Guard – Mike Iupati - Idaho

If you could draw up a coach and an offensive system to fit Iupati’s mauling style perfectly, it would be Ken Wisenhunt and the Arizona Cardinals.

Guard isn’t the biggest need for this team especially after all the defensive losses through free agency.

However, if you can get a player of Iupati’s caliber that so perfectly suits your system it might be too good to be true for the Cardinals.

Deuce Latui and Iupati would be one of the top young guard combinations in the league and give Tim Hightower and Beanie Wells massive holes to run through.

27. Dallas Cowboys: Wide Receiver – Arrelious Benn - Illinois

The team has grown tired and embarrassed of Roy Williams and they will probably look for a player early on to take over for him.

Benn is most likely the third WR on most boards and to be able to get him in late Round One would be something for Jerry Jones to strongly consider.

Arrelious will never flunk an eyeball test and is one of the best pure physical specimens you will find in this year’s draft.

Miles Austin has been a pleasant surprise for the Cowboys so far but he has yet to show he can do it on a year in and year out basis.

Giving Austin someone like Benn across the way will help ease the increased pressure and scrutiny he’s sure to face next year from opposing defenses.

28. San Diego Chargers: Running Back – Jonathan Dwyer – Georgia Tech

With the departure of LaDanian Tomlinson, the team needs a bigger back to complement the smaller quicker Darren Sproles.

Jonathan Dwyer is that back.

He may not possess the pure speed teams are looking for, but you can’t deny his production last year.

If Ryan Matthews is off the board the Chargers have to decide if they want to reach for Dwyer, who probably at this point in time would be considered a second round value.

Either way they would be reaching whether they went with a running back like Dwyer or possibly a nose tackle such as Terrence Cody.

Because of the amount of quality nose tackles there is a better chance that Cody could fall to them in the second, but it is not as likely that Dwyer would.

If Ryan Matthews was off the board then a trade could be a strong possibility.

29. New York Jets: Wide Receiver – Damian Williams - USC

When you hear Damian Williams talk he is very impressive to listen to. He is a humble, well spoken young man that always talks about getting better as a player.

It’s those types of young men that can leave impressions on coaches like Rex Ryan.

What also could leave an impression on Rex Ryan are the nine TDs that he and Mark Sanchez were able to account for just two years ago at USC.

Those could be reasons the Jets take a strong look at Damian Williams to help out with their wide receiver problems.

At times, Braylon Edwards’ inconsistent play can be maddening for Jets coaches and fans. The troubling part is that there is no true threat behind Edwards.

The Jets surely are a run first team but that doesn’t mean that versatility isn’t needed within the offense.

Williams can help provide that versatility in the passing game.

He is a smart, hard working player that should keep improving throughout his career.

Those are the types of players you can win championships with.

30. Minnesota Vikings: Cornerback – Kyle Wilson – Boise State

Out of all the top cornerbacks this year, Kyle Wilson may fit the Viking Cover Two style of defense the best.

As Antoine Winfield climbs in age and Cedric Griffin rehabs from a knee injury, the need for another corner is evident.

While the departure of Chester Taylor and failure to land LaDainian Tomlinson may have some thinking running back early on for the Vikings, there would be no one of value to select at this point in Round One.

Opting for a future starting caliber cornerback could prove to be the wiser decision.

31. Indianapolis Colts: Defensive End – Brandon Graham - Michigan

On the surface this might seem like a bit of an obscure pick.

The Colts can make the claim that they have a pair of the best pass rushing bookends in the league in Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis.

However, at the end of next season both will be over the age of thirty and Freeney has been plagued by injuries as of late.

Adding a player like Graham, who may be a slight step behind in the quickness department but comparable in relentlessness, could prove wise for the Colts.

Pass rushers are always valued at a premium in the NFL.

Graham is a Freeney clone who could flourish in the Colts defensive system.

Bill Polian has never turned away from an impressive Big Ten player that catches his eye.

32. New Orleans Saints: Defensive Tackle – Dan Williams – Tennessee

Is Dan Williams a Top 20 talent? Yes. But the depth of this DT class could push his value down a bit.

There are at least nine DTs after the big two (Williams, Odrick, Thomas, Cody, Houston, Owens, Price, Alualu, and Atkins) who can be consistent starters in the NFL.

That is a pretty staggering number for a defensive tackle class.

Teams like Miami, Houston, and San Diego know they can get quality inside help in the second Round. Thus if Williams can get by Houston at 20 he could find his way to the bottom of the first round.

The New Orleans Saints would gladly pick up the 320 pound former Volunteer to stick him next to up and coming Sedrick Ellis.

Ellis has been exactly what the Saints have hoped for but he needs a consistent presence next to him to reach his full potential.

Williams and Ellis would from quite a combo for Gregg Williams’ defense.

Round Two

33. St. Louis Rams: TE – Jermaine Gresham – Oklahoma

34. Detroit Lions: RB – Montario Hardesty - Tennessee

35. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: DT – Jared Odrick – Penn State

36. Kansas City Chiefs: TE – Rob Gronkowski – Arizona

37. Washington Redskins: OT – Vladamir Ducasse – UMASS

38. Cleveland Browns: QB – Dan LeFevour – Central Michigan

39. Oakland Raiders: DE – Everson Griffen - USC

40. Seattle Seahawks: S – Chad Jones - LSU

41. Buffalo Bills: QB – Tim Tebow - Florida

42. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: DE – Carlos Dunlap - Florida

43. Miami Dolphins: NT – Cam Thomas – North Carolina

44. New England Patriots: OLB – Jerry Hughes - TCU

45. Denver Broncos: WR – Mardy Gilyard - Cincinnati

46. New York Giants: DT – Lamarr Houston – Texas

47. New England Patriots: TE – Aaron Hernandez - Florida

48. Carolina Panthers: WR – Marcus Easley - UCONN

49. San Francsico 49ers: RB – Jahvid Best - CAL

50. Kansas City Chiefs: DT – Brian Price - UCLA

51. Houston Texans: DT – Jeff Owens - Georgia

52. Pittsburgh Steelers: OLB – Thaddeus Gibson – Ohio State

53. New England Patriots: CB – Perrish Cox – Oklahoma State

54. Cincinnati Bengals: TE – Dennis Pitta - BYU

55. Philadelphia Eagles: LB – Sean Lee – Penn State

56. Green Bay Packers: CB – Patrick Robinson – Florida State

57. Baltimore Ravens: TE – Dorin Dickerson – PITT

58. Arizona Cardinals: OLB – Darryl Washington – TCU

59. Dallas Cowboys: OT – Jared Veldheer – Hillsdale

60. San Diego Chargers: NT – Terrence Cody – Alabama

61. New York Jets: OLB – Ricky Sapp - Clemson

62. Minnesota Vikings: OL – Charles Brown - USC

63. Indianapolis Colts: OL – Rodger Saffold - Indiana

64. New Orleans Saints: S – Larry Asante - Nebraska