MLB's All-Time Top 10 Latino Batting Leaders

Tony MenendezCorrespondent IMarch 17, 2010

TAMPA, FL - FEBRUARY 25:  (EDITOR'S NOTE: IMAGE HAS BEEN DIGITALLY DESATURATED) Alex Rodriguez #13 of the New York Yankees poses for a photo during Spring Training Media Photo Day at George M. Steinbrenner Field on February 25, 2010 in Tampa, Florida.  (Photo by Nick Laham/Getty Images)
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A new season is just around the corner and with every new season a number of Latino players are frequently discussed by fans and the media.

Players such as Alex Rodriguez, Manny Ramirez, Miguel Cabrera, Omar Vizquel and Ivan Rodriguez have become household names in the baseball world.

The players mentioned above are among the best Latinos ever to have played in Major League Baseball.

It is often said that records are made to be broken, and before it is all said and done many of the aforementioned players will have their names listed in the record books as all-time leaders in several statistical categories for Latino players.

As of the end of the 2009 season, these are the All-Time Top-10 Latino Batting Leaders in the Majors.


Rafael Palmeiro, Cuba: 2,831

Tany Perez, Cuba: 2,777

Omar Vizquel, Venezuela: 2,742

Luis Aparicio, Venezuela: 2,599

Julio Franco, Dominican Republic: 2,527

David Concepcion, Venezuela: 2,488

Rod Carew, Panama: 2,469

Roberto Clemente, Puerto Rico: 2,433

Ivan Rodríguez, Puerto Rico: 2,388

Roberto Alomar, Puerto Rico: 2,379


Albert Pujols, Dominican Republic: .334

Rod Carew, Panama: .328

Vladimir Guerrero, Dominican Republic: .321

Roberto Clemente, Puerto Rico: .317

Manny Ramírez, Dominican Republic: .313

Magglio Ordoñez, Venezuela: .312

Edgar Martínez, Puerto Rico: .312

Miguel Cabrera, Venezuela: .311

Mateo Alou, Dominican Republic: .307

Robinson Cano, Dominican Republic: .306


Alex Rodríguez, Dominican Republic: 1,683

Rafael Palmeiro, Cuba: 1,663

Roberto Alomar, Puerto Rico: 1,508

Manny Ramírez, Dominican Republic: 1,506

Sammy Sosa, Dominican Republic: 1,475

Rod Carew, Panama: 1,424

Roberto Clemente, Puerto Rico: 1,416

Omar Vizquel, Venezuela: 1,378

Bernie Williams, Puerto Rico: 1,366

Luis Aparicio, Venezuela: 1,335


Rod Carew, Panama: 3,053

Rafael Palmeiro, Cuba: 3,020

Roberto Clemente, Puerto Rico: 3,000

Tany Perez, Cuba: 2,732

Roberto Alomar, Puerto Rico: 2,724

Iván Rodríguez, Puerto Rico: 2,711

Omar Vizquel, Venezuela: 2,704

Luis Aparicio, Venezuela: 2,677

Julio Franco, Dominican Republic: 2,586

Alex Rodríguez, Dominican Republic: 2,531


Rafael Palmeiro, Cuba: 585

Iván Rodríguez, Puerto Rico: 547

Manny Ramírez, Dominican Republic: 531

Edgar Martínez, Puerto Rico: 514

Tany Perez, Cuba: 505

Roberto Alomar, Puerto Rico: 504

Bobby Abreu, Venezuela: 483

Carlos Delgado, Puerto Rico: 483

Bernie Williams, Puerto Rico: 449

Rod Carew, Panama: 445

Alex Rodríguez, Dominican Republic: 445


Roberto Clemente, Puerto Rico: 166

Rod Carew, Panama: 112

Juan Samuel, Dominican Republic: 102

Jose Cruz, Puerto Rico: 94

Luis Aparicio, Venezuela: 92

Tony Fernandez, Dominican Republic: 92

Omar Moreno, Panama: 87

Bert Campaneris, Cuba: 86

Tony Taylor, Cuba: 86

Cristian Guzman, Dominican Republic: 85


Sammy Sosa, Dominican Republic: 609

Alex Rodríguez, Dominican Republic: 583

Rafael Palmeiro, Cuba: 569

Manny Ramírez, Dominican Republic: 546

Carlos Delgado, Puerto Rico: 473

Jose Canseco, Cuba: 462

Juan Gonzalez, Puerto Rico: 434

Vladimir Guerrero, Dominican Republic: 407

Andres Galarraga, Venezuela: 399

Orlando Cepeda, Puerto Rico: 379
Tany Perez, Cuba: 379


Rafael Palmeiro, Cuba: 1,835

Manny Ramírez, Dominican Republic: 1,788

Alex Rodríguez, Dominican Republic: 1,706

Sammy Sosa, Dominican Republic: 1,667

Tany Perez, Cuba: 1,652

Carlos Delgado, Puerto Rico: 1,512

Andres Galarraga, Venezuela: 1,425

Jose Canseco, Cuba: 1,407

Juan Gonzalez, Puerto Rico: 1,404
Orlando Cepeda, Puerto Rico: 1,365


Bert Campaneris, Cuba: 649

Cesar Cedeño, Dominican Republic: 550

Luis Aparicio, Venezuela: 506

Omar Moreno, Panama: 487

Roberto Alomar, Puerto Rico: 474

Juan Samuel, Dominican Republic: 396

Omar Vizquel, Venezuela: 389

Luis Castillo, Dominican Republic: 362

Rod Carew, Panama: 353

Bobby Abreu, Venezuela: 348


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