Tiger Woods To 2010 Masters: I Will Do This

Cameon ShiflettSenior Analyst IMarch 17, 2010

There have been many articles posted on B/R recently about Tiger Woods and his affair. Such things as “Can Elin Ever Trust Tiger?” and “Will They Ever Be Happy Again?” have been posted on the site and frankly, I would expect to see that kind of thing on People.com or possibly even Cosmopolitan.

Yes, what he did was bad. No, she will probably never trust him again. Yes, the kids will most likely suffer from it. Yes, he has lost sponsors. Yes, he apologized. Yes, by making a public apology, he only brought more light on himself and his family. Yes, he went to sex rehab. Yes, more than half of married couples in the United States have gone/are going through/will go through the exact same thing. No, it probably won’t be posted all over the news…unless the wife stabs her husband and he ends up in the hospital.

Seems like a good recap to me, so let’s move on from the obvious facts that have been thrown at us in the last few months since the night that Tiger “ran into a fire hydrant.”

In the face of the public, Tiger Woods has gone from a hero to many to someone that has made a lot of mistakes and has, in the eyes of many, lost everything.

Obviously at the mention of an affair he would have problems with his wife (so says the 7-iron anyway). Then, at the mention of several more affairs, he would lose her and his kids. They would move out, and People would do a story on “Where they are now?” as if they are childhood stars gone awry instead of a wife and kids to a man that, for whatever reason, needed more or something different.

Furthermore, he would lose the support of a lot of his “fans,” much like Tim Tebow did at the loss of the SEC Championship against Alabama this past year. Message boards and talk shows are filled with comments about how they will never watch him play golf again and they didn’t understand how he could do something like this. I guess his fans aren’t human.

Finally, he would lose the support of a lot of his sponsors. Nike, with the ever haunting slogan, “Just Do It,” has been the only big sponsor to stay with him. Gatorade, with their, “Get Into It,” slogan (is there really any wonder how he became addicted to sex?) finally dropped him along with several other sponsors that were once behind him. Of course jokes will be made that there are deals in the works with Trojan “For Heavy Duty Shooting…”

Let’s face it, at the mention of an affair, and then the fact that there was an affair, Tiger Woods lost a lot of credibility, and it had nothing to do with his ability or lack thereof to play the sport that he had gained so much recognition for in earlier years.

Tiger Woods has overcome a lot in his career and has always shocked people. It’s kind of become his trademark. He shocked people when he won the 1997 Masters at only 22 years old. He shocked people when he decided to change his swing, and not only didn’t it come back worse but came back even better. He shocked people when he competed in the longest course at the time in the U.S. Open at Torrey Pines, and not only finished it, but won through having a broken leg and a torn ACL.

Tiger Woods seems like shocking people is what he likes to accomplish. He seems like the kind of person who is able to overcome what is put in front of him as far as his personal life goes, and move forward with his career. He is able to look past obstacles and whatever else is set in front of him, and move on. The question is whether his fans, sponsors, family, and even co-workers will let him.

Tiger Woods has a lot to prove in the 2010 Masters.

He must prove that, even though he has been “away” from Golf for four months, that he still has the talent, which I don’t think anyone denies. Woods must prove to his sponsors that through trying times, he is still someone who can sell a product because of his ability to play. Woods must prove himself to himself in all honesty.

This 2010 Masters is Tiger Woods’ way to prove to his fans, family, and most importantly himself, that he can once again overcome and get done what he needs to (no pun intended). He must prove that he should have the previous wins under his belt along with several beaten records. He must prove that his personal life and his career are separate items, as they should be for anyone.


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