2010 NFL Draft: Cleveland Browns Need a Secondary Makeover With Pool's Departure

Daniel WolfSenior Writer IMarch 12, 2010

TEMPE, AZ - NOVEMBER 7:  Taylor Mays #2 of the USC Trojans lines up against the Arizona State Sun Devils on November 7, 2009 at Sun Devil Stadium in Tempe, Arizona.  USC won 14-9.  (Photo by Jeff Golden/Getty Images)
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The Cleveland Browns now have a huge hole to fill in their secondary with the departure of starting safety Brodney Pool to the New York Jets.

Apparently, the Browns were confident that even though Pool had a history with concussions, that no other team would make an offer to the 2009 Browns starter, and he would come back to the Browns.

The Jets obviously thought Pool was a steal since they signed him to a one-year deal to see if he can move forward in his young career without sustaining any more concussions.

Now the Browns have a big need, and this comes after both Mike Holmgren and Tom Heckert already acknowledged that the defensive secondary was a huge priority.

Pool may have been figured in for depth, in 2010 if he resigned, but now what is more important in the first round?

Cornerback or safety?

The two biggest names at safety who moved in free agency were Antrel Rolle and Kerry Rhodes, and the Browns both missed on those two players, especially Rhodes who was traded to the Cardinals for just a fourth rounder in 2010 and a seventh rounder in 2011.

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A deal that would have benefited the Browns had they known they were going to actually lose Pool.

With a free agent class that is not top-notch for finding a starting safety, it may once again come down to both veterans Mike Adams and Mike Furrey playing safety in 2010 next to Abram Elam.

Unless the Browns want to pick Tennessee's Eric Berry, but who knows if Berry would even like and/or want to come to Cleveland since there is bad history with the team over the past decade.

Yes, both Holmgren and Heckert are trying to change that, but Berry seems like he may be a little high maintenance since he knows how good he already is.

Another obvious option, which many Browns fans here in the Bleacher Report community are beginning to accept every day, is the option to trade down in the first round.

Not only to save money on a top 10 rookie contract, but there are several options in the middle of the first round including: safeties Taylor Mays (USC) and Earl Thomas (Texas), along with hot up-and-coming cornerback prospect Kyle Wilson (Boise State).

Any one of those three would be a fantastic addition to the secondary and since there is also a void at one of the starting cornerback positions, Wilson would be a great fit too.

Another option is looking at safeties in the second round and with options including: Myron Rolle (Florida State), Nate Allen (South Florida), Reshad Jones (Georiga), or cornerbacks Brandon Ghee (Wake Forest) and Devin McCourty (Rutgers).

All these options in the second round are also very solid to help rebuild a secondary that is hurting with Pool leaving an empty spot.

Will the Browns draft a safety and cornerback in the first two rounds of April's 2010 NFL Draft?

Or do they fill one of those two secondary needs with an available free agent cornerback like Lito Sheppard, who also has ties to Heckert from their time with the Eagles?

As the days go on, the signs of this happening look better and better that the Browns will pick impact players for their secondary early in the draft.