Dear Media: Stop Reporting Scandals and Start Reporting Sports!

John Lombard@@JohnLombard3Senior Analyst IJuly 7, 2008

I've finally had enough. 

I can't stand back and watch these meaningless, empty stories circulate around the sports world anymore. 

For almost all of today the big story on ESPN has not been about the incredible, five-set Wimbledon Final between Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer. No, it's been about the "news" that Alex Rodriguez is getting a divorce. 


A-Rod hit his 536th career home run yesterday, which ties him with Mickey Mantle on the all-time list. Who cares if he is getting a divorce? It's not like they found out he's on steroids, or anything related to the sport. 

His wife is leaving him. Big deal.

This type of stuff is happening more and more, and it's just getting sickening. The people that are in charge at SportsCenter need to just stick to sports reporting. 

Could anyone here imagine if people in the media were this bad when Mickey Mantle played? Mantle was an alcoholic, cheated on his wife religiously, and very often came to the ballpark sick from drinking the night before.

The reporters now would eat him alive. 

How about Babe Ruth? Widely considered as one of the greatest, if not the greatest baseball player of all-time. He was drunk all of the time, ate horribly, cheated on his wife, yet treated like a Roman God. 

Let's go to basketball with Wilt Chamberlain. He was with multiple women every night, but, when people talk about him, it's always about the 100-point game or his astronomical rebounding numbers.

When word spread about his "20,000 women under the sea" in his book, that is when the media started ripping into him, because it was just getting into the era of reporting about the private lives of players and not their playing career.

Then they tried to get Michael Jordan because he had a gambling problem. Is it really a big deal? He's human, he's flawed; leave him alone. The same thing happened to Charles Barkley, and he's not even a player anymore. 

I know the world is different now than it was back then, but what players do in their private lives is no one's business but that of the man involved. If they are supposed to be role models, then don't report the negative stuff. 

Most of the gutless robots that work at SportsCenter think the reason the Giants went to the NFC Championship game is because Tony Romo and Jason Witten went to Mexico during their week off.

No, the reason the Giants won that game is because their defensive line messed the Cowboys up. 

They have to spend seven or eight segments talking about it for 5-to-10 minutes at a time. Oftentimes I try to avoid watching ESPN as much as I can when something like this is circulating around the media.

Reporting it just to get it out to the general public is one thing, but they can't just stop there. It's everything when it should be practically nothing.


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